CNN’s Acosta Busts Trump for Blatantly Lying About His Reasons for Skipping G7 Climate Summit

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We need to welcome our viewers in the USA and world wide that is new day and we do begin with breaking news for the reason that President Trump is striking a optimistic spin on the China trade battle on the g7 summit this morning in France he says China has known as US alternate officers to assert they need to renew negotiations on a alternate deal our country is doing really good we’ve got horrible alternate deals and i’m straightening them out the largest one by far is Janet can be back to vaccinate the President on the whole thing to beat American economic climate is achieving it can be an acid go back and forth to see that but just a registrable pink sheep whitener took on the alternate [Music] the uk has profited hugely it was 200 years and why would it not they wish to get whatever then they’ve misplaced thousands of jobs the provide chains of being hurt i need snow deliver alternate although you could strengthen new supply chains you are not able to get him again okay those had been two headlines which have come out of the g7 there were many so one was once Boris Johnson you heard him they are telling the president that Britain would recognize the president dialing down one of the crucial rhetoric i’m paraphrasing and the other was President Trump talking about China but frankly it has been very rough to figure out which message to trust popping out of the g7 on the grounds that there were so many conflicting and complicated messages and the markets are frankly rattled wild swings within the Asian markets in in a single day trading due to the fact that they with ease do not know where the president stands on this we’re waiting to hear more from him in a bit of whilst uncertain whether or not the brand new statements will contradict the prior ones becoming a member of us now Pamela brown CNN White house correspondent who’s in France protecting this Margaret ala from Axios politics and Errol Lewis political anchor from spectrum information in a CNN political commentator Pamela I wish to begin with you you are in France the place are we proper now and i have to preface that via saying it’s 7:01 a.M.Jap Time which is distinctive mainly than it used to be at 5:30 a.M. Eastern Time in view that the president has had 4 or five positions on the exchange conflict with China over the final 72 hours yeah most likely there has been a quantity of complicated blended signals coming from President Trump and the White apartment in phrases of the place things stand with the China exchange deal simply the day prior to this you had the president pronouncing he had 2d ideas about escalating the ward and the White house swiftly got here back and said no surely the only regrets he had used to be not elevating the tariffs even higher and now within 24 hours the president is saying that he believes a deal will be struck with China now it was once slightly murky in terms of what the communications had been the president has mentioned that there have been that the chinese language known as twice referred to as negotiators twice and that they they need to strike a deal the president put form of a optimistic spin on things China had said at one factor that they weren’t certain with the calls what they have been speakme about so it is a bit complicated on that and but the president just spoke about it he said i don’t need to get into the calls however there were calls on the best possible degree so the president is retaining the confident spin right here this morning on the g7 saying he believes something might be accomplished and in phrases of President Xi in China you know just a few days ago he was calling him an enemy and now he’s announcing constructive things about him announcing that you realize he has appreciate for him etc so we’re simply gonna ought to wait and notice where things go from right here or all you have been watching what is going on on with the g7 how our allies reply to this how will we inform what’s coming out of the g7 well i wouldn’t go with the aid of what the president is tweeting for one factor proper I additionally wouldn’t always go via the public statements which are coming from the heads of state I mean the truth is that they must try to appease him they wish to ensure that they’re now not on his bad facet they don’t wish to make matters much more unstable they’ve acquired constituencies they need to reply to they’ve acquired a trade community that they wish to see style of get just a little bit extra steady and extra cozy with some thing the new arrangements going to be so you’ll be able to hear what you simply heard from the the British high minister faint sheep-like objections although of course they’re they are they’re radically adverse to what the president is doing they usually wish that he would cut it out the summit’s used to be where you could straighten these matters out partly in the back of the scenes partly in joint communique neither of those appear to be working although with President Trump you realize Margaret you are at Axios now but you spent years at Bloomberg which of direction is a large monetary journalism hub the markets have already made up our minds what they believe concerning the president’s messaging which is that they don’t like how confusing it is it’s deeply unsettling to the arena markets into these nations which might be trying to forge ahead so the place you see matters standing this morning yeah just right morning John I mean to me it can be Monday morning and so the president is reacting as if it’s Monday morning he is acknowledging the message of the markets despatched last week he’s acknowledging that a week from now or so September first goes to be a different time limit in the decisions on alternate he is trying to calm things despite the fact that like leaving the aspect of shock as a distinctive probability so I do believe it can be too soon to grasp what’s gonna occur nevertheless it does seem that as he’s about to leave the g7 the president is trying to send a calming sign but matters had been so up and down I think it’s it can be difficult to bank on it it is difficult to bet on it and that is what has gotten part of what’s received out there so concerned the other part of it it is just that within the form of medium flip if he continues along this trajectory it is going to be rattling it can be not simply an surely in an effort to be rattling it is the implications that may be rattling it is the rattling that’ll be rattling it is the Tamala proper us if we’re incorrect US alternate representatives mild condominium er etc we’re already going to be assembly with their chinese language counterparts subsequent week and so the proposal that anything has come out of g7 can we financial institution on that like Margaret just alluded to you cannot quite bank on whatever at this point just given how in all places the situation a president in the White residence has been however you understand the President did say that the serious negotiations will continue as you factor out they had been already planned and it’s form of gonna be interesting to see how China responds to all of this back and forth over the weekend here on the g7 with the president saying that he most effective had regrets of you already know not elevating the tariffs even larger after he mentioned he had second ideas about escalating the trade war so it can be rather doubtful at this point where China stands on this we’re listening to it from a president Trump himself placing this confident spin on it pronouncing that they are reaching out that there have been these two calls from the absolute best levels however really we have no idea what the substance of those conversations were and the president is not going to expose that and again we just heard from Matt rivers at the Ministry of overseas Affairs in Beijing says they are not conscious of any calls I wish to learn you one exchanged with the Secretary of Treasury Steve manoosh in simply moments in the past he used to be asked instantly what have been they’re not in reality used to be they may be now not sincerely a name last night time minutiae would best respond there were discussions that went from side to side let’s simply go away it at that so the Secretary of Treasury won’t affirm their genuine calls this seems like a bit of bit of cleanup once again over the president’s declare there have been calls final night time be that as it is going to arrow it does seem to me what Margaret is announcing the president appears to be backing off this morning at least for now he appears