‘Are you talking to me?’: furious Trump takes aim at journalist over Ukraine question

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Ask a query thanks sir missing what did you need about Biden what did you want him to appear into on Biden appear Biden and his son our stone known as crooked and also you realize it his son walks out with thousands of greenbacks the kid knows nothing you are aware of it and so will we go ahead ask the question sir used to be what did you need president Solinsky to do about president ice President Biden and his son Hunter are you speaking to me yeah it was just a follow up of what I simply asked you sir you able we’ve got the president of Finland ask him a question i have one for my just desired to comply with up on the one that I requested did you hear but if you wish to have you hear me yes ask him a question i will however my even you a protracted answer ask this gentleman a query don’t be rude no sir i do not want to be impolite I just desired you to have a threat to reply the query that I asked is it the whole thing it is a whole hoax and you know who’s enjoying into the Hulk’s folks like you and the fake news media that we have now on this nation and that i say in many circumstances the corrupt media because you corrupt a lot of the media on this country is not only false it’s corrupt and you have some very fine individuals two nice journalists satisfactory newshounds but it to a tremendous extent it is corrupt and it’s fake ask the president of Finland to question place okay i’ll transfer on now mr.President in your opening remarks you mentioned.