The 5 Core Values of Journalism

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there are about 400 codes of conduct around the world plaster all aspects of journalism some of them are very short some of them are very long but actually all of them are certainly be concentrated on five key significances for journalism and the first of them is accuracy I won’t say truth because truth is a very long word it actually comes us into a discussion about certainly what is true and what is not true but accuracy is very important so therefore the first principle is no fraudulent handling of the facts we work in fact so fact-based information furthermore there’s the principle of independence the make that you do is your own work but it’s not on behalf of anyone else you’re not there to be a spokesman for the government you’re not there to be a representative of a particular business group or a special interest group you have transparency in what the hell are you do so that when you are speaking on dealing with your gathering and inducing substance you’re acting independently as an independent professional thirdly there is the principle of impartiality that is to say you recognize that there’s more than one surface of a narrative and very often there’s more than two sides of a story and as a journalist you’re responsible for glancing and thinking about what are the other sides of this story here is one story that’s being told but what are the other rulings that I need to bring in to reach the narration whole and then fourthly there’s the question of humanity as a correspondent you’re expected to show humanity and what I mean by that is you’re expected to be aware of the consequences of what you publish and what you broadcast so you have to be aware but sometimes the words you use the pictures you should–you you demo can do damage they can be harmful to parties it’s not the job of a writer to do unto you mischief it’s our job to protect people and it’s very important that when we are in reporting we don’t indulge in a abhor discussion we don’t reveal of sit obscene idols we don’t evidence unnecessarily explicit epitomes of violence and so on because we are part of a humanitarian process and that’s what journalism should be so humanity is a very important part of it and fifthly is the issue of accountability it’s the one that’s probably most difficult for writers and that’s a we’re not a humble radical we find it difficult to say sorry and to admit our mistakes even though we can be hurting in our review of others but we have to do that we have to engage with the gathering and we have to correct our mistakes and we have to be prepared to provide panaceas when we got when we get it wrong and do detriment so these principles are pretty straightforward accuracy independent impartiality humanity and accountability go to the things that won’t fix journalism different and different

Journalism Master Class: Victor Figueroa on going from student to teacher

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( to class) So when you go into that Phillipes folder. You go into now. That’s how you get back all your material.( to camera) So I came to USC from NYUwhere did my undergrad. They have a great radio program here and at NYU, you know, it was a great school and everything. But it didn’t have much in terms ofradio and that’s what I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time. This Mastersof Science program used to be a twoyear program Master of Artistries for Journalism. Andthey had a oneweek boot camp. Not the full month, like what they have now. That would’ve beengreat. Last-place year is when I firstly started actually learning students how to useAdobe Audition. It was part of my work for Annenberg Radio News which is anoutlet here. You never genuinely feel like an adult until you’re out of school. And nowit’s like I’m schooling these people who are basically my age. A parcel of parties mostly wait acouple years to go into grad school. I “re coming” right after undergrad. These peopleare are my age. And it feels strange but at the same time its kind ofgratifying. I don’t feel out of place that is something that. I feel like I actually belongand I should be the person to teach these girls Adobe Audition. The boot campseems to be really planned. Last year it was three weeks to give that extra week; which is really, I speculate, helping the students realize, Alright brace yourself! The hard stuff is coming now! And I think they’re just assimilating it better.So thatwhen they do go into the media center when years do start, they have a betteridea what exactly they are getting into. I get I get a level of realization because I like itwhen I see that person, like, it clicks in their thought that they get it. I merely remember me being them. I get the fulfillment where it’s like, I wish I would’ve had grownup Victor to educate me Audition. Learn to utter mistakes and try to teach yourself to fix them byyourself. Too, Google is your best friend ..

Glenn Greenwald: The Internet, Democracy, New Media Revolution & Citizen Journalism (2/3)

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For a long time there has been this thought that the internet was going to revolutionize journalism and politics and simply social interplay and that hasn’t totally occurred since revolutions like that do not occur swiftly but I believe one of the matters you might be seeing is that the promise of the internet is establishing to be fulfilled for politics and definitely for journalism as well and that’s the cause I believe these disorders are so primary the web particularly does have the capacity to be this really radical force for democratization and liberalisation however that may best happen if it remains free if you should use the internet with out being monitored and surveilled and controlled and that’s exactly the reason that there may be this kind of effort underway to try and manage the internet and to try and convert it from this device of democratization right into a instrument of manipulate and also you saw you already know with the Arab Spring the very first thing that the tyrants who have been endangered did was they started to check out and gather as a lot surveillance technological know-how as they would due to the fact they knew two matters they knew that the internet can be this highly powerful drive that may let men and women prepare in opposition to them but they also knew that if they would manage it it could aid them safeguard their own vigour this is the battle that prompted Edward Snowden to come back ahead and and i think that has brought about the world to be so keen on these revelations is the precisely that the energy of the internet and you absolutely see so many alterations just in journalism on my own you already know I failed to writing about politics or doing journalism except about 10 years ago and even ten years in the past for those who desired to arrive a giant audience with journalism you generally had to go and work for some significant media corporation for the brand new York times or NBC news or some gigantic German newspaper or German tv outlet right here and now simply ten years later no longer handiest do not you ought to try this it certainly can limit your affect when you go and work for a kind of large institutions there are men and women who just on Twitter on my own have 100 thousand or 200,000 or 300,000 followers who in no way have labored for a biggest journalistic outlet of their lives and so it’s entirely diversified the forms of voices that get heard the varieties of expertise that we get how we suppose about political problems you realize I feel the nice example was once six months ago when there was an Israeli assault on Gaza and people style of assaults have happened so many times in the past they usually in general get talked about in an awfully distinctive type of means and this time it bought pointed out much in a different way there used to be a lot more emphasis on the number of civilians who had been being killed the style of indiscriminate nature of the attacks and the cause for that used to be that as an alternative of getting our know-how from Western newshounds who were in Jerusalem and even some in Gaza who needed to channel their reporting by means of Western editors we have been getting our understanding from humans who are living in Gaza just usual persons who had cell telephones and Twitter accounts or fb or Instagram accounts and would add video of hospitals being exploded or their neighborhoods being destroyed and it made it unimaginable to ignore it made it unattainable for Western media retailers to now not quilt that given that it was once being covered in different places and it quite changed the best way numerous the sector perceived of that conflict and i feel you’re because over and again and again and that’s a quite powerful weapon and that is the rationale for me this obstacle of privacy and surveillance is so most important is since the web is this incredibly useful instrument and the question is towards what finish will it’s put will it’s put towards the top it used to be always promised to be which was once accelerated freedom and strengthening of democracy or will it’s put towards strengthening factions which are already in vigor and that i have no idea what the reply to that’s but I suppose that is the combat that’s being waged there used to be one character who was once willing to danger everything in order to look after the privacy rights of German residents and German political leaders and they benefited greatly from that and then to observe the very equal individuals who have benefited a lot from the sacrifice of Edward Snowden particularly German politicians be unwilling to risk something to be able to do for him what he did for them you

Outfoxed • Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism • FULL DOCUMENTARY FILM exposes Fox News

