International Center for Journalism: Part 2

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[Music] and we continue our conversation by welcoming it while costs Azim and Kai’s are contoured newsmakers Sunday program and once again news director Kevin Osgood joining us to take part in our conversation this morning will cause let’s start with you what have you learned here while you were in the United States oh yes it’s a really wonderful experience coming here to Wisconsin and especially in United State of Pakistan it’s almost about ten to eight years that I was applying to come to United State but the dream came true that long ago you apply yeah okay I I applied in in 2011 but could not work it but in this year I got an opportunity to come and visit here in unit state of Pakistan and specially I have been a test here in Wisconsin before coming to Wisconsin I was searching and googling what this wisconsin’ state is this and in the in the pre-orientation session we were told that Wisconsin is a very beautiful state and it’s known as Gees and lakes are very famous about the Wisconsin and it’s a wonderful experience by spending three weeks here we have learned a lot here especially working with the wfr we local five news organization it’s stuff is very cooperative they help that and they helped us as at every moment and teased us how they are working differently with the Pakistani news organizations and especially the editing system we have learned here and and the crew is very very helpful because they are working independently one-man-show is is is as a unique thing and United state of Pakistan that does not work in Pakistan because we work in as a team we have a clue we have a cameraman we have a DSN G staff but here only one man is working for all this stuff it guys what did you take away from this so it’s your experience first of all I’m very thankful to the deputy of F are we management on Cayman and all of the stuff here our fellow reporters for giving us this opportunity to learn from you people and now sharing our experiences with you with you people I believe like these there is a in Arab social media everyone have mobile and internal they can access and they can interact with with the people from other culture but I still believe and experiencing the culture by by person so while here we were in Washington DC we were in here in Green Bay Maliki Chicago and it was like I was very surprised like my thought was like the American will be very possessives possessive people but here it was like wherever we go there was like the people who are greeted us and they were so polite and we will take her really we were not expecting that the people will be so polite with us and it’s like like all the time I feel like a home in the United States and I think it’s a very great opportunity for me to come here and experience all the things here the both professionally and Cal sherry Kevin I think they heard about the stories about the Ugly American oh yeah they got surprised at that how important Kevin is it for journalists like us to learn the way that journalists like our Pakistani friends cover their news oh I think I think it’s critical just it’s not just the the staffing that’s that’s different but the similarities when because it’s that it’s again those preconceived notions of you know what we think they’re they’re covering there is no different than what we’re covering here I’ve watched us that one of the we can see your news geo TV no 24 News 24 news has a live feed that works on the browsers here and we can watch it and not only is it I mean it’s just as aggressive political coverage you know and so many voices and and just what and and it’s so important the same as here it’s just telling and getting to the bottom of fax information and telling quality stories you pitched a story while you were here about a tree yeah you were out with Chris Schuler on a totally different story and started talking with someone about a tree that was very important to her that had to get cut down because it had died but I think her grandfather had planted it her father and her father planted it and that’s what it all its stories about people and and how life impacts them every day that that viewers can identify with that actually we have to tell actually I was trying to show how the plants and trees are important for the people of Wisconsin because in Pakistan a lot of climate change going on and weather is changing very abruptly and people are not aware of the importance of the trees that’s why I was when I was here I was trying to show the importance of the tree and plants and the forest that’s a very crucial for what the environment has been and we have technical issues here it was a great story well Klaus put together and it it’s we’re waiting to show it in this show but in the process we have a system on our server that if something is older than 48 hours it goes away you don’t see it so the story didn’t make it and it has gone away sadly but it was a good story well cuz when you cover stories in in Pakistan it is more of a challenge than what we face here sometimes it is downright dangerous for you to cover the stories that you do describe what you go through when you’re covering issues in Pakistan where are these were the dangers Pakistan I think is considered one of the most dangerous countries while covering the while covering media and purpose of the freedom of the press and especially these days this is the hot topic in Pakistan because the general election elections are going on and Pakistan federal union of journalists and our Pakistan newspaper Society and the Pakistan broad causes Association are protesting that there and they are not giving the right to express their their opinion in fact I was watching a recent interview of our national newspaper dawn newspaper and they are also protesting that freedom of press must be ensured in Pakistan and general societies are also protesting because they think they actually don’t know who is suppressing the media in Pakistan particular political parties are blaming on the military and the military side is blaming on the political parties but nobody has proof who is going to cover this all all these issues and on the other other hand politician think that without without freedom of press there would be no strong democracy in Pakistan if we think there is there should be a democracy in Pakistan there must be freedom of press that should must be ensured and that’s why the major political Pakistan Peoples Party the Chairman has also said this that there should be no censorship on the media because we want we don’t want a controlled democracy and control media that that is the debate going on in Pakistan while we we cover the issues in Pakistan we face same challenges as in us because while a reported reporter is covering the story he might be pressurized some from some different groups like government is controlling and political opponents are controlling and the militants and corrosion controlling and also because there is a quarter capitalisation in Pakistan so these are some of the challenges that the reporters are facing in Pakistan we are back with our journalists roundtable on newsmakers Sunday right after this stay with us

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