Centre for Broadcasting & Journalism – Newsday Experience

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[MUSIC PLAYING] I just consider it’sreally pleasant considering the fact that you get to look whata information day would truely be like in the real world. And all of us get indifferent roles, so we get the threat to be aneditor and a page dressmaker. And yeah, you essentially just getto see what it will be like. [INDISTINCT CHATTER] [MUSIC PLAYING] have been jailed fora minimal of 33 years for murdering his sixteen-year-oldstepsister, Becky Watts.His 21-year-oldgirlfriend, Shauna Hoare, has been sentenced to 17years for manslaughter. Detective superintendent– i like Newsday because I likethe teamwork side of it, where you get to worktogether with all of– 30 neighbors, really,on your course. It is rather fingers-on. You get to use goodequipment as good. And yeah, something that peoplelook for in the industry. [MUSIC PLAYING] Mark, can you justredo it, please? Just right afternoon, I’mMark Schaefer. [LAUGHTER] excellent morning. [MUSIC PLAYING] You get to make use of the camerasand to get to movie. It is very technical. It can be very realistic. And it’s enjoyable. [MUSIC PLAYING].

Module 1 Principles of Journalism 3 – Making an Impact

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Welcome to unit 1, The concepts ofjournalism: Making an affect. On this video, we will proceed to appear at theprinciples of journalism. In other movies we checked out ideas associated togathering sources and telling the story. On this video, we’re going to look at theprinciples which might be about impacting people, that means how humans are affectedby the articles that a journalist writes. We’re going to speak now about thelast 4 concepts of journalism: restraint, humanity, accountability, andempowerment. The primary any such standards is restraint. People showrestraint after they discontinue themselves from doing something. Journalists exhibit restraint when theystop themselves from writing things that would be unhealthy for people. For example,in many instances humans suppose the flawed individual has committed a criminal offense and in the rush tobreak the story, his or her identify and photograph would be launched on theInternet.Now this would have very dangerous penalties for an individual who has carried out nothing incorrect. Displaying restraint avoids hurtinginnocent humans and creates a better story considering the fact that when facts are verifiedproperly they’ve a better threat of being accurate and authentic. Journalists alsoshow restraint once they allow their sources to be anonymous.Which means nobody is aware of their title. Journalists need to do this becausesometimes bad matters would happen to the man or woman if their identify used to be known. Theymight lose their job or in all probability even get harm. Yet another precept that ajournalist must think about is humanity. This implies caring about different people, treating them with recognize, treating themas people not simply a part of a story. In an previous video we mentioned that journalistsshould be objective, not favoring one facet or an additional; nevertheless, a journalist canbe each objective of their writing and sympathetic to the folks in a narrative. Forexample, journalists ought to consider in regards to the emotions of a criminal offense victim’s friendsand loved ones even when they are rushing to write a narrative.The third principle isaccountability. Which means a person takes accountability for their moves.They’re liable for the matters they do. For a journalist, there are two types ofaccountability. The primary is personal. A journalist mustbe dependable for the story that they write, balancing what the general public desires toknow and the rights of the people worried. Also, if there are errors inthe story, a journalist must admit and right them. The second style ofaccountability includes making the men and women in vigor dependable for theiractions. Individuals in vigour may attempt to hide their moves from the general public. The job ofa journalist is to shine a gentle on these movements and let every body knowwhat the character in vigour has completed. For example, in a main issue the place drinkingwater has been polluted, the humans dependable for making certain the water isclean must explain what occurred and what they may be doing to discontinue it happeningagain.The fourth principle is empowerment, which means that giving power to humans who should not have it. There are many persons far and wide the worldwho are powerless; they’ve no control over how they live. They probably livingin poverty, refugees, victims of war, or typical failures. A journalist’s job is tospeak for the individuals who do not need the vigor to speak. This is the place ordinarypeople can end up citizen journalists by using sharing what they see with the sector.We’ll look extra on the position of citizen journalists in a later video. So, to summarize, in this video we lookedat the ideas of restraint, humanity, accountability, and empowerment which might be primary for journalists to comply with in order that they are able to make an affect on individuals.So now we have now blanketed all ten of the concepts of journalism. Be definite toconsider these standards as we explore journalism during the course. Subsequent,check your journalism vocabulary with the following sport. .