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In the best 1974 film Godfather II. Theres a scene about halfway through whereHyman Roth and Michael Corleone and all of the American gangsters are gathered in a patio in Havana and its Hyman Roths 67th birthday, and hes giving a slice of caketo each gangster obtained – Louis from Chicago you run the Copacabana,Frankie you get the prostitutes, hes dividing up the islandamong all the American gangsters and effectively enoughthe birthday cake has a top level view of Cuba on it, hes giving them a sliceof Cuba. And while Hyman Roth is doing this he says: Isntit excellent to be in a country with a govt that respectsprivate organization? And thats how media policieshave been done in the USA for the past 50 yearsand its growing within the final twenty years.Extraordinarilypowerful lobbyists duke it out behind closed doorsfor the biggest slice of the cake. The general public is aware of nothingabout it, it doesnt participate. And thats the quandary we face. Media is the fearful process of a democracy.If its no longer functioning well, the democracy cant functioning.Have been heading toward an election where most peopleare under no circumstances going to be in a room with Kerry or Bush.What they gain knowledge of about the candidates is what the media showsthem or tells them. Decides to not show, to not tell. Folks are faced with principal alternatives aboutthe future of the nation when they go into the vote casting sales space. And i am going in. And i’ve been, through thecourse of a campaign cycle subject to false, distorted,caricaturing, and i may not even comprehend the place its comingfrom given that in general theres an echo effect off placeslike cable and like radio and those mistaken portions of informationare repeated and repeated, by the point it reaches me, I donteven be aware of what the supply was once.This is the environment had been residing inand its fairly, its essentially undermining democracywhich is established on figuring out some excellent and strong expertise soI can make an advised option. When you see the properties Rupert Murdochowns around the world, the robust, conservative point-of-viewthat these houses most likely reflect, its differentthan ABC or CBS or NBC. Certain, they reflect a point-of-view but no longer practically as robust orconsistently robust from one ideological viewpoint. Murdoch honestly purchased the station in 1985. And genuinely left us on my own for at least thefirst three years of his ownership, partly given that wewere so effective and prosperous that there was no rationale to monkey with us. At WTTG our success insulated us to a certaindegree. And it was form of like being in an officeand seeing individuals come down with the flu around you.We knew the flu eventually would reach us, however we have been hopingif we took sufficient nutrition that wed never catch theflu.It used to be clear throughout those years that Murdoch,who had obviously adored Ronald Reagan, cherished him,had a variety of admiration for the crew of Republicansthat managed Congress and absolutely on Capitol Hill. We bought an order from one of Murdochsapparatchiks, if you’re going to, that we should cut far from ournewscast and start carrying a fawning tributeto Ronald Reagan that used to be airing on the Republican convention. We have been stunnedbecause up except that point we have been allowed to dolegitimate news.And immediately we had been ordered, from the top, to hold propaganda;elevate Republican correct-wing propaganda. There was once a cultural underpinning to whatMurdoch wanted. Race issues, AIDS. I consistently consider complaintsthat there was an excessive amount of being completed on AIDS. Healso couldnt stand the Kennedys. Ted Kennedy, who used to be an extended-time opponentof Rupert Murdoch, and, and one celebrated celebration,we were ordered to run an extended uncut piece from A present Affairthat was rehashing the whole subject of Chappaquiddick.It had zero information price. We had been told, youhad to run this factor uncut. You might not even edit itdown and simply run a snippet of it.I consider they evolved in later years and peculiarly afterRoger Ailes took over and, and particularly got the Fox NewsChannel up and jogging into a much more sophisticated kindof operation. What we noticed, in my generation, was once, was really the,the birth of this variety of factor and the roots of what camelater. Id similar to to assert how delighted I amthat weve now reached this moment, once we can firmly announcethe beginning of a Fox news Channel and a muchgreater effort on a build up of Fox news in each field.Wed prefer to be top-rated journalists. Wedlike to revive objectivity where we discover it missing and ah,surely there could be that interpretation given that of mybackground but I left politics a number of years ago andhave strolling this institution for the final two years. Sowe simply count on to do satisfactory, balanced journalism. I was a Fox worker for 3 years. I workedin the news. On air or behind the digital camera? Identification alternatively not reply that. I believe Idrather maintain myself nameless. Youll conceal my voiceright? Larry Johnson Former Fox news ContributorIve heard instantly from people, both as correspondents andas bookers, who have expressed very grave reservations,almost as if theyre being monitored through a Stalinist procedure,afraid to be noticeable speaking to the wrong person or having thewrong form of electronic mail exchange.Youre both of us or one in all them,and in leaving Fox information, for instance, there were a quantity ofpeople on the group, on the head of the group,tried to wreck my career without problems in view that I was leaving,seeing that I didnt leave on their phrases, on account that I refusedto signal a confidentiality agreement, that was once anotherreason for them americans trust just one.The one situation. Americans Newsroom. Fox information. Its very so much a, an environment of worry.It was once made very clear to us that our activitieswere being monitored and if any one wasnt watchingit are living they were at least recording it and they would reviewit after the actual fact to peer what we did. We weren’t necessarily, as it was once instructed tous, a news gathering organization so much as we werea proponent of a point-of-view. Nameless 2 Former Fox news ReporterFox has already been positive in type of branding me assomebody who cannot be trusted. And as a result, I’malready style of on skinny ice related to my present service provider. Id been warned by folks. There have been anumber of folks who pulled me inside and mentioned, appear, youknow, I dont be aware of, I imply, i know that you need to workand i do know that you just need a job, but you might want to thinktwice about taking this job considering, relatively, it is a veryconservative news network. Now that Ive learned comedy writing atthe Fox information Channel i guess I must be doing stand upin the golf equipment. I consider that in the event you dont go along withthe mindset of the hierarchy in new york, when you project themon their attitudes about matters, youre history.I believe your study has learned, thememoranda that have been written with the aid of John Moody and by Roger interms of setting the tone for the day. The message of the day is a verypolitical gadget. Date: 5/9/2003 From: MoodyLet spend a good deal of time on the battle over judicialnominations, which the President will deal with this morning.Nominees who all sides admit are qualified are being heldup on account that of their possible, not demonstrated views on oneissue abortion. This should be a trademark challenge for FNCtoday and in days to come. There was nothing covert about the way in which themanaging editors in the big apple or Washington operated. They madeit perfectly clear what they anticipated from us. The so-referred to as 9/11 commission has alreadybeen meeting. Correctly, this is its eighth session. The factthat former Clinton and both former and current Bushadministration officials are testifying offers it a certaintension, but this isn’t, what did he recognize and when did he be aware of itstuff. Dont turn this into Watergate. Each morning there was once a distinct record ofsubjects to talk about and no longer talk about.Kerrys speech on the economy at Georgetownis more likely to transfer onto the topic of Iraq. We will have to takethe beginning of Kerrys speech, see if it includes newinformation (aside from a promise to create 10 millionjobs)and notice if other information at that time is extra compelling. Itis not required to take it to conclude. They had been simply in reality issuing edicts tothe newshounds to manage what they would say and how they couldsay it. Lets confer with the us marines we see inthe foreground as sharpshooters no snipers, which carriesa terrible connotation. When Headquarters despatched the memo every morningand said, we wish to contact on the next issues, wewant to duvet the next stories, we need to do them in thisparticular approach, our job and our function then wasto execute the plan. The graphics from Abu Graib jail are stressful.Today we have now a snapshot aired on Al Arabiyn of an American hostage being held with a shawl over his eyes,certainly towards his will. Whos outraged on hisbehalf? The true progressive breakthrough of Foxhas been its eliminative journalism.Thats the thingto recognize. What Fox news Channel has executed is its strippedout any proposal of journalism as weve traditionallyunderstood it from its product. There’s no journalism atthe Fox news Channel. OREILLY: Quiet! Reduce hismic. Chad, stop, discontinue, discontinue, discontinue.Let me finish. Let me conclude. Chad. I want to scan if youre an honestindividual. Im sorry cut you off i do know have been insome controversial stuff right here however my faith didntteach me that. But thanks very so much for being right here.Its no longer fair. I do know its a correct-wing network and you dont wish to hear thisstuff.Its not in regards to the children, its about youJamie. Im doing,Im doing thank you Jamie. Thankyou. Good night. Thanks Jamie. Just right night. Dont take your low-priced little pathetic shot.I am telling you that thats what it’s.Youre taking cheap little pathetic photographs. Im looking to let you know whatthe actuality is. Im just giving you his report.No youre misrepresenting his record. Im telling the truth, Sir. Thats thetruth about his report.I have an understanding of what your role is but its not correct.Its as a rule why youre on satellite tv for pc radio?Id like to listen to one single, one singleBecause you cant get on commonplace radio. Bill, in case you are so concerned aboutpublic figures being dangerous role models for youngsters pleasestop rudely interrupting your guest and telling them toshut up! Good the shut up line has occurred onlyonce in six years, leave out Evans I believe that asking a scholar to remain in thecloset in order to go to school Im asking you to shut up about intercourse Shut up.Shut up.Father killed at WTC. Jeremy M Glick you wish to have to understand what I was doing. Pleasedont inform me to shut up.As recognize. As respect Why did you have got to inform them you have been anatheist when you didnt have any main issue reading, why didntyou simply shut up? What Jimmy Carter will have to do it privately giveMr. Bush his opinion and shut up publicly.That might bebest for the country. And it is our responsibility as loyal americans to shutup once the combating begins. Once the conflict against Saddam starts we expectevery