David Carr: Government Funding Of Journalism is Not the Answer

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buster I do think you guys dismiss some of the very real track should not ignore but underestimate some of the very real traction of these lettuce shoots Texas Tribune which has a focus on transparency and commonwealth authority in Texas exactly busted through every fundraising goal they have they have a hybrid mannequin of journalism MinnPost gaining traction in minneapolis singer of San Diego starting to come on I do anticipate part of what’s going on is you can fix the contention and I judge honorably it’s not enough it’s a but that’s not how convert pass you don’t fling the switch on the future and walk into a light future there you you guys in your works say we can’t render a 10 or 20 time roars and accountability journalism well there is gonna be a sort of i think a period of time when when there’s going to be some frictional the modifications and parties like me believe me part of the future is so dead being ugly i was interviewing a guy today he runs a company announced necessitate media he facilitates run for your lives and what they do is research headlines that will work on the web and then they hang up that dead headline in a manipulate country like a virtual toil range and all of the reporters that Robert and John wrote about who are out of work then to write that story which has been created by some consumer algorithm and they end up going twenty dollars for a fib about how to go your kayak I I’m not really excited about living in that version of the future the problem is is information in pushing both double every single year in in a virtual style that that the forming high quality content does need a money a mile I don’t deem authority as either dependable as efficacious and is capable I entail even though they are you look at the public modelings of journalism that are out there of NPR and public television they’re being funded less than twenty percentage of their budget is coming from government beings have to index in and vote in favor of efficacious trusted information and to say over the long haul at a time when when we can’t fund class we can’t store the infrastructure that you were talking about where we’re closing crew Vincent’s Hospital where we’re working out of six year aged textbooks to say well we really need to line up and and store journalism moving forward you all read the storey today about ten years of deficits going forward the answer to everything is government money over and over again and at a certain point we as a culture are going to have to take a look at our priorities and look for both citizens the private sector in the altruistic area to come together with hybrid simulations that render a sustainable form of journalism going for it that doesn’t depend on Uncle Sam for handouts don’t you know what we’re in an age where government can pretty much merely shove whatever they want down your throat government is increasing control feeding you corporate ID through their corporate workers feeding you over and over what they want you to know and so the the idea that that immense guardian journalism is going to come from a governmentfunded media over the long term I think is frankly extravagant well then the question is how come