Arts Journalism | Short Course

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My call is Helen Nugent, I’m a journalist, I’ve been a journalist for 20 years. I currently teach musicjournalism at Salford University. My career has been jolly varied, I workedat the times in London for 10 times, across a number of capacities including lorrycorrespondent, news editor and reporter, and I’ve worked pretty much for all thenational newspapers and a lot of trademags. This is arts journalism, thiswill be taught over the course of one day and will be useful to pretty muchanybody. You don’t have to have a background knowledge, but undoubtedly astrong interest in the arts would definitely be an advantage. So on thiscourse we’ll be looking at the different kinds of artworks journalism, so musicheritage, skill itself, theatre, literature. There will be practical aspects, including writing some reviews and looking at feature opinions, and too someadvice on how to slope to editors and most importantly how to forge relationshipswith pr’s in service industries.

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