American to aid our military and if they cant dothat to shut up. All hes obtained in 6 and a half years, is thatI misspoke, that I labeled a Poke Award a Peabody.He writes it in his publication, tries to make me out to bea hiya shut up. You had your thirty 5 minutes.Shut up. Jeff Cohen, Former MSNBC/Fox news ContributorThe systems of peculiar, odd polling and strange snap shots ofdemocrats and bizarre banners in the minimize 0.33 of your reveal, these are all pretty sophisticatedtechniques they usually work in collaboration with essentially the most genius advertising slogan in historical past which is fair and balanced. So if youre the graphics division andyou can put up a liberal flip flopper because the chyron, hello thatsgreat, because the next time the images department hasa dialogue with administration, administration say yeah you guys havebeen doing a pleasant job.Images are normally relocating in thebackground. Theyve kind of pioneered the usage of theAmerican flag as an icon of your news broadcast. Nameless 2 Former Fox information ReporterSo theres plenty of stuff that people come up with on theirown, which in other information corporations you would under no circumstances think of comingup with one of the vital stuff, a lot less even placing it on the air. However at Fox news theyre form of a, thatyoure rewarded for pushing the envelope. The predicament comes in case you try to push the envelopeor, God forbid, will have to put in some variety of similarsort of style or procedure to Republican, then you definately get yourselfin trouble. By and large 1999 I created the Fox news Alert. We were striving to achieve a way ofurgency. Urgency in the experience that what was once about to be delivered after the FoxNews Alert was very important.Quote, unquote, shocking news. Specifically Columbine. And all theother principal information reports of that time however now, looking back, now that Im notthere I to find it interesting that Ive seen theFox news Alert used for reviews like Bennifer J-Loand Bens relationship. I imply this, compared to a schoolshooting, and theres quite no relationship to meand I dont fully grasp why, headquartered on what we originallycreated it for, ah, why they would pick to use it for anews story like that. Purpose the sound and the visuals is associated,or at first was related, with things thatwere way more essential. Martha Stewart Leaves Fed CT After ProbationMeeting And this is a Fox news Alert. An awfully busyday for Martha Stewart. Previous at present she met withher parole officer No, they deliberately blur it and, I findit very hard to think, you understand, theres no separationbetween invoice OReilly the Interviewer and bill OReillywith his speaking aspects.I imply, theres simply noseparation in any respect. Jimmy Carter is making but a different mistakeand this time, theres no excuse for it. Andthats the memo. Now for the top story tonight. A different viewon this. Jeff Cohen Former MSNBC/Fox information ContributorIts very tough on Fox information to separate news from commentarybecause all of it blends together. Thats what makes it soridiculous, that slogan We report you decide, given that theres no tv news channel in historythats ever reported less. For example, a Brit Hume newscast, um, whichis provided as a newscast, um, I believe you see so much ofattitude and opinion, each from the anchor and the reviews. Welcome to Washington. Im Brit Hume. Therewas further evidence at present that President Bushs days ofabsorbing John Kerrys assaults without counter-attack areover. Fox blurs the line between utilising commentaryall over the location.We are to believe that Brit Hume isthe anchor of a information outlet, he doesnt bringstrong politics to it, he simply occurs to anchor the newscast like Peter Jennings. On Sundays, Brit Hume turns intoa rather caustic right-wing pundit. Seem, this goes to Murdoch too. He doesntbelieve in objectivity. He doesnt suppose, he hascontempt for journalism, I suppose, I imply, they wanted allnews to be a topic of opinion, reason opinioncan’t be confirmed false. And i feel thats very dangerousbecause if individuals dont have a set of tips thatthey can agree on, I consider its problematic to arrive a consensuson, you understand, whats correct public coverage.I feel itsvery detrimental for elections as good. It wasnt a lot a scripted design thatpromoted the offthe- cuff advert-libs that you see so on the whole on FoxNews Channel, it used to be form of a reinforcement. John Kerry is Jane Fonda with a Burberry scarftied around his neck. Any ad lib that made the Democrats appear stupidand made the Republicans look clever would get an attaboy,additionally a pat on the back, a wink or a nod.Theres an old pizza expression, youvetried the entire rest, now try the great. Some humans say,exceptionally on that panel there, these commissioners, thatCondoleezza Rice probably the quality and we havent heardfrom her publicly but on this point.Are you announcing that the commissions tacky? Youwouldnt say that. Theyre crusty on the panel. John Kerry has Kim Jong Il on his part. BarbraStreisand. What could go fallacious? North Korea loves John Kerry.Relatively? Theres no feel of integrity as some distance ashaving a line that are not able to be crossed. No longer having that kind of line turns into verytempting for someone to self-promote by means of crossing the road,announcing something funny that you would on no account daresay if you have been stepping back and looking at it from the senseof a journalism institution and is that this the proper thingfor journalism? It might under no circumstances happen.Different journalists use phrases like somepeople say or officers say when theyre tryingto insert anonymously information in a narrative that type of advancesthe storyline. Fox does it one other approach. Some peoplesay is Foxs cue that Im pretending to be an anchor,so I cant say this is my opinion, or this is Roger Ailesopinion however some men and women say.Some folks say it will be an exceptional choicebring within the Hispanic vote. Some individuals say, nah, hes posturing. Some persons say, and excuse me ill getto you Joe in a minute, however some persons say that youmay be constructing to be running against Hilary in 2006 in theSenate. Journalistically its an extraordinarily extraordinary techniquebecause the proposal at the back of journalism is that youre sourcingwho youre regarding. This is simply kind of a cleverway of inserting political opinion while you knowit regularly shouldnt be there. Some persons say that this might underminewhat the united states troops are doing there Some persons say John Kerry has some similaritiesto an prior Massachusettss politician.Some men and women say in mild of what happened to theoil for food software.Some people say, supported by using Iran.Some say, Ive heard a couple of persons saySome say its a sour grapes book. Some individuals saySome folks say Some men and women say its just too violent. Therestoo a lot blood.Some persons say Some individuals sayWell, some humans say Some folks say. Ah, some say.Some folks say. Some are sayingSome men and women say There are some persons who say whatever, ifnot has already happened.Those are his phrases. Some folks say its exploitive. Whatdo you say to that? I was once given a folder, a bit binder,that had the names of the entire Fox information consultants, youknow, the people who were paid to return on the air to givetheir opinions. Larry Johnson Former Fox news ContributorTo be a Fox news contributor means youre underneath contractand have become paid a collection quantity. Joining us from D.C. Is Larry Johnson, formerCIA Officer and Former Deputy Director to theState Departments office of Counter Terrorism.My services have been in satisfactory demand in Decemberof 2001. The contract expired in January of 2003. And the first thing that i spotted was once thatI well-known all of the conservatives who have been in the roster.They had been very good recognized persons who had come from,you understand, talk radio or from some form of political history,and so I knew all of these people, and they have been very,very strong folks. I got here in and was once continually, I was once going to callit For instance, the edict came down apparentlyto discontinue regarding suicide bombings in Israel assuicide bombings, to name them murder bombings.I suggestion that was once silly and i persevered to call them suicidebombings due to the fact that each bombing that kills anyone isa murder bombing.But when I looked at the liberal roster, therewas only one men and women name who I recognize, which I recognized,and that was Bob Shrum, who’s an extraordinarily well known speechwriterand political advisor in Washington. The otherones, although, have been men and women I had under no circumstances heard of.My complete background was in politics and politicaljournalism, so I knew commonly all the avid gamers in D.C.And i had not ever heard of these humans. The query came up about the capacity ofthe united states to battle two wars concurrently.Going into Iraq goes to divert assets andattention that will have to be serious about. And Sean Hannity, being the right-wing cheerleaderthat he is, used to be simply, you understand, incensed that I used to be,had the temerity to advise that we couldnt. We do have the potential and the assets,had been in a position to stroll and chew gum, we will control thesituation in Iraq. And we can nonetheless conclude the job of protectingagainst and one more assault. What occurs is when the assets finish upgetting diverted and particularly the airlift assetsrequired data dont seem to have any influence uponhim.What was special is it was once after that appearancethat, despite the fact that I used to be underneath contract to Fox for another8 weeks roughly, They stopped utilising me. Your govt failed you. These entrustedwith protecting you, failed you. And i, failedyou. And for that failure, i’d ask, as soon as allthe details are out, for your understanding and to your forgiveness. When Richard Clarke emerged it was once obviousthis was a hazard to the Administration seeing that he hadworked on the best possible echelons of the Bush Administrationand it used to be just about like Fox information was once working off the playbookcoming out of the White condo that he had tobe torn down that he needed to be became a Democrat, a Liberal,a Kerryguy. He is bringing this up in the warmth of aPresidential crusade. Are you able to assume, from what hessaying, that he’s now emerge as a political operative?Do you feel that there’s a political payback element to Mr. Clarkescomments? He’s, as some have instructed, auditioningfor a job within the Kerry Administration.It is a fella who’s sucking