to have assessed the situation or been advised that his rhetoric was once too scorching and he’s backing off that is correct seem the president is engaged in politically talking a timing activity he wishes to reach at some form of a negotiated association with China he would not need it to happen too quickly he would not need to occur too late it’s intended to variety of spur the economic system and make him look excellent support his reelection chances it’s the way the video games been played for a long long time on the other hand he does not need everything to fall apart in front of him he does not need the markets to tank he doesn’t want the extent of instability that is going to attract in you understand new candidates strolling against him numerous been headlines plenty of financial losses and harm to the principal manufacturer of that of the Trump presidency which has been although you do not like everything else I do i have been best for the economic system all proper Margaret hmm we need to transfer on to what the president mentioned about easy methods to discontinue hurricanes as a typhoon a potential hurricane is drawing near Puerto Rico as we converse so it’s you’re reporting that the president suggested nuking them dropping a nuclear bomb within a typhoon that will blow it apart before it would key it might hit land and here’s the reporting from Axios the briefer who heard this used to be knocked again on his heels the supply within the room brought you could hear a gnat fart in that assembly whatever I’ve certainly not stated before on morning television you simply desired to assert that folks have been astonished after the assembly ended we proposal what the f what do we do with this may you um expound on any of this Margaret i am gonna try sure it this this is something that happened within the previous part of the president’s presidency however that we are discovering out about now and seeing that it is storm season and since it can be just so intriguing we idea it was once main to file it we’ve got this reporting from a couple of sources we gave the White apartment an complete day the previous day to remark put this into context however look what’s essential to recognize is that the president heard about this thought and requested whether or not it was possible this is an notion that has been around seeing that the Eisenhower administration it has been again and again knocked down with the aid of scientists for style of apparent explanations like nuclear fallout and that sort of stuff but in addition considering the fact that many scientists feel it just would not work that sort of counter-intuitively the energy produced in the middle of a hurricane is so tremendous that there isn’t a feasible method that this might surely work in phrases of disrupting the current but in addition there are like environmental reasons science motives well being motives this suggestion did not go past discussions however the president didn’t get into the planning phases and it’s also major to note that a variety of White condominium officials didn’t know about it that this was not variety of widely known within the White house which is why it’s coming to light now however there are more than one and unique people who are acquainted each with the president’s conversations about it and with the truth that this was once memorialized in writing however the White condo this morning I you will see that the president very certainly seems to be sending this signal he is not watching at doing this now and i believe we will all agree that’s almost always a excellent thing yeah what’s the one factor worse than a typhoon a nuclear storm is sincerely what NOAA says and it’s extremely good and Pamela can help you speak about this we’ll put it up on the reveal we’ve got a picture i hope we have now the photo of what used to be alleged to be the large local weather meeting on the g7 where the entire world leaders of the g7 were to collect to talk about local weather change which is this kind of critical trouble for all of these international locations there is an empty seat there that belongs to the President of the us Pamela he used to be a no-exhibit in this is a part of the g7 three-day meetings that the White apartment has been pooh-poohing for days yeah that is correct the president views limitation the obstacle of climate alternate for the period of the g7 as a waste of his time he used to be a no-show this morning what’s odd although John is that the president simply stated just earlier than his meeting with the prime minister of India that he he thinks it will occur later he i guess he both he is now not conscious that it has already happened or recognize what’s going on there however he was a no-show it’s also remarkable he was a no-show on the climate summit final year as good he believes that this summit the g7 will have to be centered completely on the economy he believes that there were so many disorders when it comes to the financial system having to do with with trade and tariffs and so forth that these other disorders external of that akin to local weather alternate really just don’t seem to be principal to him for the duration of this weekend and that he simply does not feel it is a productive use of his time that used to be one of the crucial chief complaints going into this weekend from the president and in fact one of the vital reasons why that fiscal summit used to be delivered right here the day prior to this morning to soothe the president Erol an extra bit of news that has come out of the g7 it was once just for the next meeting of world leaders President Trump is suggesting retaining it at his draw golf club is there a hindrance with that oh there’s a trouble with that in fact he’ll send all the men and women who’ve already started reviews litigation public complaints about the emoluments clause concerning the president for my part enriching himself via utilizing his office to raise his own trade and not ever having separated himself from those corporations it’s going to go into overdrive it’s going to be a form of scrutiny that he generally doesn’t want possibly it does not expect and it’ll make it world news in a method that it hasn’t been before it would clarify to everyone I believe this one is relatively really clear you recognize you seem at the Trump resort in DC and the fact that quite a lot of diplomats stay there and they’re good are they paying above market fee you must sort of rather work that and take a look at and think it by way of to peer is there a drawback here this is form of obvious that the entire protection all of the diplomats the entire money flowing directly into the president’s pocket is some thing we have in no way seen before some thing that arguably is illegal and something that is going to intent him a giant political headache k Errol thanks very much ladies thank you for all of that reporting all correct it can be a brand new day within the Republican presidential contest former Republican Congressman Joe Walsh has formally entered the race he is challenging President Trump he is gonna talk about his resolution to do so i’m running considering the fact that he’s unfit an individual desires to step up and there needs to be an replacement the nation is ailing of this guy’s tantrum he’s he’s a baby for Republican congressman joe walsh asserting that he will project President Trump in 2020 despite the president’s excessive approval among Republicans Walsh says many within the GOP know the president is unfit and are loss of life to say so publicly and becoming a member of us now is Republican presidential candidate Joe Walsh how does that sound Wow Elson excellent to be with just right to have you whilst you have been last on our software which used to be I feel Thursday or Friday you instructed us that you’d over the weekend be making this choice i do know you may have been weighing a resolution of whether to task President trumpet surely you’ve gotten performed a fee-improvement analysis so what was it that made you consider that this is truly going to be positive it can be uh it’s like we reside on this bizarro world the place I consider almost every American is either embarrassed or disgusted Allisyn with who this man is individually president Trump I imply you realize like i know m’because the tweets all I think most folks privately are worn out of it good you say that hold on one sec yeah Joe because you say that but what’s your evidence of that he has an 88 percentage approval rating amongst Republicans and i do know that you just hear from a few of your radio callers that they’re irritated with you for talking about this so the place are you getting