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Welcome again the 2019 UN climate alternate conference starts the next day to come in Madrid amid sobering new studies on the results and acceleration of world warming in a single learn the ancient projections of flooding at high tide through the yr 2050 in this case in southern Vietnam we’re up-to-date to look extra like this and no longer there’s much more water there than southern Vietnam with almost the complete discipline below water now via 2050 here in the us an group of scientists politicians and yes celebrities called World war zero hopes to spark millions of conversations about global warming and the subsequent yr and create extra urgency on the problem joining me now from l. A. Or two founding participants former senator and Secretary of State Democrat John Kerry who created the team and former California Governor someday Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger I say some time i’ll let assist you to governor inform me in this day and age the place you’re with the get together but gentlemen welcome back to meet the press secretary Kerry let me start with this query i’m gonna be slightly of a cynic here however you go out of your strategy to say you are not backing a single local weather plan with World struggle zero that is about developing extra awareness to the issue is concentration is concentration to the limitation relatively the the drawback proper now this looks like a ten year ago quandary the obstacle right now could be convincing a distinctive president u.S. To behave good it can be not only a president Chuck there are excellent efforts available in the market many environmental agencies younger humans in particular however no nation is getting the job performed I mean the straightforward fact is that we’re approach at the back of method behind the eight-ball things have become worse not higher and so we have our not likely allies coming collectively right here there isn’t a crew that has persons as various as ours in terms of nationality age gender ideology heritage existence experience and all these men and women have come collectively announcing we’ve acquired to deal with this like a battle I imply it has to require resolution-making and organization and efforts which are simply not taking location and so we have now humans throughout ideologies I mean you may have you have got former Treasury secretary Hank Paulson you’ve got former governor of Ohio John Kasich you have got Arnold you will have quite a lot of men and women in the other side the aisle who’ve all come together without saying that is the one approach to get there but with the desire that makes certain that in the usa and world wide and people are going to place this dilemma way up on the prime of the record we’re gonna do the matters we must can we’re gonna organize we’ll mobilize we’re gonna speak to literally thousands of usa citizens over the direction of the following month’s and that is going to turn out to be a essential hassle Governor Schwarzenegger I imply what does more – however what does more to variety of focal point folks’s attention to this hindrance a town corridor or these or the fact that you realize you look at your state I imply the wildfires are worse and there is commonly nothing proper now you are able to do about it good we’re very completely happy and really proud of what we now have accomplished here in California and i think we’re superb proof which you could guard atmosphere and those who preserve the financial system at the same time on account that we now have the strictest environmental laws here in California and even as we are the quantity one economically method ahead of the united states usual progress is around 3.6 percent with the USA development is around the 2% and you know we create extra jobs hundreds of thousands of jobs due to the fact we now have handed these legal guidelines so you’ll discover that we can do both with the fifth biggest financial system in the world correct in the back of China Germany and in Japan and the us said it simply indicates you the vigor that now we have by going inexperienced and the kind of jobs we created and that i consider that’s what we need to do we would like the entire u.S. Go in that course the entire world to move in that path and i am very very completely satisfied that they’ve joined up here with John when you consider that John has been a longtime buddy of mine and i have constantly admired his passion in regards to the a easy environment and about you realize bringing both parties collectively I imply he negotiated with Lindsey Graham for years a satisfactory first-rate deal that was nearly about to occur and so so I feel that we’re working together on this and i consider that it is a fine notion to bring Republicans and Democrats collectively and of direction i am a fanatic about communication which is a entire different issue secretary tell me so for instance stroll me through what a town hall goes to look like and in in in in West Virginia when you’re in coal country well I quite appear ahead to that actually on account that they’re simply large fiscal possibilities for a West Virginia that are not being utilized there’s what if the humans do not want it’s not that been the situation like that I feel you have to provide persons a alternative John they