up to another Administration with the hopes of being rewarded.When he came to me to ask for my support withTom Ridge.He had been angling for a high job in the native land security department and did not getit. See some of the things that Fox does and conservativesdo is that they dont have got to win every argument butif they are able to muddy the argument sufficient, if they can flip it intoa draw, that to them is a victory because it denies theother side a victory. Well Sean I, there may be it seems that two DickClarkes right here.Dick Clarke has been on three aspects of a twosided obstacle.Hes totally contradicted himself. His statements are contradictory.However there may be a lot of information that contradicts Clarke and a few. But arent there enough contradictions.He has written a publication. And he definitely wants to head out there and promote that ebook.Is he just out to promote a book. This is a fella who is out to promote his guide. Did he have a rationale in the back of writing the bookand going out on 60 Minutes and criticizing the BushAdministration.Definitely this guys hocking a booklet.Unveiling his book. An appalling act of profiteering.This guy rakes Bush over the coals and offers Clinton a go.And the guide gives Clinton a entire pass. Im struck through how easily Clarke treats theBill Clinton era. However there are still some real issues aboutwhere the reality lies in what Richard Clarke wassaying. They launched a primary smear crusade. Andin some ways it worked, I thought, quantity one, he was extremelymelodramatic and he was intoning with high-quality pathos.Imean, I, it seemed, it virtually appears love it was aperformance. And it was just assault-politics on a tv channel.Normally you leave attack-politics to a political campaign. Carl Rove and organization are really good at characterassassination. They are all these men and women, dozensof humans within the White house paid for through you and that i. Paidfor by means of our taxes, correct, writing speaking elements, calling upconservative columnists, calling up speak radio hosts,telling them what to assert.Its interesting. All of the talkradio men and women, the proper-wing talk radio people all acrossthe country, saying precisely the same factor. Precisely thesame words. I spotted that. I used to be gazing a 24 hour newsnetwork, and Im sure its just a accident, however theywere announcing, was once remarkably similar to what the White residence was announcing and i couldnthelp however pondering, how funny that used to be. We are bringing diversity of opinion.Ah, we’re, there may be variety of opinion on Fox news. Youmay disagree with that. We have many liberals there, manyliberals are invited, now we have liberal commentators. AS wehave conservative ones. Who’re your liberal commentators?Alan Colmes for one. Greta van Susteren.You understand. Its in the eye of the beholder i suppose. What theyll attempt to put on the appearanceof being balanced, however fairly sort of a mismatch. Youllhave a Hannity And Colmes exhibit where Hannity is areally, a just right-watching, type of unpolluted-reduce all-American variety of guy and, and his counterpartis a little squirrelly looking, frankly. And you kind of say hes the liberal?Well, maybe hes not so sensible in spite of everything and it,and it, and it sends a subtle message, I think.Youre a just right Liberal.Excellent Liberal. Just right Liberal. Quite a few the times the liberals that theyget to show up on are either, you realize, fake-liberals, like,i’d use Susan Estrich as an illustration of that, a personwho was triggered, who almost agrees with theperson on the correct in quite a few cases.I am your largest liberal friend. I do take alittle warmth. Persons some occasions say to me, Do you reallylike Sean Hannity. Whats to not like?I inspiration I used to be Seans greatest liberal buddy. I love you all.Or they would simply carry on folks who were very vulnerable, youknow, folks who weren’t well-known people. We will gain knowledge of from historical past on account that if we dontwere condemned to repeat it. Youre onto going to get the reality in afacts. Youre going to get one guy, Clarke, accusingBush pronouncing, Clinton relatively giving him a pass. Thenyoure going to get the Bush Administration attacking Clarke.Youre now not going to get the truth, Mary Ann.You werentthere. You dont comprehend.Youre regularly proper about that. Even the people which can be supposedly liberalin these panel discussions they understand that to assignment the visitors andthe other hosts too forcefully, theyll certainly in finding someoneelse to face on your place if thats the case. Youre spinning now. Im now not proper-wing.I believe in world warming. We checked out specified reviews one-on-oneinterviews, their as soon as a dayWe studied 25 weeks of the one-on-one guest who regarded on targeted document fromlate June by means of mid December of 2003. Republicans regarded 5 occasions as mostly as Democratson one-on- one newsmakers interviews. That means thatRepublicans made up 83% of the partisan guests whilst Democratsmade up simply 17%. Additionally the few Democratsthat have been interviewed for the exhibit tended to be centristsand conservative Democrats often brought about to verify BushAdministration insurance policies. So what does this all imply. Well if Fox were the bastion offairness and steadiness that it claims to be wed see alot more stability on this prominent interview section on the networksmost prestigious exhibit.As an alternative the numbers indicatethat Brit Hume and unique file decide on their guestbased on political concerns as an alternative than newsjudgment. Thats here, on the Fox news Channel. TheNetwork the usa trusts for reasonable and Balanced news. My criticism of Fox news isnt that itsa conservative channel.Its the purchaser-fraud of fair and balanced. Itsnothing of the form. Experiences they CoverStories they Ignore You pitch a story in any given editorial meetingthat didnt meet the criteria that they hadexplained to you, and also you acquired a thumbs down. If in case you have this executive Vice Presidentand these round him, who’re constantly pronouncing, nowere not gonna do this story, no this storys bad,this storys good, and it turns into very clear to allthe Bureau Chiefs, to all people concerned who have been thereover a period of years, there are designated varieties of studies,its no longer even valued at bringing up, there are different kinds ofstories that you know managements gonna love. Fox information Channels acknowledged observe was once toembarrass, humiliate, mission, or disrupt whateverJesse Jackson did.We have been informed on many events thathe was considered one of our targets. Something we could do or say that will embarrass him, discredit him, we had been stimulated to findthe understanding and we have been encouraged to report the expertise. I did a bit on immigration, and that i thoughtit was once poignant to tell the studies of these peopleand all of the matters that they had to go through to getcitizenship and how we take with no consideration how relatively blessedwe are, to be born with it.And the line that I used indescribing their efforts was once, folks searching for citizenshipearned, not born, suggesting that hello they really wantcitizenship because theyve gotta go by way of all thesemotions. Good, the Managing Editor was once very indignant, says,what have these folks earned? They havent earned athing. Theyre simply right here for a free trip, theyre justhere looking to take competencies of all of our, freebies and,and, I imply, it used to be just a, he just laid waste to the ideathat these men and women had been hardworking. It used to be very above all said, we need tobe fair to the Bush Administration or to the Republicansthan anybody else in the media would be.But that was once alwaysthere was once invariably understood a style of a code for layoff. I have firsthand competencies of a reporter whowas, basically, yelled and screamed at by using Executivesbecause due to the fact that that reporter was once asking tough questionsof James Baker at a news convention. It used to be a newsconference that was being carried live, and James Baker wassaying, we wish to rely each vote and the reporter used to be peppering with questionslike, well, wait a 2nd, if you want to depend everyvote, why now not return and findthe votes that were not counted due to the fact that of issues withthe chad? The reporters in big apple notion that this wasa little too confrontational the sort, by no means mind thatwhen Warren Christopher obtained up there for Gore, thequestions had been equally tough, there were no complaintsabout the questioning of Christopher, but becausethe questions of James Baker were so hard that reporterwas pulled off the story and mentioned, we are not able to believe youanymore, you didnt control this story very well, return toWashington. Ronald Reagans birthday wasfor Fox information Channel viewers, something equivalent to a holy day.This used to be RonaldReagans birthday. So my venture used to be to head to theReagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley California,and to do live shotsbefore daybreak until darkish. There werent very many persons atthe Presidential Library There wasnt a occasion in any organizedway happening. There used to be a classof fourth graders who got here to the library that day to takethe tour and they had been lined up and so they sang happybirthday. However that used to be mostly the extent of thecelebration.They noticed myfirst three or 4 reside pictures and Mr. Moody known as in tosay what is he doing in the market?It seems that my are living photographs werent celebratory adequate. And i was once frankly at just a little of a loss as towhat to say, or do to make it seem like there was a gigantic celebration. Considering that daybreak theyve been streaming in fromall over the nation and even materials of Canada and Mexico,admirers So I bought in concern for that one. I got inbig situation for that one, actually I was once suspended. What you’ll see, of path, is intensivediscussion about what we name the wedge issues. Youllhear, you already know, Affirmative action. Youll hear Abortion.Youll hear surely homosexual Rights, God in, in Separationof Church and State issues will likely be on television each singleday.I think this gay marriage factor is going tobe an big presidential quandary. However there again, we haveto be fair and balanced. We cant run with that. The stampede of identical intercourse couples to the altarhas accelerated. President Bush says hes deeply troubledby the enormous quantities of 2000 identical-intercourse couples 2300 and counting thats the quantity identical sex couples hoping to get