your expertise that so many people are disgusted i’ve been in conservative speak radio for the last 5 years and the men and women I speak to commonly privately tell me I cannot stand him however Joe the Democrats are socialists or I can’t stand him Joe but i admire my tax cuts what happened this prior week and that i feel it is going to happen much more the fellow’s tweeting us right into a reception appear Elson I might be fallacious the wager i am making with this campaign and our slogan is be brave which is come on out say publicly what you suppose privately follow my lead I suppose there is help there so as I said an 88% approval rating amongst Republicans he additionally has a massive war chest the the amount that he is fundraising and that the RNC is fundraising is huge so again do you’re you doing this to simply rationale some style of groundswell such as you simply said or do you simply suppose that you stand a danger towards president drops yes i’m doing this to win I imply who of their correct intellect Allison would take this on if they did not i know seem at that look look on the appear you are giving me in the event that they didn’t believe they might win seem i’ve been waiting on daily basis this 12 months for anyone to step up a Republican to step as much as make the ethical case towards him that he is unfit I wrote that op-ed within the new york times to 3 weeks ago the man’s unfit come on someone must assignment him and i express regret for my function in in helping to opt for him no person stepped up Allison and if we don’t i realized this earlier week the Republican occasion is going to remorse it however the country will probably be in threat so now that you’re officially running I do feel that it requires a overview of a few of your earlier without doubt Deary feedback i do know that you’ve got apologized for them however however let’s simply I do I do feel that they require just a little bit extra rationalization so let’s just go by means of a few of them a few of the whoppers k so this was on Twitter this used to be a 2017 you stated we reduced the bar for Obama he was once held to a scale down usual seeing that he was black that used to be 2017 here’s another one this is 2018 ok so this is just final year i have a right to hope to at any place god I wish to pray to i’ve a right to call Obama a Muslim and phone Trump a thin skinned egomaniac i have a right to use an ar-15 to look after my household and my dwelling that is america get off my garden what’s that precious in 2018 that rhetoric no most commonly a little too available in the market but else and i uh i’m no longer a bomb thrower but I despise political correctness but you’re a bomb thrower saying i have a proper to use my ar-15 pronouncing i’ve a proper to call Obama Muslim although you recognize that that is no longer proper that is bomb throwing no it can be it is it can be an it can be it’s a defense towards free speech I don’t forget the the rationale for that unique tweet folks had been saying you received to be careful what you say concerning the president and that i simply desired to remind men and women despite the fact that you do not agree with me we reside in a country the place we do have free speech but Elson to your factor sure i’ve been very outspoken there are probably forty thousand tweets out there and also you would in finding 300 that you’re gonna look at me and say Joe what had been you considering and all i will be able to do is do what we’re doing now go through them separately and express regret for some did i exploit language in there that tweet I will have to have used yes well there here is another one here is a different person who I wish to to soar off of you in terms of the language this is from 2014 you say it seems i can say Redskins which is supposedly offensive however once I say different phrases they hit a commercial if the Redskins is just like the n-phrase why can i say Redskins on the air without being dumped out into a commercial found out if I say Redskins or cracker or redneck Bible quantity I might say on but if I say the n-word mm-hmm or the S phrase they cut me off I imply that’s bomb dry what’d you say oh that used to be Ellison that one in designated and i like this one who used to be making a serious factor there were persons at that time in 2014 that stated Redskins is the brand new n-phrase yeah baloney let me let me finish Allison the n-phrase has a specific ugly history on this nation and that i was once making that point I might say Redskins I would write down the phrase Redskins i could not say the n-phrase or write out the n-phrase and that was the distinct point that it is unique it’s offensive it sounded like it sounded such as you desired to be i’m now not the animal no I failed to consider that Redskins is the brand new n-phrase the n-word is distinct and unpleasant and that is the factor we would by no means title the Washington soccer staff the Washington n-words yeah but it surely’s referred to as the Washington Redskins they’re exceptional and i guess my point is is that your impulse appears to be to claim incendiary matters has that converted my impulse is to push the envelope and to get individuals to think and commonly Allison I step over the road if there may be one let me conclude if there’s one factor I’ve realized in the final couple of years is it could possibly lead to what we’ve in the White house now how did it lead how did your incendiary feedback result in President Trump it made it almost ideal in view that i might argue Allison that’s all he does that is all he is obtained that’s all he places out more commonly in the back of a lot of what I said there used to be a serious factor to be made but it led to him look Alison i will get on my knees right now I helped result in Trump there isn’t any doubt about it and you’re performed with that you’ll be able to certainly not say incendiary comments like that anymore or are these your nature no I think I stated on the radio about a year and a half of in the past i am executed with private assaults i’ll offer you an illustration of individuals who name into my show suppose that Ilhan Omar hates the usa or aoc hates the united states no they don’t hate the us they believe in yet another america than I do most likely i am completed with the personal attacks Trump’s helped me get there do your radio colours thank you stand a danger as a rule now not look it again be courageous Allison it is a raffle i am making I firmly consider this guy within the White condominium is a goof he’s an embarrassment most of us consider that but there isn’t a replacement you and Anthony scaramouche she keeps announcing most of us believe that you simply maintain announcing that you know different conservative Republicans you keep pronouncing that persons in the White condo you inform us who could come ahead or whose shared with you their issues now not yet however else and i will tell you this close to every body of my former Republican colleagues in Congress privately they are not able to stay up for this president to be long past close to one and all of your former Republicans has called you and you have got talked to them privately no i have never talked to every single one almost every person that I’ve spoken with has stated the same factor all they’re doing Allison is they are retaining their mouth shut they be aware of that Trump at the prime of the ticket goes to be a catastrophe in 2020 they only need him long gone after which they feel the social gathering can get again to typical that’s a bunch of bull incidentally considering if we don’t venture Trump now the Republican occasion will on no account get back to normal are they concerned about you outing them now that you are doing this it’s fascinating might be it can be making them uncomfortable or perhaps a few of them simply wanted someone to stick their neck out have you been observing the president in the GC on this stage of the arena stage for the duration of the g7 and your ideas he is trying to stroll back the whole thing he did on Friday Elson Friday used to be a horrendous day I imply suppose about what Trump did I order each US corporation to do that the Fed chair is as a lot of an enemy to this country as China he’s trying to walk all of that again due to the fact the markets tanked he is erratic and and once more he is tweeting us right into a recession that is gonna scare with a purpose to support most americans be brave and come out former congressman and present presidential candidate joe walsh less so my condominium and best to be with you a lot we’ll talk again john correct thanks a lot allison honoring the victims of the the