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Theres a whole compas of things you lookfor when someones hiding something. I necessitate it can be as simple as looking at somebody language. Our society is filled with confidentials. People in strength don’t want the public to knowwhat is going on behind closed doors. My name is Nick McKenzie, I studied a Bachelorof Communication in Journalism at RMIT. I’m an investigative reporter with Fairfax Media. RMIT was really a springboard into my careerbecause it gave me the basics of how to be a journalist. Dig hard-bitten, push hard, be fairand honest. All those key things I learned is truly been a part of my vocation and willremain so into the future.What actually drives me I suspects is when thereis vulnerable people. People without a tone “whos got” stood over by the potent and itsour errand as reporters is to give them a tone. I meditate the key to being a good journalistis having a really great sense of interest, a passion to find out whats going on behindthe panoramas. Truth is not a simple concept, details arentfixed in stone. Its about testing knowledge, its about detecting little evidences to builda picture and hopefully that that envision that you tell the public is as close to thetruth as possible. And in no event will I ever ever giveup the resources. My job is to pick opposes with beings, people who deserve it, people whohave it coming. I approximate every day I wake up and know Imheading to work to find out something that the public deserves to know. And if youredoing that everyday you come home at night and its exceptionally rewarding. You collapsein your bunked and you go to yourself Its been worth noting .[ Screen deed] Be true to you CRICOS: 00122 A

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