may be now not even being given a choice right now I mean you mentioned are we gonna again one plan the answer is yes there’s one plan and that plan is to get to net zero emissions with the aid of 2045 or 2050 now how we get there there are numerous specific ideas in the market but the foremost thing is that that’s no longer happening now I mean it can be embarrassing that in the Democratic presidential debates you had a entire bunch of debates wherein there wasn’t one query on local weather alternate and local weather change is is I mean younger we’ve got a young we’ve a variety of younger lively it overall it’s a bit overwhelming secretary I mean seem we I the controversy I participated in we requested fairly slightly on climate change however it’s difficult to chew off and that i suppose that is a part of this stage right here is that it’s so overwhelming how do you sort out it one one piece at a time actually Chuck it is it can be now not it will not be overwhelming and that’s why Arnold and that i and a whole bunch of men and women you know there is a young lady who’s taken two years off from going to Stanford her identify is Katie eater and he or she’s been part of the climate strikes at some point coalition and she or he mentioned collaboration is the important thing to our survival young people get it they comprehend what this is about however they do not need a vote within the board room they shouldn’t have a vote in Congress they wouldn’t have inventory in within the fossil gasoline firms and actually that there are a huge number of jobs to be created right here fastest growing job in the usa in these days a sun power technician 2d fastest wind technician I imply the coal is going down on the grounds that the market is making that resolution so what we wish to do is say the individuals here are the methods wherein take wellbeing well being can also be so much expanded in the USA young people are hospitalized in the U.S. And it’s costing taxpayers fifty five billion dollars a yr given that of environmentally prompted asthma that comes from pollution so we’re speakme about reducing we’re speakme about growing jobs we’re speaking about American protection one of the most people who’s joined us on this effort is general Stan McChrystal right I mean there isn’t a larger Patriot no person has paid his dues extra we’ve got Admirals and Generals who are all coming to the table to help make the argument to americans and to folks on the planet ok that is an international protection dilemma governor handiest agree but I simply want to let you know that for instance in California and Bakersfield where there may be various oil drilling going on there may be extra sun jobs now and Bakersfield and around that subject than their oil jobs men and women are leaving the oil fields and they’re going to work on solar and clean power and stuff like that so that is the type of stuff you indoors with coworkers so it can be only a matter of yeah how do you plan those things we in California have made a first-class plan and we see men and women now leaving the very fuels and coming to the vigor Chuck i need you to come back to that i would like you to come to that town I would really like to come any time for governor we would really like to be there do you ignore President Trump or do you continue to attempt to convince him to change his intellect and would you could have that one-on-one assembly no no to start with I utterly agree again with John when he said you know it’s now not just one character we need to persuade the whole world and that i consider how one can persuade the whole world is by not simply consistently speakme about local weather exchange which doesn’t imply that much to many of the humans as a maverick we’ve executed the polls by way of the Schwarzenegger Institute and you and i’ve pointed out that once we mentioned climate change there was once like of the conservatives there have been handiest 17% interested and inspiration that there used to be a significant danger however as soon as we stated air pollution the numbers went over 50% so we got to keep up a correspondence the environmental group has to keep in touch higher and talk about air pollution when you consider that pollution is a danger correct now and whilst you introduce this piece you talked about in 2050 people can suppose about 2050 to consider about now how am i able to continue to exist how am i able to furnish jobs how can i’m going and and feed my loved ones these are the kind of disorders that’s why it’s predominant they be talking about the wellness hindrance yeah that is how we now have passed all of our strict environmental yeah and coding for time I got i am manner out of time k you guys had been excellent I recognize it extra importantly I recognize you acquired up early on the west coast i’m well conscious of that on this weekend so secretary Kerry Governor Schwarzenegger you talked sufficient where you got out of two political questions I was once gonna sneak on you so we are going to depart that there hello from Washington i’m Chuck Todd and thanks for trying out the Meet the press channel on YouTube click on the button down right here to subscribe and click on over right here to observe the modern-day interviews highlights and different digital exclusives

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