republican subject for president now has yet another candidate the Democratic area one fewer after our subsequent guest simply introduced he’s now not jogging congressman Sestak Moulton says he’ll run for re-election to the condominium in Massachusetts and he’s going to crusade for whoever against the Democratic nomination in 2020 congressman Moulton joins me now congressman why did you’re making the choice you understand I was proud to get in this race i don’t feel that there is a better foil for Donald Trump than a young combat veteran and as the best fight veteran within the race I used to be willing to to take him on now not just as president however as commander-in-chief to task his capacity to preserve us nontoxic however I constantly instructed my my supporters my acquaintances my my volunteers across the country that if I ever got to a point the place I just failed to see a direction to the nomination then i’d back out and focal point my efforts on getting reelected to the residence but in addition supporting whoever becomes our nominee you instructed Kevin Colin of the Boston Globe it can be a three-way race now Biden Warren and Sanders i will be able to see the writing on the wall it is a debate about how a long way left the party can go what do you imply how far left the social gathering can go good simply take healthcare as an example I mean all Democrats think that all people in the us deserves well being care it can be a human correct however we’re having a colossal debate within the celebration right now about the right way to deliver on that proper I in my opinion think we should double down on Obamacare make stronger Obamacare and that i say that from the viewpoint of being the one character who was once within the race who had single-payer well being care seeing that I made a dedication to proceed getting my own wellbeing care at the VA and so I wanted to see a public alternative that competed in a regulated market towards exclusive options that individuals would still be allowed to have however of course well there are some Democrats who think that every body must be forced onto a Medicare for all you understand government plan designed in 1963 and that i simply don’t feel that is what most american citizens want that is not what I used to be listening to out notably on the ground in core the united states so do you worry that there are some candidates pushing or pulling the social gathering too far left good I believe that is my point I imply this is this is how this debate is is is enjoying out and if we’re gonna be the majority party we need to have the vast majority of views so I do not need any predicament with humans who need to suggest for Medicare for all and make that case but when we opt for a nominee who’s involved in you realize some of these packages I believe it’ll be very hard to win in the swing districts the swing states that we have to get well if we’re gonna win this election so utilising your own logic with the Boston Globe you mentioned it’s a three candidate race between Biden Warren and Sanders two of those candidates Warren and Sanders aid what you simply advised me used to be a healthcare plan that you just think is simply too far left so all these we’re going of this your historical phrases congressman of these three candidates who then do you see your self extra consistent with appear i’m now not gonna make an endorsement right now but I Joe Biden has continuously been a mentor and a friend of mine I suppose he’d make a exceptional president there are other quality candidates on this race as good I believe it can be principal to say that i do not feel it is a excellent thing that it can be come to be a 3 a three way race this early within the process and i am no political pundit however for those who simply appear at the polling that’s the place we appear to be you feel he is essentially the most electable former vice president Biden well I feel that the principal thing on this race proper now could be just deciding on the pleasant individual to take on Donald Trump i don’t feel now we have had a worst president in history and that’s why it is so predominant that each one of us do anything we will to beat him and that includes selecting the strongest nominee we must take him on is that Joe Biden I mean once more i am now not gonna make an endorsement proper now John however I do feel that the vice president has shown the expertise and the courage and taking him on but also to do so in a technique that unites americans that’s imperative if we’re gonna win I mean to win this race we ought to build an extraordinarily large coalition that includes every person within the Democratic celebration and we can’t leave any workforce out but in addition involves independent Obama Trump voters and even some disaffected Republicans so we have now bought to find a nominee who can real carry collectively that best unified coalition now not best to win in 2020 however eventually to achieve our agenda in 2020 when we have been the primary presidential candidate ever at the least that i do know of to talk about your possess battles with post-nerve-racking stress and i know that as quickly as it is interview is over later at present you’re going to satisfy with common Stanley McChrystal and you are going to proceed to speak about veterans issues and issues going through humans like you what’s your mission my mission is to continue doing what I did for the period of the presidential campaign which is elevate issues that I suppose should have extra prominence in our party I used to be talking a lot about national security about how Democrats ought to have a process to preserve us robust abroad and reliable here at house I pointed out intellectual health and yeah yeah in a way that no other presidential candidate in historical past has mentioned and i have the most formidable intellectual well being concept out there of any of any candidate you know present or former and i want to see that enacted we’re truely introducing a invoice this week to make nine eight eight a national mental wellness hotline in order that when you have any dilemma whether or not you are a veteran or a non veteran whether you’re eager about suicide or you’re just with no trouble looking to talk to anyone that you would be able to dial that number you do not have to look up the entire different outlaw hotlines out there and simply be competent to speak to someone to get help we’re introducing that bill this week so i am gonna proceed pushing my agenda and sure a enormous part of that is talking up for veterans and that is why i’m a assembly with common McChrystal at present doing a town hall for veterans in Virginia and we’re gonna talk about how most important it is for veterans to be worried in politics up and down up and down the ticket not simplest in the presidential race but in state condominium races throughout the nation in nearby races we have acquired to build a Democratic bench and i do know veterans gonna be a colossal a part of that I wanted to give you handiest about 15 seconds left but I wanted to provide you with a risk to reply to what the president said about you the other day when you would via from the race he tweeted that is when the market was once crashing on Friday the Dow Dow was once down 573 facets perhaps on the news that consultant Seth Bolton whoever that might be has dropped out of the 2020 presidential race you will have 15 second spoke back like i don’t believe the president knows a lot about economics that’s lovely clear from his alternate conflict and everything else but the fact that he believes that the wall avenue desired me to win and so the market went down when I got out look if it’s a backhanded praise i’m going to take all of it right congressman Seth Moulton thanks for becoming a member of us this morning just right good fortune for your endeavors within the work thanks very a lot admire it it was the answer he’s right here with our reality hi John whats up guys so American organizations are hereby ordered to right away begin looking for an replacement to China that is what President Trump wrote on Friday when announcing an escalation of the alternate battle that’s AG a way of gauging his state of mind it got here two minutes after the president requested whether his own Fed chair Jerome Powell or China’s Xi Jingping was once quote our better enemy however it was once the imperial language that got some individuals awareness The Wall avenue Journal editorial board Wang and announcing anybody must tell Chairman Trump that this is not the people’s Republic of the united states considered one of trumps Republican predominant challengers bill weld additionally