married same sex couples trying to equal sex marriage. Their job, which is what the correct wing Republicanswant to do, is to divide the us up, ignore the importanteconomic well being care and environmental problems and theydo that particularly effectually. They did begin it up on homosexual marriage however Ithink that they bought form of blindsided. They all of a suddencouldnt show the common pictures they used to exhibit, becausethey used to like to show the pictures, of path, theparades and the black leather and, you recognize, the dragqueens.Then that they had, you already know, very type of normallooking, dumpy, middle age couples getting married andsmooching on the steps of metropolis corridor. So I, Ive observed acertain variety of zest going out of the homosexual marriage thing.But that, the opposite, of the place theyve picked up theslack, is on whatever to do with faith, anything to dowith the 10 Commandments, whatever to do with God. Why is Jesus so wellknown right now?Good I believe it depends on who you talk to. I suppose a number of folks wouldsay that one of the crucial rationale that hes very popularis that Mel Gibsons film has come out.George W Bush, on the grounds that of all this, he wants to seeit, and Im certain theyll established a detailed screening at theWhite house. Oh sure. He is a religious Christian. Apparentlyhe prays day-to-day. Did they feel its about just a film, justentertainment, or do they believe that theres somethingbigger at work? Good I feel they thinkthere is something better at work.September 11ththreatened people and folks regarded to Jesus for alleviation.However number 2, a line used to be drawn around the globe betweentwo types of religions. Two varieties of societies. Freedom is not this countrys reward tothe world. Freedom is the Almightys gift to every man andwoman on this world. Boy, couldnt you see the elite mediatremble over that one. The President is aware of evoking the Deity willanger the secular media he doesnt care.Speakme points applauded. Theyre gonna push God very, very rough,certainly going up into Bushs re-election. Everybody, working collectively, can change American,on soul at a time. The Christian fundamentalist movement believesin had been right, youre fallacious, it doesn’t matter what.And that i saw quite a few that at Fox, have been correct, youre mistaken, nomatter what. The OReilly component is ordinarily the perfectexample of everything thats improper with Fox information channel.They have reviews which might be selected notably to upset liberals andDemocrats and prop up Republican party.You have a hostilitytowards visitors that disagree with the host and youhave a host who in provider of his conservative politics willdistort details, will misrepresent things, and can in somecases, just fabricate. In a individual story phase tonight we weresurprised to find out that an American who misplaced his fatherin the arena alternate center attack had signed an anti-waradvertisement that accused the U.S. Itself of terrorism. Jeremy Glick is the son of a Port Authorityworker who died in 11th of September and he had signed an anti-battle petitionand OReilly needed to have him on. They usually were so power about gettingme on the OReilly show, considering the fact that they discovered Iwas on the advisory board and signed a announcement that was againstthe warfare and that I was instantly impacted by means of 11th of September.The success that I had on the OReilly showhad to do with simply apply and coaching. I taped theshows, and what I did I took a stopwatch that I used for runningsprints in excessive college and i might see when he has ahostile guest and i’d time how lengthy it takes for himto reduce them off. I used to be amazed and the cause I was surprisedis that this advert equate the united states withthe terrorist. I said Im stunned that youre amazed.And basically just made the only factor that I desired tomake. Our current President now inherited a legacyfrom his father, and inherited a political legacythats accountable for training, militarily, economicallyand situating geo-politically the parties involvedin the alleged assassination and homicide of my fatherand numerous of thousand of others.So I dont see whyyou think its shocking so that you can suppose that i would comeback and want to support .. It is surprising and in poor health inform you why itssurprising. You are mouthing a far-left function that isa It was particularly intimidating sitting downin the studio considering that hes relatively tall. He lords over you. You see. Im definite your beliefs are sincerebut what upsets me is I dont consider your fatherwould be approving of this.Well my father concept that Bushs presidency wasillegitimate. Maybe he did but I dont consider hed beequating this country as a terrorist nation.Well I wasnt announcing it was necessarily like that.Sure you had been. You signed and it undoubtedly saidthat. Jeremy was pretty cool for the period of it uh, and hewas giving his political opinions which have been very to theleft of OReillys. And he said, I dont quite care whatyou suppose politically. I stated, surely you docare due to the fact that A, you brought me to your exhibit and B, Ivetold him that he uses Sep 11 and sympathy with the 11th of September familiesand the lives misplaced to rationalize his slim right-wingagenda.You evoke sympathy with the 11th of September familiesso Thats a bunch of crap. Ive performed morefor the 9-11 families, by way of their own admission, Ivedone extra for them than you will ever hope to do. So youkeep your mouth shut whilst you say that Im exploiting themYou dont characterize me. And identity in no way represent you, you already know why?Due to the fact you have got a warped view of this world and thiscountry. Let me supply youI dont want to debate this with you. Let me give you an instance of parallel experience.September 14th. Heres a record. You didnt help theaction against Afghanistan to get rid of the Taliban.You have been in opposition to it.Why would I wish to brutalize and further punishthe men and women in Afghanistan? Who killed your father. Who killed your father.The individuals in Afghanistan didnt kill my father.Certain they did. The men and women were expert there. The people? What concerning the Afghans?Im more indignant about it than you are. And what about George Bush?What about George Bush? He had nothing to dowith it.The Director, Senior, as Director of the CIA.He had nothing to do with it. So the character who expert one hundred,000 Muhad JadineI hope your mom isnt watching this. I hope your mom isn’t gazing this. It was unfair for OReilly to evoke bothmy mother and my father in the interview, above all whenI wasnt. My mom is a grieving widow in advance for aviolent, horrific flip of their lives. My dad used to be only 55.They were working humans, working class, core category.They were not retiring for a even as and their life isbasically destroyed. Their life together is destroyed anddestroyed in circumstances that I wouldnt wish on my worstenemy, together with invoice OReilly. Seeing that you. Thats it, Im now not goingto say any longer. In respect on your fatherSeptember 14th. Do you wish to have to grasp what I wasdoing? Shut up.Shut up.Please dont inform me to shut up. In respect to your father who was a portauthority worker. A pleasant American who acquired killedunnecessarily with the aid of barbarians. With the aid of radical extremist who had been expert by means of thisgovernment. Respect for him.No longer the men and women of the united states, the individuals, the rulingclass. The small minority. Cut his mic. Im not going to decorate youdown any further. Out of respect in your father. Are we executed?Have been done. You see him gesturing to protection guards andthen got here the after film efficiency. After they have been off the air, [he stated to the kid whatever to the have an impact on, Get out of mystudio before I f**king tear you to pieces! So Jeremy,and Ive talked to him on account that, went, definitely went to thegreen room to get a cup of coffee.And the chief producer and the assistantencouraged me to go away the constructing when you consider that they have been quoteconcerned that if OReilly ran into me in the hallwaythat he would emerge as in penal complex. The next day that is our residence right here. If somebody comesto your house and starts spitting on the floor,youd take away them. Glick used to be out of manipulate and spewinghatred for this software and his nation using vile propaganda.Day after today I just became on and watchedthe comply with up and noticed my views fully distorted. Next thingI comprehend used to be pronouncing Bush planned 9-11. Glick was once saying without a shred of evidencethat President Bush and Bush the Elder have been directlyresponsible for September 11. Now that style of stuff isn’t onlyloony, its defamation. That paints me as a fringe conspiracy nut. This kid mentioned nothing, nothingabout President Bush and his father, Bush the elder,orchestrating the assault on their possess country. So OReilly is simply lying here. He got here on this software and accused PresidentBush of figuring out about 11th of September and murdering his possess father. Glick mentioned, am i able to sue him? And so Icalled the lawyer who was in my case of, Fox versus Duttonand Franken, and he says, good, the child has to prove thatOReilly knew he was once mendacity, and OReilly is so crazy, helies so pathologically, thats its tougher toprove that OReilly knew he was once mendacity. So oddly ample, ifsomeone has a document of crazily lying it’s harder to suethem for defamation.Your aircraft is hijacked by means of terrorists. Youre caught in a dirty bomb attack An anthrax vaccine for 25 million youre face-to-face with a suicide bomber :Dont be inhaling. Dont be ingesting. Dont be suckingparticles into your body that could get the radiationinside. First your recommendation is stay inside. Dontdrink or consume anything among the topics that are emoted on theFox news Channel need to do with producing worry. Whether or not thatsfear of immigration, a fear of racial change.While you pander to fear, its a nice motivatorand organizer. Youve got to keep humans alarmed. They rather love this experience of worry and dangereven when its now not there. And so when something isactually unsafe, some things are, they go completelyoverboard and all experience of point of view is misplaced. So thatanthrax which, i assume, affected four or five men and women,adversely, no query about it, is a ways more detrimental that, you already know,the poisoning of our air. The way in which we take care of them is the way in which PresidentBush is coping with them You cordon the subject, you seek for them andyou