MOOC GM1x | Anya Schiffrin – Global Muckraking Investigative Journalism and Global Media | Trailer

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– Government corruption, corporate misbehavior,state-sanctioned murder. Without the hard workand stubborn persistence of investigative journalists, many of these storieswould never come to light. In this course, we’ll learnabout some of the major pieces of investigative journalismfrom around the world and try to understandthe forces behind them. When does journalismhave an impact and why? When does society pay attention and when does it look the other way? Who are the journalists whohave written the big stories? My name is Anya Schiffrin. I teach and write on mediaand economic development. Before coming to Columbia,I was a journalist working in Europe, Turkey, and Vietnam. In this course, we willexamine the big stories and learn about the exciting changes that have transformed journalism.- Investigative journalismand journalism in general has always had a measureof innovation in its DNA. – Global muckrakers are under so many threats around the world. – We have been able todo some of this coverage in a way that has never been done before. – Join me as we delve into the fascinating worldof global muckraking..

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