slammed the president writing that a POTUS anything utter the words American organizations are hereby ordered is outrageous that he believes he can sincerely carry out such an outrage because the insanity of a would-be dictator Trump of course doubled down with the aid of attacking the news media and arguing that he could order US corporations out of China due to the emergency monetary Powers Act of 1977 case closed he said so what’s the true deal good this regulation is one in every of trumps go twos it’s the identical legislation he invoked to justify his danger to develop tariffs on Mexico however the regulation was once genuinely written to constrain presidential powers by way of replacing a number of World warfare one air laws the congressman who helped draft at Jonathan Bingham honestly argued that the laws it replaced quote could had been dictatorial powers that the president would have used without any restraint with the aid of Congress so this law President Trump a siding used to be above all designed to rein in presidents with the aid of imposing transparency and involving Congress in the process outside of real emergencies involving national protection and its first you absolutely fit the bill when President Jimmy Carter iced over Iranian property and trade after they seized hostages on the American Embassy in Tehran among different things invoking this legislation requires a declaration of countrywide emergency some Trump hadn’t you could have achieved with China but it’s far from clear that trade wars had been its supposed target one senior financial consultant to George W Bush instructed the brand new York occasions that invoking the law for these instances and for these functions can be an abuse the act is meant to handle uncommon country wide safety threats and actual countrywide emergencies now not fits of presidential peak and presidential peak is the point right here it must be obvious to all people at this factor that exchange wars aren’t excellent and effortless to win the economic have an impact on of tariffs may just indeed rationale American producers to maneuver operations to countries like Vietnam as some have but ordering them to do so simply did not inside peacetime presidential powers the better irony of direction is that so many Republicans have rolled over for a president who orders round exclusive industry as a tax free exchange and acts like he thinks he is a king i am old adequate to take into account when conservatives had been calling President Obama King for things like government orders designed to preserve the dreamers but for most conservatives contributors of Congress in these days their alleged concepts discontinue and a president from their celebration is in energy and that’s your fact examine I hear however I enjoyed that as I did a fortnight ago thanks very so much thanks our global viewers for looking at for you CNN NEWSROOM with Max Foster is next for our US viewers we now have breaking news a new day continues proper now that is CNN breaking information all correct good morning and welcome to your new day it is Monday August twenty sixth it is 8 o’clock in the east and going down now we are ready to hear from President Trump you are going to maintain a news convention in France very shortly with the French president what will he say well breaking this morning the president appears to have been spending the morning backing off the alternate battle with China he claims China called twice in a single day supplying a conciliatory message and a agenda new talks in a few weeks well these talks were already scheduled and there may be currently no proof these calls genuinely took position Treasury secretary Steve knew she would simplest vaguely outlined them as discussions anything the case may be concerning the accuracy of the story there may be little query now that the president is attempting to clean up after the tremendous upheavals in the world markets responding to the president accelerating and decelerating then accelerating the alternate struggle over the weekend as of now US markets they’re up after dropping greater than 600 aspects on Friday so on Sunday president Trump conceded he’s having second ideas about imposing a new round of tariffs on China then hours later White apartment aides had to try to give an explanation for that and walk that message back after which there was once the attention-grabbing announcement the president trub simply made a bit time in the past that he’ll probably host subsequent 12 months’s g7 at his drow golf inn outside of Miami which has all types of moral implications so joining us now we’ve got April Ryan CNN political analyst and White residence correspondent for American city radio networks angela rice CNN political commentator and former executive director of the Congressional Black Caucus Bakari marketers CNN commentator and a former Democratic member of the South Carolina residence and Andrew Gilliam CNN political commentator and the 2018 Democratic candidate for governor of Florida we have now rather slash to your quarry I want that we would record on what’s come out of the g7 I mean frankly I just uh in all honesty it is difficult to grasp what information was made due to the fact there’s been so many conflicting stories from what the president has said versus his allies versus the White residence aides well I consider that we have a not I feel i know that we have a president who runs a trust deficit and we’re starting to see eye I think the arena is opening to look what we noticed within the crusade when he got here down the escalator there are a lot of us who’ve been preaching and seeing from the equal you already know sheet of song for an awfully very lengthy interval of time back from the 90s and the central Park five again from his father and all of those things come full circle and so now the sector is seeing what we have been seeing for an extended period of time one factor that I did need to harp on that you just introduced up about truely having the g7 in Doral is that we omit for those who return in historical past not too lengthy ago Jimmy Carter had a distinct council investigate his peanut farm a particular council launched a full investigation into his peanut farm that he used to be then compelled to sell Jimmy Carter the president america needed to sell his peanut farm but Donald Trump is ripping the us why is that why isn’t a distinctive council investigating Donald Trump’s businesses right now I do not know you gotta comprehend Bahrain investigated nothing and has to get almost the Republican get together however much more importantly we will have to be involved as americans that Donald Trump is ripping us apart at the seams for profit yep let’s now not put out of your mind that if that the whole lot he does is revenue driven in racist so he’s ripping us apart on the seams for revenue i might practically much more obviously i might nearly even ask I imply this this tirade of tweet statements about tariffs no tariffs commencing with Mexico now we’re undoubtedly in China I wish to know and someone must do the investigative work who’s making the money right here and we already understand that the president’s tweets can purpose markets to either rise or fall down to destabilize or to not destabilize after which one different factor from the piece of John Hodges did it is a president in a republican celebration who has made socialism the manufacturer name for every democrat going for walks for president any democrat in the country who is strolling now for the fox viewers available in the market a real type of socialism is the federal government owns and operates everything to include exclusive sector industry you now have a president who is trying to constrain US firms and telling them who they may be able to and can not do trade with if that isn’t more socialist i’m now not really sure what would be this is a man who throws names and lobs insults at one hand and on the other is inconsistent can not we trust it along with his word and rather frankly flip-flops each tweet and you already know there are American corporations that we company names that we all know that could be littered with this one is Walmart I bear in mind going to China might be two years earlier than the Beijing Olympics Walmart was the primary organization in China that had a union and wager who oversaw the union the federal government the chinese government those kind of corporations are affected not simply small corporations however fundamental firms but going back to this other thing about Doral let’s suppose about number one September 9th when Congress goes again in session i can see Elijah Cummings head of Oversight