shoot them. Larry Johnson Former Fox information ContributorThe motivator is worry and then the pay-off is, ,had been going to head out and kill the bad guys. And, youknow, its a quite simple black and white world that they,ah, paint and painting. Terrorism has turn out to be the all-cause fearweapon due to the fact that now the whole lot is converted into terrorism.And,of path, when you’ve got a steady feel of uneasethen youre gonna appear to the government to shield you.Youre gonna appear to powerful executive. Weve eliminated from power enemies of thiscountry. We now have made america more cozy. There are these enemies available in the market and itsan in poor health-outlined enemy, but so long as have been fighting themand killing them and hes looking presidential, then nothingelse, again, is mentioned. What was fascinating is in the climate ofthe Bush Administration that much of that worry, theemotion was once purposefully misdirected via the proper-wing,ah, into, ah, the conflict in Iraq. The style of insurance policy Fox offers and all ofthem offer however Fox is generally essentially the most pristine versionis utterly constant with Bushs, um, with the strategyof the Bush Administration.A, to, ah, preclude discussionof matters that are not going good, like, for example,the economic system or the Medicare invoice. Theres no longer doubt the warfare against Iraq,a nation that did not assault us, could best proceed situated onfear. Tonight Its a distinctive 2 hour block. War is my last choice but the risk of doing nothing is even a worseoption so far as Im involved. The Presidents warfare on Terror. When willhis military plans get put into action.No Spin on Iraq. Depend upon The Factorfor the trust about the impending battle with Iraq.We hope you rely on us for the truth, for the reason that had been going to document the situation in Iraqwithout an agenda or any ideological prejudice. That you just gotta take what comes. Now not that wehate you Martin Sheen, but that we won’t wantto watch your television software anymore, considering the fact that wereidentifying you with being towards what we feel in. Once the warbegins, ill take into account folks who actively work towards ourmilitary as soon as battle is underway to be enemies of the state.Americans, and indeed our allies who actively work towards our navy as soon as the war isunder manner will likely be considered enemies of the state by using me.But first, are the american citizens, who went overthe Baghdad to behave as human shields, well, arethey extra than simply protesters, are they traitors? Harry Belafonte, hes at it once more, he saysthe Bush Administration is possessed of evil. Has theCalypso King long gone bonkers? You’ve gotten a correct to claim what you wish to have, butwe have a right to not purchase your records. Anyone who hurts this nation at a time likethis will be spotlighted. Simply fair warning to you Barbra Streisandand others who see the world as you do.We dontwant to demonize anybody however someone who hurts thiscountry in a time like this, well, lets just say you willbe spotlighted. Undoubtedly tv, and maybe to an extent,my station, was intimidated through the administration and itsfoot soldiers at Fox news. And it did actually, put aclimate of fear and self-censorship, in my opinion, in termsof, of, of the type of broadcast work we did. Bob McChesney founder of Free Press/Authorof The main issue of the MediaFirst rule of being a pleasant propaganda procedure and why oursystem is vastly advanced to whatever within the historic SovietUnion, is not that men and women think theyre being field topropaganda.If persons dont consider that, they arentlooking for that, theyre much less complicated to propagandize. Andthats the genius of our media method; a procedure ofideology, of manipulate in comparison with an authoritarian method. Appear had been making just right development in Iraq.Generally its tough to tell it when you pay attention tothe filter. Giant progress in Iraq. The youngsters areback at school, 10% greater than when Saddam Hussein used to be there. Theres one hundred percentmore fresh water. Its a contemporary for Iraqi athletes.To this point 2500 schools had been renovated. Are Iraquis than they had been a yearago? Yes they’re most likely better off.And these courageous athletes look forward to creating Olympic gold. There are so many optimistic developments. Fox has made a determination to reward the Iraqwar as a success and as an ongoing success.Fox record Iraqis get a welcome diversion at the racetrack The Baghdad equestrian membership is open forbusiness.And sure, that you could play these ponies. Its the Iraq you dont hear about. Fallingunemployment. Rising wages. Curiosity rates down, foreigninvestment up. Life for 95%of the Iraqis is alreadyimmeasurably higher than it used to be under the many years of Saddams rule,theres no question about that.And thats whats the least said story over there. Yougo to the markets, theyre thriving. Massive fat fish comingout of the Tigris and Euphrates River. Younger men in Baghdad blowing offsteam with their cars. The guys gathered to put theirwheels by means of the paces about once a week, anything theysay they weren’t allowed to do below the The Senior Producer instructed the 2 or threewriters for her information hour, she instructed us, now simply keepin mind, its all good.This is this type of reasonable and balanced limitation. Dont write concerning the quantity of useless ortroops being below fire or beneath assault. Not that anyone mighthave died, you understand, hold it positive. Weve obtained toemphasize all of the excellent that had been doing. She, at that point, made a reference torebuilding schools, bringing democracy to Iraq, and thenshe mentioned, See. Huge development. Yoo hoo for us.Matters were without a doubt, at that point, going rather badly. Many more American infantrymen have been demise eachday and God knows how many Iraqis. 277 US infantrymen have now died in Iraq whichmeans that statistically speaking US infantrymen haveless of a risk of loss of life from all factors in Iraq thancitizens have of being murdered in California which is roughlythe equal geographical measurement.The PIPA survey is interesting becauseyoure looking at questions of, of basic genuine-false sort offactual nature. Did we discover weapons of mass destructionin Iraq? These are very simple questionswith quite simple solutions and what the survey discovered used to be thatthe extra possible you were to observe Fox New Channel the morelikely you were to have fully improper assumptions aboutthese matters. All of the research shows a very highcorrelation in the case of Fox information with individuals watching itwith having a very pressured idea of the arena on onehand, principally with international coverage and the middle Eastand additionally being strongly supportive of the government andpower.And that is an awfully disturbingtrend for the mediaI mean for any self-respecting journalist. If youre instructed,the extra persons devour your media, the much less theyll knowabout the field and the more theyll help governmentpolicy, then thats, thats precisely the worst factor anyjournalist would ever wish to hear, or will have to want to hear. In terms ofFox overall I, I believe we’ve acquired to respect, and whenwe seem at them is to realise that this is an adjunct ofthe Republican celebration. What Fox specializes in, is punditry. Basicallygetting marching orders from the Republican NationalCommittee or some political operative and then having peoplepontificate about it, have friends come on to speak aboutit, have pseudo gurus come on and discuss it.Their fundamental allegiance is, Im speakme aboutthe folks at the prime, is to the Republican party. Murdoch is, definitely to his core, a partisan,and ah, he makes no secret about that. George W Bush sat for an interview in Austinwith Fox news Channels Carl Cameron, who joinsus now with highlights. Howdy Carl.Hello Brent It used to be well identified in the summer of 2000 thatFoxs lead political correspondent overlaying the Bush crusade, that his spouse was campaigningfor Bush.Tell me when youre in a position guys.And matters are good. Your family? Very well. My spouse has been striking out withyour sister. Yeah excellent. My county Dorothy has been everywhere the state campaigningand Paulines been continuously together with her. UmYeah Doros a excellent character. Oh, shes been terrific. I mean, to hearPauline tell it.When she first began campaigningfor you she used to be a bit of bit apprehensive.She getting her stride. Now shes up there. She doesnt need notes.Shes going to crowds and shes acquired the entire riff down. Shes a good soul.Shes having fun too. Shes a relatively just right soul. And in any other information institution, in fact,in CNN that very summer there was a producer whose husbandwas a lawyer for the Gore team. And this was once a producerwho wouldve naturally included Gore, who was immediatelytold youre to not have whatever to do with crusade coverage,either overlaying Bush or overlaying Gore due to the fact that ofthe viable conflict of curiosity, or the belief ofa conflict of interest.At Fox, they didnt care. Thefact that the, you know, the senior political reporter, hiswife, is really campaigning for the Bush Campaignat a time when this man is overlaying them, that didnt evenregister. It not ever wouldve came about. Ok you guys competent.Thats exceptional. See, its the little matters that get disclosed.I love that. Thanks for becoming a member of us sir.Yes, sir, thanks Carl, its excellent to look you once more. Thats their lack of having some variety ofbasic journalistic integrity that is simply lacking from that institution. First individual who made the call to claim thatGeorge W. Bush had been elected President of the United Stateswas the person who used to be accountable for Fox information electionanalysis division, the persons who crunch the exit pollingnumbers.That person was a gentleman named John Ellisand he’s George W. Bushs first cousin. At round 2 in the morning, on election night time,the, a brand new set of data had come in and it used to be complexdata from precincts everywhere Florida. The right answerin examining that knowledge unquestioningly was once: you couldnttell, it used to be too almost name, there was with ease no clearwinner. As an alternative, John Ellis referred to as it as a clear win forGeorge Bush. Fox news then interrupted its ongoingelection protection and announced that George Bush had beenelected President of the U.S.. Fox information now projectsGeorge W. Bush as the winner in Florida and hence it appearsthe winner of the Presidency of the U.S..Now whats large about that is not the interventionof the