New powers, new responsibilities: A global survey of journalism and artificial intelligence

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this is not a situation where robots are going to be replacing what columnists do the bigger question is how do we deploy machine learning to actually represent us better columnists everyday in journalism we’re doing a lot of processing robotic tasks to make sure that we’re reap report growing news at magnitude the channel in which I accompany a big benefit coming from AI is helping with that process it entitles our writers to deplete more period doing what they do best interviews research and investigation and writing more compelling and inventive material those things cannot be done by AI at Google we believe that AI should benefit society this entails advantageous for the bulletin that beings providing access to and the story manufacture who renders it this report is an unprecedented revelation into a whole compas of newsrooms various regions of the world it tells us what they’re doing with AI right now but it also tells us what they hope to do with it in the future we could use algorithms to help us find news faster and break news faster these days that any reporter or any reader will tell you they’re completely overwhelmed with information AI in engineering can help with this process by discover relevancy in the manufacture neighborhood you’re looking at what can the machines do really well which is analyze data pluck things together find patterns and even do some natural language processing to write stories off the back of data we employ AI to provide users with more personalized events while maintaining the balance of curation to minimize filter illusions ai will help us to get precisely the freedom material to the right person and that might be a consumer scrolling through on their mobile phone or for Reuters it might be a business client who are interested in particular material at particular experiences of the day any new information technologies introduces different kinds of challenges to the news industry and one as complex as AI becomes that even more interesting clearly the report contains ethical questions that need to be addressed things like making sure that our data is not biased or figuring out whether we’re going to disclose the uses of automation to publics I feel that we are going to need to have new abilities in the newsroom of people who understand technology and the programs and understands the moralities of journalism routinely we have Q& A discussions on AI strategies so that editorial has a good understanding of what we’re actually constructing what’s feeding into it and what the outcome is this type of transparency within our party is really fundamental to how we build AI we’re all going to be living in a macrocosm where AI is ever more significant in all sorts of globes and I think it’s really important that we are familiar with both the the powers and opportunities of paper reverberates but too the issues and gambles the more all of us work together the more self-confident I am we’ll discover further how a I can entitle columnists that’s why it’s so important that we continue this research and this dialogue exiting[ Music]