and executive Reform looking into this this goes back into a monument this goes again into conflicts of curiosity then let’s speak about taxpayer bucks you already know this will be the world converging at his his place in Florida however think about this taxpayer greenbacks will likely be used to supply Secret provider in case you have if you have this form of motion of world leaders you need to construct obstacles you need to achieve this so much it is steeply-priced after which at a time the place there may be problems of heightened protection national security this isn’t most effective gonna cost us but the president is going to become profitable off of this at his facility that you’ve got mentioned it can be bankrupt hang on one sec just one replace on where we’re correct now Angela I suppose we now have some reside snap shots from inside of a working lunch at the g7 do we put those pics up there all proper it is tape playback we now have some video of it we will at the least put that up of this working lunch and i’m told at least as of some moments ago President Trump wasn’t within nor has there been an actual meal serve there that McCrone is web hosting it and i consider each person used to be expected to be at this working assembly however we have no idea why President Trump well actually seem he may just show up any 2d he may be there already but how would you determine the reception he has bought over the final few days so many of the articles Peter Baker’s got a exceptional one the brand new York instances sincerely pronouncing he’s in his possess summit while every person else can be maintaining meetings yeah and that is why I said he is you recognize on recess whilst you feel about Donald Trump and Ally behaves it can be similar to a schoolchild notably the ones that never be trained the best way to play with anybody else in the sandbox safeguard of school children sure true but when Donald Trump and that i simply I consider the fact that is I believe about bukhari some of the matters that you simply have been just elevating about Donald Trump’s history in fact it should be no shock to any of us that he has once more played on some of american citizens worst fears whether or not that is Mexicans taking humans’s jobs or it can be the chinese language after which being a dominant world vigour in our stiffest competitors if there’s no room for international cooperation in his mind and i feel that that supplies that is a large wasteland this huge disservice to our nation it can be no shock also that you simply said he maybe at the working lunch now it wouldn’t surprise me in any respect if he didn’t but you know what I gotta let you know i don’t i do not i am no longer keen on Donald Trump didn’t vote for him definitely and i’m working difficult employers reelected but however that being aside when he is on the sector stage he is representing each person he is representing the us of the us and that means Democrats Republicans independents people who do not vote now not displaying up at a working lunch is a humiliation popping off in the future about not knowing in regards to the Iranian finance and state ministers coming to the g7 and then flipping tomorrow going into the g7 in trying to reward Russia a nation who we know centered off of all of our intelligence here in america and intruded upon the USAElection and are working to do it again these that is embarrassment after embarrassment after embarrassment and it has to elevate the question who exactly is this president world on this just in our pool reporter tells us that President Trump has just arrived at that working lunch is going for walks late welcome let’s speak about what the substitute is for voters out there Republican or Democrat who’re worn out of some of this and need an alternative for 2020 there are possible choices stoning up and one of them used to be simply on our program and Angela I need to talk to you about this for the reason that that is former Congressman Joe Walsh ok as when time period Congressman Joe one-term congressman Joe Walsh now conservative speak radio host and he has mentioned that he regrets his incendiary language which he specialised in for many decades and that he’s not a bomb thrower and that he said on our air he’s going to not interact in personal attacks and i’m simply questioning in view that he engaged in one you publicly on Twitter is our men and women a able of redemption should we allow them after they come out on the general public stage like this and say that they remorse it should we permit them redemption or are some folks too a long way gone I feel that everyone can also be redeemed that doesn’t mean that they ought to be President nor does it imply mean that they ought to run for any public place of job nor does it imply they will have to keep a radio exhibit nor does it mean they must have a Twitter account nor does it mean they will have to have an internship nor does it I mean like i don’t care how he has redeemed himself i don’t feel that he deserves to have a microphone an opportunity to speak on this network or any others he is not only inflammatory he knows that he twists individuals’s words and benefitted from it from some thing little factor he acquired from the retweet second i’m hoping it used to be worth it and at the finish of the day he has to sleep with with the attention of getting supported any one who’s he’s equal to for those who appear at the public record of the whole thing he is ever stated on social media and no difference in any respect what’s he going to do different he’s not vibrant he’s no longer gonna do something dynamic as a why don’t you not have a say as the president he is not gonna get there so like congratulations you scored an interview on new day subsequent all right well I was once following up it was once in my head except satisfactory segue there Angela no however however one of the crucial things that I people Donald Trump is inflicting persons to enter a sense of mania like there’s no motive for any Democrat available in the market to uplift Josh there isn’t any rationale for any in no way Trump or someone who wants to beat Donald Trump there is no weakening that Joe Walsh is going to do to Donald Trump there is no have an effect on at all no this whole this whole concept the scare Moochie has it oh my god we’re gonna have all of these this collection of misfits that come together and they’re gonna weaken Donald Trump they are no longer rationale like who’re you clearly I mean she mentioned simply to be clear they do not honestly say it can be a set of misfits both of them say if they have heard from folks throughout the White residence and inside of Congress that there’s a groundswell of this feeling that there on my own they believe they may be the spokes undoubtedly if there is i’d opt for you not trot out Joe Walsh as your captain but this is the drawback here’s the concern I’ve mentioned I’ve mentioned this before as the usa is we are actually bullied into submission and some thing in some traces is better than Donald Trump however they are now at the point the place something identical nonetheless is better than what Donald Trump is that’s crazy this man has talked about Stevie surprise taking the knee this man has talked about Barack Obama being a Muslim we’ve got forgotten about pastor Jeremiah Wright correct bear in mind that ah beYOU recognize he simply acquainted on this exhibit Native American skin crimson epidermis sweating the phrase Redskins that he was once he was once defending a prior tweet that had been there’s no Denari in regards to the colossal americabut lovely my most effective point is for me in my opinion I cannot converse for any individual else on this on this courts head of exceptional minds good the six of us now so anyway limousine liberal but what i will say this race is just not nearly beating Donald Trump and that i suppose folks throw it’s not it can be about it is about it is about rather more than that see I wish to beat Donald Trump and the whole lot he stands for and for me Joe Walsh is part of that everything he stands for with out Donald Trump i’m not sure Joe Walsh and all of those contributors then have a mascot that emboldened them to move out and parade their Zenith Pat Buchanan in ninety two softened George HW Bush Ted Kennedy in 1980 softened Jimmy Carter Ronald Reagan softened Gerald Ford so when you look again historically some humans factor and say whats up if a president does get predominant it could weaken him you do not see that no i do not see that and and simply so that viewers understand that I undoubtedly do not think in and that i feel my colleagues would agree that there