Presidents cousin to declare his relative the newPresident of the USA it was once the fact that withinminutes, ABC, NBC and CBS also fell proper in line callingBush because the winner.George Bush is the President elect of theUnited States Bush winsABC information is now going to project that Florida goes to Mr. Bush. Theres no approach that they might have crunchedthe knowledge in that time to come to that conclusion.Correctly rather the reverse. They should have come to theconclusion with the associated Press came to which was once that you couldntmake the decision. When Fox made the call, that Bush had won,and the other networks followed on, that created theperception that Bush was once the winner, when in fact hewasnt. But that perception used to be what rather held for the subsequent 37 days andI would advise to you that that call on election nighthad more to do with making George Bush president than anyrecount or ballot design issue.We gave our audience unhealthy information. Ourlengthy, central self-examination indicates that we letour viewers down. I make an apology for making these dangerous projectionsthat night time. It will not occur again. Within the historical Soviet Union youd hearing aboutthe social gathering-line transferring one hundred eighty levels. Looking at Fox information atthe finish of Clinton, where it was all attack mode wherethey have been simply vicious watchdogs, and then Bush takes powerand theyre like little lap puppies.It was like night and day and its a get together-line shift.The President has the path and the vision to take usinto the long run boldly and with, with braveness and optimism. He’s an extraordinarily straight forwardleader. He says what he is going to do and he doesit.The President stands for consistent leadershipduring a time of tremendous exchange. But the President is on Air drive One andthe aircraft has now touched down in New Mexico. This is as powerful a pro-country wide securityconservative President as i have ever seen. It is a guy who says what he means and meanswhat he says. But the President is a gentleman. He set adifferent tone for his campaign. Super Tuesday lived as much as its word. And thiswas a great night for our candidate John Kerry and a supernight for the Democratic occasion. Hes a perfect nominee. I think, I suppose, that in 2004 one unitedDemocratic social gathering we are able to, and we will win this election. What would you say would be Senator Kerrysone or two primary weak facets that could be exploited? The Presidential hopeful, John Kerry has missedevery probably the most 22 position call votes within the Senate this yearbut hasnt ignored a paycheck.He talks about trying to shield the taxpayersevery single day and right here he is fleecing the taxpayers outof $one hundred fifty,000 a 12 months So do you suppose he should step down, Dominic,when hes going for walks for President? The controversy and his Vietnam conflict medalshas just gotten worse. He said he in no way suggestedhe threw them away but videotape does no longer lie.Ribbons or medals? Which did John Kerry throw away afterhe returned from Vietnam? This will likely grow to be anissue for him at present. His perceived disrespect for the army would bemore detrimental to the candidate than questions on hisactions in uniform.Many are angry over Kerrys publish-warprotest. The greater hindrance here: is Kerrys involvementin a group thats inherent inherently violent. Presumptive Democratic nominee was scaringold folks, as traditional, with the predictable Democraticline He said, President Bush willcut off their entitlement tests. It isnt proper however thelie has labored well for Democrats in the past. Assuming that the unthinkable occurs, andthat Senator Kerry becomes President Youre staring at Fox information. Actual journalism.Reasonable & Balanced. James Wolcott Former staff author for theNew Yorker/Cultural Critic for vanity FairThey gives you the, just about the full Bush stump speechno matter where it is and irrespective of how in many instances theyveshown it.Theyll cut liveto these crusade rallies as if there was once gonna be real news in them, as if Bush used to be gonnasay anything, you already know, earth shattering. And your, ah, ability to make just right decisionslike, marrying your wife Carolyn. Fox portrays his every motion as a heroicmove. As, you realize, whatever dramatic and colossal. I assume its lovely tough for the Fox producers.Some days George Bush doesnt do anything interestingand but, theyve received to find something that makeshim heroic that day.Most humans simply started waking up and pronouncing,oh you mean we dont have the fairness Doctrine anymore?I can not tell you how mostly, once I was once a politicalcandidate jogging for place of job, i’d have somebodycome up to me on the street and say, now I saw your opponenton television the other day. Aren’t they supposed to give youequal time? And i didnt even comprehend for years that welost that within the Reagan generation, that for years we have not hadthe potential to count on each side to be properly included.Obviously on the Republican part what we doknow is that for years they have coordinated what they calltheir Message of the Day. So youll hear on the floorof the apartment, youll hear on Rush Limbaugh, youll hearon Fox and Rupert Murdochs community, The drawback Of The Day,which they’ll pound away at, which then creates The EchoChamber, which resonates through the us. Heres what he stated, I sincerely did votefor the 87 billion before I voted towards it. Senator Kerry not too long ago said, quote, I actuallydid vote for the 87 billion buck earlier than I votedagainst it. Finish QuoteKerry, starting to feel the warmness for his flipflop vote casting file, is in West Virginia.Is President Bush doing a good job of definingKerry as a flip-flopper And youre saying he flip-flopped onthe limitation of this. And he does seem to agonize and flip-flopover and again and again. Hes flip-flopped on all these issuesBeneath Kerrys flip-flopping Hes an opportunistic flip-flopperYoure speakme flip-flops a new company of summer season shoes: John Kerryflipflops. They are saying that he flip-flops rather a lot. And hes flip-flopped now on each majorissue. Would those be the flip-flops.Motive hes flip-flopped on the whole thing else. Is Senator Kerry responsible of flip-flopping onthe disorders?He flip-flops like crazy.Initially flip-flopYouve noticeable him flip-flop on a entire type ofissues. An opportunistic flip-flopper who doesnthave any principles. Is that just a little harsh? I consider um, it shows one thing. The weaknessof John Kerry. Youre observing Fox news. Real journalism.Reasonable & Balanced. Simply 263 days except you get to forged your voteand come to a decision George W Bush deserves a 2nd term. John Kerry may just wish hed taken off hismicrophone before trashing the GOP. His coarse description of his opponents hascast a lurid glow over the crusade. Presidential hopefully, John Kerry, got caughton tape in some candid remarks that he didntwant each person to listen to.But we did. John Kerry has been lashing out at PresidentBush and by using extension Republicans for a very long time. Nothingnew there. You see a image of George Bush and also you expectto see, hear organ musicthat would come out of a church, swelling, the backlithead, the Madonna look and John Kerry flashes and you hear thedevils voice, that is the satan. He is evil. Is it authentic the reports that have been seeing?Did John Kerry on the slopes cursed out a Secret ServiceAgent? Is that actual? I feel Kerry wanted this vacation.He wasshowing some fatigue. Handiest 217 days and counting except Bush is reelected.Theyre pronouncing John Kerry appears French. John Kerry looks French.John Kerry, the man who could be Americas first French president. When youre at conflict, there are the twomodels. You will have the Churchill, Reagan, Thatcher, TonyBlair, George Bush mannequin. Or you may have the McGovern, JimmyCarter, French, John Kerry mannequin. Are the Republicans with ease going to beable to make John Kerry French? Excellent afternoon everyone or as John Kerrywould say, Bonjour. French are thinkers. And that doesnt gointo the code of the American presidency.I mean, you already know the French are the thinker, Le Pont Rodin. I mean, theythink, they think, they think they usually by no means do anythingwith their thinking.I feel that Mr. Kerry has to get away of this picture ifhe wants to win. Proper now, he isn’t within the American archetype.Why? Hes on trip. If the archetype is to take motion and youare taking vacation, I mean you might be most likely not,you dont fit the code.You might be of-code Mr. Rapaille?Yes. Thanks very much. You’re herebyinvited again. A week theres so many ways you canplay the economic story. At Fox information its most effective the upbeat.They decide upon statistics that prove the economys movingup and thank God for President Bush for doing it. The economic system of direction shaping up to be oneof the hot button disorders in this Presidential campaign. Polls exhibit the economy shaping as much as bea primary trouble of the Presidential crusade. Theyre all amazed at the force of theeconomy and the way its deciding on up day-to-day. I believe the economy is growing and ah, I thinkits going to get superior. The economic climate is very, very powerful right now,it continues to get stronger.The state-of-the-art reading on the international locations GrossDomestic Product confirming it rose at a healthy four.1% earnings of present properties up 2% last month. The financial system is behaving like its on steroidsat the second. The fact is that the economy is improving. The financial system will roar in 04.Roar in 04. That sounds like a Bush slogan. 