Students talk about the new journalism department at City University

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my call is Frederick Dawson and I’m a student in surmounts International Journalism okay and so the new district is really really nice like much bigger improvement over our previous equipment up in the other building however they weren’t prepared for her first part expression which provide a lot of problems and evenly like the international students rarely do anything now which is quite annoying we have computer grades but there any other computer labs that are in the aged part of building that don’t have the newest journalism software and most of them are still in labs with lots of cracked computers hinder computers asked why they’re like that no one’s actually being able to give us an answer i’m christopher anderson I’m be a journalism student I recollect the television studio which I haven’t ill-used yet but sorry an exciting and yeah I’m when I’m doing the pole graduate certificate in newspaper it in principle it seems a little nicer liver but yeah things think we should work and that’s still on and likewise vied others would rinse it out so there’s a couple of days a week we don’t happen merely having a central centre to work in means you insure everybody all the time and yeah I’m very much selling busy right now