The Future of News, Journalism, and Journalists Lecture 1/5

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difficulty with a good opening is your you’re doomed to at this station only peeked and it’s downhill from there what I’m going to do in the next 40 hours or so hopefully leaving at least that much time for discussion with you is provision a quick drawing of what’s going on in the world of journalism why it’s going on and what that connotes about what the journalism of the 21 st century needs to be or what the hell is as citizens expect of our next publication half fifty percent of all the classified advertising that existed in newspapers is now gone and the rest the other fifty percent is likely to be going the next five years a hundred percent classified advertising starting why because monster calm and and all these other coms which frankly the word industry could have developed and didn’t our access are provided a superior style to get that information and you had in immense craigslist which is a free mas mailing free classified lesbians person to person and that revenues disappeared that’s one part of the other part of it is that the interface that we have as consumers with word is very different online than it is in print or smart in photograph you open up the information remember you say okay I’m waitin until to be informed about what the Providence Journal is going to tell me today this on page one they settled that on sheet two oh look there’s a half sheet ad from sleepy-eyeds gee I wonder what behet dresses that got on sale and and what’s very clear from the research is that the advertising that beings see in a newspaper is another form of content and they like to interact with it they can choose to look at it or not and often as those of you who are where the newspaper didn’t know that push is very detailed it’s got a lot of information in it costs exactly how long that auctions going to see last how many of you know that Jo our computer 99 it’s got you know give you make 20 got everything online we all huntergatherers for bulletin and information and Google in what you’re looking for and you find you search through the links that look like that are going to get the closest to answering your question or when you eventually click on that one you really don’t want to talk about that to happen right at the moment you’re going to finally look at the narration that you should take up to 45 seconds to on down to instants to intention and you’ve finally got to the good stuff that’s the story you require yikes what’s that get that forward off my material delight so the boundary that we have with advertising is very different and what’s the claim this figure plunging so much well advertisements in newspapers toils immense when you’re in the one newspaper in municipality and you can charge a lot and that’s the only way to reach people but there’s no dearth of websites and so even if my websites got a lot of traffic there are a lot of other websites that cumulative so I can’t blame her in fact I can charge you less and less every day per clink per user for an online so what we need to understand is that the audience to the too many traditional story of institutions is actually originating the notion that the newspaper is a dying industry because no one wants to read it so that’s actually not the public to the brand-new york seasons today is the largest it’s ever been and it’s grown in ways that include 10 years ago or 15 years ago in newark epoches those 1.2 million emulates everything ok now there’s a thing announced pass along psyches and all the certain material figure out how many parties predict the brand-new york seasons in the course of a week there’s a lot of math you do but mostly come up with a number that maybe seven or eight million people different beings written your time is saying the price of a week or a month 15.6 million different beings use the new york epoches website every month so regardless you look at it they’ve probably redoubled the total universe of books predict the New York Times with their website that’s terrific privilege that’s back the near Times has got bigger reaching more ask what type of minutes that were then so what’s the problem the problem is they determine ninety percentage of their income from the book edition part of the shrinking they reach only ten percent of their income from the interview and they can’t figure out a acces to move that sighing it’s stopped from because of the situation is going on the only place were the internet where internet advertising is really flourishing and is really successfully this is in search advertising why because before you get to the content you’re looking for the content you’re looking for goods and services you’re looking to be answered or something and the search ads pop up and they’re like another form of content or like other they’re just like the links are looking but that’s happening at the different levels of research that’s happening at the regional teenager or young and by the way to shape that work you have to have a huge amount of market share because those exploration ads are animals pinless pennies that’s why Google is very successful because it has two thirds sixtysix percentage of all the search the United Government goes to move that’s why they make money Yahoo which restricts twenty percentage of rummage in the United District is a company in tribulation because that amount of market share is not enough given the price of search engines search advertising the ga the companies flourish yahoo is a corporation in hurt that beings to be bought or incorporate or something so the prospects now for the story business to survive are frankly that it needs to invent a new revenue machine for the 21 st century that is not advertising if journalism is going to survive in many ways it was a happy accident that in the 20 th century a commercial-grade undertaking announce subsidized a civic good journalism it was not really true in the 19 th century that’s on her journalism mismanagement journalism for the most part was a partisan activity and the website and when the newspapers were controlled for most of that century and most of American history until the mid 19 th century as as loss leaders for parties we began to see a period of time in a little flatter permanent institution when newspapers could start some fund really from circulation it was really in the very end of the 19 th century and then business advertising became the source that finance journals and what’s happening now is that is disintegrating that is going away and it’s increasingly clear I things clearer today that was a year ago certainly much clearer that was three years ago that advertise online is never at least in the forms that we think of it as never going to be enough to subsidize journals