How Journalism Education Applies to Food Writing – Sarah Simmons

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what parallels in journalism and cooking do you find more interesting and how your career is developing you know you learn in journalism it’s writing to your audience and whether you’re writing you know you’re straightup journalism in writing you know a factbased article or you’re you know putting an editorial spin on it and writing creatively you know both of those i’m exercising i’ve been writing articles for bone appetit and you know working on my personal blog you know it’s even up you know it’s even applicable for me when I’m writing a recipe because you’re thinking about it in areas of what ordering should things come in you have to write a leadin to the recipe that draws someone care about what you know and you’ve need to show a reasonably draw it’s about build a container and so you know initially when I are of the view that I was going to pursue newspapers I you know I learned those skills and so now I simply draw on those skills when i’m approaching something whether it’s an section or just simply writing a recipe you