Shopped For Luxury Bedding, Lately?

Posted in Home Furnishings on April 25th, 2016 by Mason Fletcher

There are a number of choices to be made in thde luxury bed sheets department lately. You have quite a choice to make. What are the choices?  There’s cotton, silk, linen, artificial fabrics and bamboo. As a writer who covers home furnishings, I have been educated on all of the above, and, all are nice products. There is an obvious difference between cheap cotton fabric and the their more refined, high thread count cousins. The difference is in both comfort and expense. Silk makes great sheets, very sensuous. Imagine all those worms, eating mulberry leaves and  weaving away to make a good night’s sleep for their keepers. The sheets feel great, though they slide off the bed a lot, but they will keep you up at night, remebering what you paid for them.  Linen is another choice, made from the flax plant, laborious to produce, works well in hot weather, the oldest of the textiles, linen has been produced for thousands of years. And finally bamboo. who would think that fine luxury bed sheets could be produced from bamboo? This is without a doubt the best bargain in the luxury bedding department, smooth as silk, great in hot weather, perfect for menopausal users, stays on the bed and doesn’t cost that much. I’d recommend bamboo sheets as the logical choice in luxury bed sheets. Here’s a source for your research:  Bamboo For Life at . Happy Sleeping!

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