How Nellie Bly Transformed Journalism Forever (feat. Laura Dern) – Drunk History

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– good day, i’m GONNA tell YOUABOUT NELLIE BLY, a very good JOURNALISTFROM THE Eighties WHO DID AN EXPOSE ON THE WORLDOF mental illness. NELLIE BLY was A VERYSTRONG-MINDED lady. SHE will get A LOAD OF A COLUMNFROM A local PITTSBURG PAPER, AND it’s super SEXIST. THE ARTICLE was LIKE, CHICKSGOT to remain within the KITCHEN. Women obtained TO–WHY EVEN BOTHERBEING informed when you simply got TO GET MARRIEDAND HAVE infants? And she was LIKE,[bleep] THIS man. Girls ARE BETTERTHAN BEING within the KITCHEN, BEING other halves,AND stitching [bleep]. I am super smart, and i am GONNASHOW YOU i am tremendous smart just TO show THAT, LIKE, ladies ARE incredible. SO NELLIE–[laughs] SO NELLIE BLY WENTTO NY city, and he or she KNOCKED ON EVERYNEWSPAPER DOOR in the city, AND WHO ANSWERED THE DOORBUT JOSEPH PULITZER HIMSELF. AND he’s LIKE, listen,i do not TAKE YOU severely. But i have AN challenge. I want YOU TO PRETENDTO BE loopy AND GET dedicated TO THE INSANE ASYLUMIN NY city, BLACKWELL’S ISLAND. NELLIE BLY mentioned,okay, i’m going to DO IT.AND HE was LIKE, WHAT? And she or he used to be LIKE, i’ll GOINTO THE INSANE ASYLUM and provides YOUA relatively excellent report. [dog barks]proper? Proper-right? [bleep] THAT dog. [laughs]- [laughs] – OH, GOD, SOME men and women HAVEA LOT OF [bleep] LABS and so they’RE great. THIS thing’S a bit OF [bleep]. ALL correct, SO NELLIE BLY, SHENEVER saw A loopy person before, SO SHE WENT IN entrance OF A MIRRORAND MADE humorous FACES, LIKE, [grunts].SEE THIS FACE?THE FACE? [blows raspberries] SHE HAD NO IDEAWHAT loopy men and women SAY. SHE used to be LIKE, k,this is HOW i am GONNA BE loopy. NAH! SHE GOES TO THIS BO–THIS BOARDING residence. Listen, EVERYBO–each–hear, EVERYBO–each LADYAT THIS BOARDING condo WITH ME. I’m crazy, okay? [dog barks] – WHAT?- [barks] – WHAT?OH, you are crazy. – [barks]- NELLIE, you are crazy. You’re loopy. Yes, you’re crazy. The top MISTRESS IS LIKE,ship HER TO THE INSANE ASYLUM. AND NELLIE BLY was LIKE, sure. This is WORKING. This is super WORKING FOR ME.I’m super completely satisfied. And she or he FINDS HERSELFON BLACKWELL’S ISLAND. UM…[blows raspberries] i’m under the influence of alcohol AS [bleep]. WHOO! SO SHE was EXAMINED by means of A healthcare professional.LIKE, HOW TALL IS SHE? AND THE NURSE can be LIKE,COME AND look AT HOW TALL THIS NELLIE IS.AND health practitioner WOULD SAY, LIKE, WHAT ARE YOU DOINGAFTER WE MEASURE NELLIE BLY? AFTER THE NURSE AND DOCTORFLIRTED FOR, LIKE, A 1/2-HOUR, THE surgeon’S LIKE,OH, MY GOD. THIS NELLIE BLY,SHE IS A loopy, loopy person THAT needs TO BE here endlessly. AND NELLIE BLY was LIKE, sure! I am SO blissful.I’m this sort of good JOURNALIST. SHE started to look HOW [bleep]THE stipulations have been. THE NURSES WOULD simply BEATTHE [bleep] OUT OF humans. KNOCK THEM in their EARS. [blows raspberries] HITTING THEM LIKE loopy. LIKE, YOU women ARE ALL crazy,and you SUCK. AND NELLIE BLY was once LIKE,AW, [bleep]. THAT AIN’T COOL.I’m GONNA WRITE THAT DOWN. THESE ladies ARE GONNA GETA word FROM ME. SHE SEES perfectly SANE WOMENWHO simply do not speak ENGLISH. THE medical professionals were LIKE,we do not communicate GERMAN. You’re crazy.[blows raspberries] YOU GO TO THE ASYLUM FOR lifestyles. AND THERE used to be a lady, SHE was LIKE, I JUSTGOT somewhat OVERWHELMED. I am not crazy. They usually had been LIKE,THIS woman IS IN–SO INSANE. There’s NOTHING we are able to DO BUTKEEP HER LOCKED UP AT THIS IN-SYLUM perpetually.THE INSANE ASYLUM was HORRIBLE. And then there may be THE–THE BATHS. THE NURSES WOULD just SCRUBTHE [bleep] OUT OF THEM, AND NELLIE BLY would be LIKE,THIS sort OF HURTS a bit BIT. SHE was LIKE, YOU BE QUIETOR i will–i will–i’ll MAKE YOU want YOU NEVERSAID something TO ME. I’ll SCRUB YOU SO tough. – WOW. – I acquired AT LEASTTWO BATHING fits. Should WE PUT THEM ONAND GET within the bath? – relatively? – YOU do not have THE BALLSTO GET in the tub WITH ME WITH a bathing go well with, DO YOU? – [laughs] AH. Seem TO THE CEILING, DEREK. Seem AT–OH, it is SO MUCHMORE great TO POUR WATER OVER YOUR HEADS THAN MY SON. HE MAKES any such FUSS. That is this sort of satisfaction. NELLIE BLY HADTO TAKE BATHS WITH, LIKE, THE dirt OF 45OTHER women ON HER, AND IT was once FREEZING cold. SHE HAD THIS HORRIBLE TEN DAYS IN AN INSANE ASYLUM.And then JOSEPH PULITZER’S LIKE, "hi there, wager WHAT, DUMMIES. LIKE, THIS loopy WAVE GIRLWAS MY candy REPORTER, and he or she, UM– and she or he– SHE WASN’T INSANE. And they have been LIKE, OH, NO! WE’RE exposed! And she or he WROTE AN ARTICLETHAT exposed every person. All of the sudden MONEYWAS FLOWING LIKE crazy TO intellectual health associations. SHE converted THE WORLDOF mental wellness. NELLIE BLY used to be one of the FIRSTGREAT AMERICAN FEMINISTS THAT stated, hear,silly Eighties GUYS WITH colossal MOUSTACHES CONNECTEDTO THEIR stupid SIDEBURNS, females ARE really COOL. That is in actual fact the way it WENTEXCEPT less KISSING. – [laughs] OH, NO.OH, NO, NO, NO..

