Aly McGuire | BA (Hons) Magazine Journalism & Publishing

Posted in Home Furnishings, Local journalism, Uncategorized on September 6th, 2020 by Mason Fletcher

My specify is Aly McGuire. I’ve created amagazine for this project and it’s a fad store exploring the culturaldiversity in fashion at the moment. I was kind of sick of the stigma that’s outthere at the moment and it’s always a negative perspective towards the sharingof different racial modes, so I thought that it would be really cool to stageand create like a photo series. I did the styling and photography myself. It was a lotharder than I meditated because I had to not only take the photographs, do thestyling, do the writing, have the courage got to go and do the interviews but alsotype it up, do the design myself.Go and get onto finished myself, but it was an experienceand I’ve learned so much from it. I think what’s next is doing freelance work. I’d quitelike to work with a team like Accent for example. Maybe send them some submissions, take a dive in the deep end and do something different ..

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