is not any road to redemption what i haven’t heard from mr.Walsh like how did he come to phrases together with his vitriol what method has he gone tank was it just I mean his movements of direction nevertheless it was once a as I’ve heard him say gazing Donald Trump illumine to him the ugliness that was once in himself i do not for the reason that considering the fact that he stood with that equal hatefulness actually some might argue helped to offer delivery to it he proceeded argues that this president and now I need to see him do the work and doing the work doesn’t suggest going for walks for president of the U.S. I need him to have some brave conversations that simply illuminate that there is been a growth interval instead than what i’m concluding to be an awfully self-encouraged act and that i keep in mind the equal to be real Foursquare Moochie yeah and and we’re gonna have this discussion on religion later however i’ll quote the guide of James considering the fact that it says faith with out works is dead so before you come up here and wish me to have religion that instantly you are a change man as we’re speakme about Redemption then we must see what work you put into it possibly perhaps he is changing I mean I wish to believe I imply George Wallace was once I think in Redemption I enterprise i am from the exhibit-me-state although i am from Maryland but exhibit me you realize recall George Wallace apologized at twelfth the tip of his existence I consider that folks know that they’re doing fallacious and they are aware of it’s improper just to impress people however while they may be hurting men and women I believe you are proper he needs to do the work he doesn’t need to run for president because i do not suppose that George Wallace could be redeemed nearly when John brought up Pat Buchanan you had been gonna speak about how men and women would be racist and insert themselves and in presidential elections however I think our reality is unassuming Joe Walsh will not be specific than Donald Trump is not exceptional from Anthony scare Moochie and so congratulations all of you all our narcissists and you’ve had your platform in your second revel in it this quick moment of repute experience it i am all correct all-stars on that notice thanks all but do not need for president equity he redeemed all proper relocating on remorse then amping up extra tariffs threats the place does the president rather stand on the alternate struggle with China or financial policy for president Trump sending blended messages on his exchange battle with China on the g7 summit k then hours later the White condo press secretary mentioned Trump’s remark had been broadly misinterpreted she mentioned his handiest regret is that he is not raising the tariffs greater becoming a member of us now is Kevin Hassett he served as the president Trump’s top economists for 2 years and then in June he left his role as chairman of the White house Council of financial Advisers and at present we welcome him as a CNN economics commentator welcome Kevin oh it can be satisfactory to be here thanks boy do we want your aid cursing what has occurred on the g7 let’s simply begin with that moment when the president says yes sure he is had second ideas he has second ideas about everything how do you interpret that good I believe there’s been an ebb and flow in the alternate negotiations for a very long time and the fundamental backdrop is that there are hardliners in China that believe that it can be k for them to steal our IP and so on that don’t want a alternate deal they need to proceed to only sort of steal us blind and then there are reformers there like Leo who that need to figure out a deal as we do and the Reformers and the hardliners looked to be like a being and flowing and have an effect on once more so we proposal we had a deal you understand right earlier than I left you already know in the spring we idea we had a deal that was a rather great deal and then instantly they pulled it out from underneath us and then there used to be an extra transfer like that last Friday and i know the president obtained very angry about it which is that we had surely eased back on our tariffs in order that the Christmas season can be k and then the chinese style of doubled down proper after we did that as if they idea that us being more cheap was once a sign of weak point and so the president came out swinging on Friday however you realize I feel I heard over the weekend from pals inside of that there’s a movement toward having talks again and so confidently eventually you know the reformers in China will accept as true with truly everyone on our crew that we should a brand new Deal that stops chinese unhealthy moves yeah after which open doorways opens up each Martin sorry interrupt the ED and go with the flow in president Trump’s intellect i am speakme in regards to the Edmund float where he says sure definite he is had 2nd thoughts and then the his press individuals have got to say oh he is most effective had 2nd ideas about imposing greater tariffs would not whilst you hear the president if you were still in the White residence you heard him say yes of direction i have 2d thoughts about imposing tariffs what goes on within the White condominium when the president says anything like that proper well well I feel that it can be you already know a negotiation is an extraordinarily complicated factor and again if I consider about like overlook about what the president’s considering I are not able to get inside of his intellect feel about me you know I believed that the reformers in China had the higher hand and that they had been adequately representing chinese language position in the course of the negotiations while I used to be in the White apartment and i idea we were quite really practically a deal i am sure that I used to be on CNN announcing howdy I believe we’re about to have a deal and then boom the entire deal will get taken out from below us and so I consider that you realize possibly the president thinks he must were more challenging at the opening and no longer phased matters in considering that the chinese don’t seem to be quite gonna budge and we’re never gonna budge I mean you might talk to him about it however I suppose that the error that I’ve made is that I proposal that the Reformers had extra have an effect on over the final resolution than it seems that they do do you believe that China prior to now 24 hours called the White apartment twice to resume alternate talks there’s constant conversation between say secretary minuchin and Leah whose crew after which additionally other humans as good however however i’m certain that there is been some verbal exchange over the weekend that implies that they are going to have talks or else they should not have mentioned it well and there may be a lot verbal exchange steady that it wouldn’t be a shock good I mean that’s the query when you consider that weren’t mild hyzer and mission already scheduled to have talks with their chinese language counterparts for this week in different words correct the per I believe the president is suggesting that due to the fact of anything he is carried out or said at the g7 that that is why these calls have happened from China however are you saying that these calls happen all the time and there is nothing proper but also recollect considering that the chinese language hit us with the form of amazed terrace on Friday after which the president replied there used to be various uncertainty about whether we’re honestly gonna have the talks that were scheduled and so I consider that over the weekend that was once clarified and clarified in a optimistic manner and i suppose that is why markets are bonding so favorably today is Jerome Powell the enemy of the USA men and women no no no he is not he is you understand he is you know the president chose J for the Fed i do know he has policy differences with Jay however Jays do it a job over there that’s you understand the great he can i inspiration the speech he gave at Jackson hole simply final week was first-rate it like laid out his pondering they usually’ve started to scale down charges which i suppose is the correct transfer i feel that everyone thinks that the increase that they they gave us final December was a bit bit too far they usually’re winding it again now and that’s the proper thing however he is undoubtedly no longer the enemy of the humans so then why would the president say who is the better enemy President Xi or drop out I I feel that if you have been to ask the question the way in which in economists would you could say who’s triggered extra negative and terrible have an impact on on GDP over