204 days until George W. Bush is re-elected. Had been developing jobs. Excellent, high-paying jobsfor the American citizens. The President goes to Charlotte to talk aboutjob training. Buoyed via the 300K job figure final week, hecan boast his insurance policies are working. Job grew last months at the fastest rate infour years. I might say the news this morning, 308 thousandnew jobs had been created last month, theyre drinkingthe Malox right out of the gallon bucket at the Kerrycampaign. What this Kerry plan will do is punishsuccessful corporations and thats bad. If you want to destroy jobs on this country you lift taxes. John Kerrys plan to deliver thousands of jobsback to america well some one right here says, watchout.Kerrys plan will grow to be killing more jobs as an alternative. I stated earlier that the market was once neutralon John Kerry, I consider that was completely unsuitable, I feel themarket is down on John Kerry. When the market goes down one of the vital thingsyou customarily hear is the market is anxious about a Kerry victory. Then out comes a poll displaying Kerry with a4 or 5 point lead, down goes the market bigtime. And the way they be aware of that the market went downbecause everybody had Kerry on their intellect, as opposedto every person was once involved about curiosity charges, oreveryone seemed at the gains figures and suggestion theyweren’t as good as projected.But they like to pretendthat theyre Carnac The excellent and they may be able to read themind of the market. Terror threats, gasoline costs sky excessive, however Forbessays, the economy remains to be powerful and getting strongerevery day. There you have it. 196 Days tillwe reelected George W. Wait, the elections over?LAUGHS Thanks for letting me know.Had been virtually there. I consider Fox news, of all our subsidiaries,had the best expand in gains. What makes Murdoch in particular dangerousis that hes main a baby-kisser and he’ll use hisimmense media vigor to shape the content material and especiallythe information that furthers his interest and people of his allies,including the conservative Republican group.Afterall, Fox information is nothing more than a 24/7 political ad forthe GOP. Jeff Cohen Former MSNBC/Fox news ContributorAt MSNBC I labored as a Senior Producer on the Donahue, PhilDonahue high Time show. From the opening they have been announcing to us wehave to be balanced. Giving them instructional materials not to be too confrontational.Dont be too partisan. Dont be too indignant. Now by using the end, of out ten yearbalance wasnt ample. And that is the FoxEffect. They mandated that any time we had, if we hadtwo left-wing visitors, we needed to have three proper-wingguests. If we had to had one anti-conflict visitor, we had tohave two professional-battle company. And thats how we ended the show.So, had been looking to outfox Fox. You can not outfox Fox.But MSNBC and the others have tried. CNBC has tried tooutfox Fox.In view that the company buildings, corporateownership of the other channels did not enable someone tocounter-software against Fox, you realize, in television theinclination is imitation. I feel the general proper now’s Fox.And that i need to be as exciting and as edgy as you guys are. Its influencing its opponents. Ah, thatswhy, you recognize, MSNBC hired Joe Scarborough. Thatswhy CNN in recent weeks has taken to reporting prettymuch something the Bush White apartment tells it to document. There is a sense now there is cash in the flag. And Fox is aware of that and its rivals knowthat Fox is onto whatever. Today information industry is geared in the direction of amusement.Its geared toward, in some instances, propaganda.Its geared towards, ultimately, the backside line of thebig firms that owns the station that owns the news operation. Its called the information industry for a motive.Ah, it is information however its a trade. They dont like to spend cash doing seriousstories.They love to do low-cost, handy stories so that it will geta gutreaction. I think the object that distresses me morethan something else is that, a number of the news content material isnot coming straight out of the newsrooms, particularlyin television, um, however out of the advertising division. Its costly to spend time exploring theissues. Its cheap. And the whole lot now is a query ofmoney. When you go to the country wide organization of BlackJournalists, or you go to national organization of HispanicJournalists, you talk to Asian-American journalists whoare on-air, you speak to Native-American journalists; youreseeing a diminution within the number of journalists thatare in the neighborhood established considering the fact that in order to get monetary savings and in orderto get economic climate of scale and scope, various the broadcastersare shrinking their worker pool and theyreshrinking within the information part, sectors of their stations.So,a lot of the younger, brilliant people who are getting experienceas on-air talent in small towns, are seeing those opportunitiesincreasingly cut back. While you let a small quantity of businesses havethis much centred vigor, they’re going to always abuseit, its with ease unacceptable in a free society. And if youdont change the process we may also be having this conversationfor the following 50 years and be speakme about Rupert Murdochthe third. Just as well being care and the economy and theenvironment are political disorders that individuals are familiarwith, company manipulate over the media can be a most important politicalissue.When you have one network that’s so powerfuland so intent upon warping the communicate, it limits thatdiscourse. It definitely influences it to be a narrower discourseand thats what I believe residents should be upin arms about. We cant receive this anymore. If we do acceptit, were handing onto our youngsters, and our grandchildrena much less Democracy than we inherited. And thatsthe one factor we dont have a correct to do. Its ironic that its been, what, 30 yearssince Paddy Chayevsky wrote network but I relatively believethat these prophetic words that had been spoken by way of PeterFinch when he finally got out of the chair and stated: Itstime.Go to the window, shake your fist and say Immad as hell. Im not going to take it anymore. I think thoseare resonant phrases today. I think folks are genuinelyupset. Get off your rear finish and grow to be an activist.And should you see matters which might be biased, whinge to theoutlet and say you wont be watching anymore. Content has to alter. Power has to shift.And i feel the only manner we can shift power is the onlyway weve ever been able to shift energy; immediately confrontingthose who keep it and taking it again. Insurance policies have been made at the back of closed doorsby very robust specific interest with none publicinvolvement or participation. And what weve discovered inthe final few years is when the public gets aware of thisand they begin organizing, we will change these insurance policies andwe could make a approach that absolutely responds to the needsof the people of this nation.Exec. Dir. Of core for Digital DemocracyAmericas digital destiny is placing in the steadiness now.With the proper activism, public outcry, we can shape amedia environment in order that in each group there arechannels so that it will serve the general public curiosity. If you are a citizen, at house right now, whenyou activate speak Radio all you hear is one right-wingnut, or another correct-wing nut, why dont you go to theradio station and say, Im ailing and worn out of this.Thereare innovative voices out there. We would like a steadiness. If a Fox television station on your city is broadcastingreports that to be inaccurate, that you knowto be warping the information.You, as residents, have energy. Organizations like Code pink and other have actuallydemonstrated external television stations and have made noiseabout it. We need to truly play the Paul Revererole. Sort of,trip out into the night, alertingpeople that, ah, theres something unhealthy going on here andsomething desires to be completed about it. Heres what identity like to have occur. Familyfrom Nebraska goes to Washington for his or her family vacation.Were going to visit the Air and house Museum. Weregoing to talk over with the Mall. Had been going to visit the VietnamMemorial. And have been going to talk over with the FCC to see a Commissioneror two to tell them about what we care about. Whenthat happens, we might begin to look a little bit more attention.However, you already know, it aint gonna occur in case you donttry.We are able to definitely win right here. The whole strengthof the methods established on people being apatheticand no longer considering they can do anything about it. As soon aswe get up it collapses like a apartment of cards. Thatsthe special progress of the last few years. Its not an problem of the correct or left.It’s a populist limitation about persons in the end pronouncing its theirdemocracy and so they arent going to let 5 companiescontrol the airwaves for company comfort at theexpense of public necessity.I come from a community within the State of Mainethats typically fishing cities, small coastal communities andfor many years we have been served through one radio station that everybodylistened to I mean, it was neighborhood radio. At any time when I debatedan opponent once I was once walking for workplace, everybodywould tune it in their cars or their home radioand they might hear what we had been feeling in a different way aboutand when Clear Channel purchased it, that was the tip. You couldnteven rely on somebody looking out the window and tellingyou if it was a good day or a bad day or if the fog used to be comingin. But what was once really exciting to me wasthat individuals acquired irritated, there was once a local staff that organizedand tried to get low-vigor FM radio license.That they had a hard fight, Clear Channel opposedthem, they usually simply won and now theres a littleradio station operated out of a storage in that town, allvolunteers, someone can play the track that they need,but at 5 oclock daily, they tune into the talk ofwhats happening in that group. What weve been doing over the final decadeis to create alternative infrastructure so we now havean on-line audience of 10,00 exact viewers per day to our dwelling web page,plus the over the air viewers of our new low vigour FM radiostation, and really quickly have been going to have public accessTV in this group. So weve acquired three legsof a stool right here of an alternative media infrastructurethat gives us a way of speaking among ourselves andnot simply relying on the occasional Letter to the Editor ina company newspaper or close to no insurance plan within the broadcast mediabecause theyre all owned by using clear channel and Sinclair andFox. And when the news Media Council started, oneof our first initiatives was once to recruitunorganized early life of colour, teenagers. And have them studythe Fox Affiliate station in the Bay discipline.When we did the be trained we have been competent to do aneditorial assembly. It used to be the primary time, in probablyten or fifteen years,that a constituency team in the neighborhood had certainly ever cameand demanded whatever from them. They just get to dowhatever they need, nobody cares, nobody understands thatthey can demand whatever. So it was once a beautiful momentous moment forus you already know to both demand some thing and get itfrom a Fox Affiliate. But also to be one of the vital first, youknow, persons to return ahead and that, thats some thing thatI suppose is a pattern that had been trying to start now.Marginalized persons dont have any concept that they can goto an editor in businesses and demand something.