Leoni Lessmann | MA Advertising

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My title is Leonie Lessman, i am on the MAadvertising path right here at LCC and my undertaking is a all-femaleadvertising groups. 4 percentage of credit score administrators are feminine which isvery, very small. Ninety-one percentage of ladies don’t suppose like advertisersunderstand what they want or what they want so I think there is a wholesystematical alternate that desires to occur earlier than more ladies get to the highest, so I’mkind of exploring what would occur when you took the entire guys out of advertisingagencies after which simply exchange them with simply ladies I did photography in Norwich Iguess I was hoping just to expand my spectrum of advantage but I suppose it hasdefinitely given me more than that given that I failed to consider working in teamswas going to be my factor however it quite used to be and i believe it’s relatively first-class to alwaysbounce suggestions off of other people like I fully grasp the world of promoting muchmore now than I did before like I had no idea, I notion I did but I didn’t