The 5 Core Values of Journalism

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there are about 400 codes of conduct around the world plaster all aspects of journalism some of them are very short some of them are very long but actually all of them are certainly be concentrated on five key significances for journalism and the first of them is accuracy I won’t say truth because truth is a very long word it actually comes us into a discussion about certainly what is true and what is not true but accuracy is very important so therefore the first principle is no fraudulent handling of the facts we work in fact so fact-based information furthermore there’s the principle of independence the make that you do is your own work but it’s not on behalf of anyone else you’re not there to be a spokesman for the government you’re not there to be a representative of a particular business group or a special interest group you have transparency in what the hell are you do so that when you are speaking on dealing with your gathering and inducing substance you’re acting independently as an independent professional thirdly there is the principle of impartiality that is to say you recognize that there’s more than one surface of a narrative and very often there’s more than two sides of a story and as a journalist you’re responsible for glancing and thinking about what are the other sides of this story here is one story that’s being told but what are the other rulings that I need to bring in to reach the narration whole and then fourthly there’s the question of humanity as a correspondent you’re expected to show humanity and what I mean by that is you’re expected to be aware of the consequences of what you publish and what you broadcast so you have to be aware but sometimes the words you use the pictures you should–you you demo can do damage they can be harmful to parties it’s not the job of a writer to do unto you mischief it’s our job to protect people and it’s very important that when we are in reporting we don’t indulge in a abhor discussion we don’t reveal of sit obscene idols we don’t evidence unnecessarily explicit epitomes of violence and so on because we are part of a humanitarian process and that’s what journalism should be so humanity is a very important part of it and fifthly is the issue of accountability it’s the one that’s probably most difficult for writers and that’s a we’re not a humble radical we find it difficult to say sorry and to admit our mistakes even though we can be hurting in our review of others but we have to do that we have to engage with the gathering and we have to correct our mistakes and we have to be prepared to provide panaceas when we got when we get it wrong and do detriment so these principles are pretty straightforward accuracy independent impartiality humanity and accountability go to the things that won’t fix journalism different and different