Steve Kroft Interview: The Future of Journalism

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I think that you just have to be persistent and look for a job and in feel fortunate if you mix when the sheet you’re living it’s very difficult but i think it’s it’s going to evolve over time things are going to get i think better than they are right now I think we’re sonic kind of in the midst of large quantities of highly tumultuous deepen technological change and I do think that the things are going to improve I one of the things that’s important likewise for people in this business to remember them you’ve got the skills do lots of other things besides journalism it’s not like you have your particularly the young people have your whole life tied up in in one business the ability to know how to write and gather information and collate it and coordinate it is a skill that is going to be there forever so parties shouldn’t be discouraged you’ve got an prestigious 40 -year career how has it reformed you know through the 40 well I started out when we were shooting film in the news rooms and had to develop in a way 45 instants for the film to develop before you could start editing it and so that’s a long time ago and I went through video strip and now we’re shooting on discs and I went through stages where it was fairly small to a station where it got very big in terms of the number of people that were employed and now it’s shrinking again so you know goes through cycles/seconds but I think that that journalism is too important and the flow of information is too important to go away and I think what it needs is a business model and I’m confident that somebody is going to come come up with

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