Journalism Master Class: Victor Figueroa on going from student to teacher

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( to class) So when you go into that Phillipes folder. You go into now. That’s how you get back all your material.( to camera) So I came to USC from NYUwhere did my undergrad. They have a great radio program here and at NYU, you know, it was a great school and everything. But it didn’t have much in terms ofradio and that’s what I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time. This Mastersof Science program used to be a twoyear program Master of Artistries for Journalism. Andthey had a oneweek boot camp. Not the full month, like what they have now. That would’ve beengreat. Last-place year is when I firstly started actually learning students how to useAdobe Audition. It was part of my work for Annenberg Radio News which is anoutlet here. You never genuinely feel like an adult until you’re out of school. And nowit’s like I’m schooling these people who are basically my age. A parcel of parties mostly wait acouple years to go into grad school. I “re coming” right after undergrad. These peopleare are my age. And it feels strange but at the same time its kind ofgratifying. I don’t feel out of place that is something that. I feel like I actually belongand I should be the person to teach these girls Adobe Audition. The boot campseems to be really planned. Last year it was three weeks to give that extra week; which is really, I speculate, helping the students realize, Alright brace yourself! The hard stuff is coming now! And I think they’re just assimilating it better.So thatwhen they do go into the media center when years do start, they have a betteridea what exactly they are getting into. I get I get a level of realization because I like itwhen I see that person, like, it clicks in their thought that they get it. I merely remember me being them. I get the fulfillment where it’s like, I wish I would’ve had grownup Victor to educate me Audition. Learn to utter mistakes and try to teach yourself to fix them byyourself. Too, Google is your best friend ..

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