George Takei and Ann Friedman on the Future of Journalism | Episode 5 | Takei’s Take

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ahh the newspaper the old-fashioned wide-reaching sheethas been available for three hundred years and somehow still knocking Oh! An iPad Mini all let’s be honest with ourselves for a secondwe have inventions now the radiation us up for more informationabout the world and everything everyone is doing so how is this thing going to competewith this are we about to witness the death thenewspaper? let’s break it down in today’s episodeof Takei’s Take every extend era he makes more badnews about the report. Daily papers around the countryand piercing the junk left and right as newspapers have movedonline ad incomes have virtually dissipated. In2012 newspapers lost sixteen dollars in printads for every one dollar earned in digitalad Oh my! and have you seen the newspaper recently? They’re thin faster than the “hairs-breadth” order Truth of the matter is that realjournalism is not cheap, it requires time and intensity and travel to track down makes and getthe story right if newspapers are going away where we getting ournews? there are locates like BuzzFeed and Gawker.Sometimes it looksmore like photo halls and transcend 10 lists posingas story and then there is Facebook and Twitterbut is this news? These feeds are certainlyup to the minute and can sometimes break news it’s hardto distinguish belief or fabrication from information recollect when everyone concluded JeffGoldblum had died? life, uh acquires a nature. What about citizenjournalists the people who are writing blogs andposting videos about what’s happening in the world around usthis stuff is great but here we run into some of the sameproblems.I wish there was someone who could make sense of all this for me Ohh! astounding I’m delighted to be in now. Journalistand Internet enthusiast Ann Friedman. Welcome Hi George. How are you? I’m excellent. Tell us about yourjournalistic background I’ve been a novelist and journalist for about 10 times and I write a column for ColumbiaJournalism Review answering journalists questions about the future of media What do you think is going tohappen with newspapers? well I don’t think newspapers will live forvery long I do is of the view that the stomach for thenews is is quite strong Absolutely. and all sorts of research saysthat that people are consuming more information than ever are hungry for info than ever.What’s the distinctions between magazine bulletin and digital bulletin? Mostly it’sthe move it’s that you know in the newspaperworld to use a kind to waste the day putting together a story and then someone would revise it in theevening and then it would go to press and then in the following morning and parties would open up and read it over coffee and now things are still being edited inreviewed and in many cases factchecked things are still being reported you knowpeople are still picking up the phone and talking to parties it’s just that it’s all happeningconstantly on sometimes at the hurry of a tweet in 140 personas and sometimes at thespeed of a monthly month long project.What is the newsindustry go to look like in 10 times? I hope I’m not replaced byrobot of some kind I hope I’m still doing this errand I hope so too. I meditate I have a lotmore personality than a robot which is increasingly important you know asconsumers make choices based on who’s presenting them the information so you’re rosy about the futurejournalism I am. And I share that with you we havemore options now more parties participating and gettingdifferent perspectives it’s exciting to me that there are allthese new ways for people to access the story there’s always going to be people whoare misinformed but you know that was also the instance in a previous epoch, peoplebut supermarket tabloids that happened you know. I’mstill getting my New York Times in publication. Well this has been a veryinformative and enlightening discussion and I thinka lot of our viewers will be uhh Following me on Twitter! Following you on Twitter thank you so much for meeting us.Here’smy go: the newspaper manufacture is changing andthat’s inevitable but we still need good journalism andwhen story web sites are busy optimizing for clinks and peddling inexpensive opinions we need tobe more selective about where we get our information and that’s our support. Wait! Before you runout and grip a newspaper this is what you have to do. Subscribe tothe channel: like this video and tell us where youthink journalism is headed in specific comments below. And that’s our make. The longest grip of the newspaper of all time.Until next time.