the last six months the Fed or China you realize that’s the sort of thing that seminars are made comprised of and that i consider it might be that is what the president speculating about i suppose my factor is do you think it can be invaluable that he is calling Jerome Powell a possible enemy of the USAhumans the president uses very strident language i don’t you know if he is channeling me he would sound one of a kind now and then yeah are you comfy with the language that the president makes use of i am relaxed with the policies that the president has pushed you recognize the even the China reform you recognize I recounted in a piece of the week popping out in CNN today sometime that the largest heist in US history was once an artwork heist of the Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston of 500 million dollars worth of artwork the chinese have taken that a lot IP from us nearly daily so that they did everyday for a yr that is how much IP they’re taking from us and the president’s standing as much as that and then the opposite stuff deregulation and tax policy you already know I very so much support those insurance policies and that i think that’s why GDP growth is so much better now than you recognize the Congressional funds administrative center suggestion it could be back in 2016 when they regarded ahead to at present so the president’s insurance policies are working and i am certain that the tweets could irritate now and then so that they absolutely have aggravated me at times however the insurance policies coverage is working however has China stopped doing that I imply did the tariffs have been in position for a yr you say they proceed to steal intellectual property how is it working yeah the chinese language policy is a work in progress but the kind of robust stand that the president’s taking on exchange has given us a new alternate maintain Korea a chorus deal it’s given us the the brand new NAFTA deal u.S.MCA that’s a really good deal has plenty of important ultra-modern things like web alternate and ocean actually getting the plastics out of the oceans and so I did so he’s made a entire bunch of excellent offers the China one is the last huge one and that i feel that if that comes by way of and there is a colossal reform there that you simply’d must say this insurance policies had been a tremendous success well if if is a gigantic word there we respect getting your perspective on all no thanks thanks for having me and it’s nice to be on the workforce thanks so much John all correct very shortly we can hear from President Trump you are going to maintain a joint information conference so alongside the French leader Emmanuel macron this comes at the finish of a very eventful g7 summit let’s get the backside line seeing his chief White condo correspondent Jim Acosta joins us now reside from the summit Jim it is bit of particularly a experience and by means of that I imply in the president’s own head on the quandary of China and trade the place do we stand this morning he was once accelerating the exchange battle decelerating accelerating and now this morning decelerating once more good that’s what we’re hoping to get some clarity on John it has been sort of a summit of misunderstanding here at the g7 and France and quite a few that confusion performed out this morning the president is saying that there were calls last night time with the chinese language on restarting alternate talks with Beijing and then chinese officers mentioned these calls did not take situation and then the president when he used to be pressed on that mentioned good i don’t wish to talk about calls and the Treasury secretary used to be chiming in and pronouncing there have been discussions and so there wasn’t fairly any sort of clarity that was once furnished there so maybe we’ll get some clarity from the president when he comes out here in a number of moments but of course probably the most things that we’re all watching ahead since of that plunge within the inventory market on Friday is whether or now not a few of that volatility returns thus of what the president is announcing with recognize to this alternate situation with China now meanwhile we will have to factor out that is not the one source of misunderstanding at this g7 summit there was what occurred 24 hours ago when the president first in the beginning indicated that he used to be having 2nd ideas about this alternate struggle with China and then the White apartment officials got here back and stated oh no he is not having 2nd thoughts if some thing he needs to elevate tariffs on China even further officials have been additionally pronouncing at the same time he didn’t hear the question when he made that comment and said they were sort of speaking out of both sides of their mouth and explaining all this to newshounds after which there was a surprise a consult with by means of the Iranian international Minister Javad Zarif which in the beginning was described as coming as slightly of a surprise to US officials after which they mentioned no no no we weren’t amazed the French president menu on Mike Cronin advised us about this earlier than all of this transpired and so when a guide mark roan and president Trump got here out here perhaps we are going to get some style of clarification from each of those two leaders as to what occurred with all of that however the president has been as we see with many of those summits from time to time John is that he creates his own distractions he creates more than a few news cycles inside only a 24-hour interval he was pronouncing previous this morning that he needs to hold a g7 summit next 12 months in Miami might be it is Doral a golf path his Golf inn which is proper next to the Miami Airport of direction that raises all varieties of ethical questions as as to if or not the president is making an attempt to profit off of his possess presidency with the aid of preserving an extraordinarily colossal low-cost g7 summit at considered one of his possess personal residences so no scarcity of questions might be there’ll be a query about losing bombs on hurricanes might be no shortage of questions here at this g7 summit in France there was one more query as a minimum one other about the climate periods so all the world leaders were getting together to handle all the local weather crisis even as the Amazon is burning the Amazon is burning after which we just have this mature Jim of an empty seat and that’s where President Trump used to be presupposed to be seated so do you could have some reporting on what occurred here yeah I mean truthfully that vacant seat I believe symbolizes the place the USA has been on the predicament of climate change for the final few years it has been an empty seat in relation to confronting the problem of climate alternate the president has mentioned in the past that he believes climate trade is a hoax however in phrases of what occurred right here on the g7 summit i’m told by using a White house professional that it used to be a national protection staffer who sat within the president’s location in the course of that assembly that was attended via other world leaders different heads of state from different international governments here at this g7 summit one factor that we must point out the White condo press secretary Stephanie Gresham put out a announcement pronouncing even as the president would make it to the local weather session right here at the g7 considering he was once having these bilateral conferences with Chancellor Merkel of Germany top Minister Modi of India and we will have to understand to our viewers that prime Minister Modi of India and Chancellor Merkel were at that climate session here at the g7 summit and so we’re not getting various straight solutions might be we’ll get some possibly we won’t get some at this joint press conference when the president of handbook Mike Rhone come out here in only a quick while but it surely’s simply type of been this natural one complicated episode after an extra that we’re seeing at this summit and now we have visible this play out at different summits prior to now present will come out declare all is a gigantic success he’ll speak about this exchange agreement that has been reached on precept with the japanese prime Minister Shinzo Abe a but it’s simply been one confusing episode after an extra distraction throughout this g7 summit over a fairly brief interval of time we will have to factor out in a very beautiful a part of France we should also be aware of and some thing alternatively of the information convention we will have to also notice it’s an extended ride dwelling with Wi-Fi in that aircraft so much more would be said