City University London: Mundus Journalism Application 2014-2016

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Achref Chargui is a musician, composer and oud player speaking of alternative song or "al museeqa al badeela" in Arabic it is style of a new trend in Tunisia This new phenomena has particularly emerged after the revolution.

Science Journalism: Crash Course Statistics #11

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Hi, Im Adriene Hill and Welcome again toCrash course facts. On this series weve been speaking a lotabout how often you see information and information on the news and on social media. There are all different types of experiences and knowledge setspromising the keys to a better lifestyles. Espresso is excellent for you. No wait. Its killing you So what do you believe? INTRO Journalism has many targets to notify, expose,support persons make higher selections about their communities and their lives. However, the only means journalism matters–is ifpeople read it or watch it or listen to it. Journalists ought to capture the attentionof their audience and aid them join with the story. Case experiences and observational studies canbe excellent supply materials for articles or podcast. However, its invariably principal to seem at boththe best of the science. And the first-class of the journalism. If theres a be trained with no control groupor with non-randomized design its going to be less reliable. And if a journalist doesnt ask those questions,or just doesnt include the solutions in her story, how will you know? Back in 2015, newspapers around the worldran experiences heralding Chocolate in an effort to drop a few pounds.It sounded satisfactory. But turns out it wasnt excellent journalismor excellent science. A science journalist and PhD named John Bohannoncreated this story with the aid of doing a real, randomized gain knowledge of, but one who used to be deliberately riddledwith flaws. It was once supposed to be a technique to exhibit that academicjournals would publish the very incorrect learn. And so would information outlets. The purpose, writes Bohannon, used to be to demonstrate how effortless it’s to show bad science into tremendous headlines. And it worked. Once the be taught was published and the pressrelease went out journalists jumped on it. Bohannon says that many retailers ran the storywithout ever contacting him. Very few newshounds requested in regards to the numberof topics they verified– simplest 16–and no he says, mentioned that quantity. Also says Bohannon the reports that ran didnt quote any external researchers for corroboration. And while it is disappointing that you simply cantadd some Cadbury to your eating regimen and shed extra pounds, and probably your aunt keeps quoting this studyto you as she downs that 5th and sixth bon-bon, however bad science and dangerous scientific journalismis now not continuously that harmless.Most medical reports base their conclusionson statistical tests that supply researchers–and the rest of us a quantifiable technique to measurethe proof that the learn supplies. For instance, when a legitimate health care professional claimsthat Ibuprofen raises the risk of fertility disorders in men, its on the grounds that there used to be astudy with a bunch that took Ibuprofen and a control staff that didnt, and the subjectstaking Ibuprofen confirmed a tangible expand in some measure of infertility. However which measure? And used to be the control team given a placebo? An editorial that you simply see on Yahoo wellbeing, probablywont tell you in fact this one doesnt.For that understanding, you ought to go to theoriginal tutorial article, and those may also be kinda dense. It seems that this gain knowledge of did have a placebocontrol crew, and it measured infertility in a clinically reliable means, with the aid of measuringlevels of fertility associated hormones. However these tips are predominant when consideringhow safe the conclusion of a learn is, and quite a lot of news articles dont have them. As a facet note if this study was completed in ratsinstead of humans the conclusion that Ibuprofen raises the danger of fertility problems inmen would not be as strongly supported! Lets go to the inspiration Bubble.Assume that youre going about your morningas average, sipping your espresso and scrolling by way of the ultra-modern news while you see an article with the title Miracle food motives weight reduction!" you need to fit higher into your denims so,you click by means of. You see that the miracle meals is referred to as Targ,AND the outcome have been statistically significantso it seems legit. You jump to your automobile and pressure right down to thelocal grocery store and notice that Targ is on sale! So that you opt for up the biggest p.C. And starteating youre already feeling more suitable however then you to expertise facet effectslike heartburn and belly ulcers and a wish to battle. The article you learn didnt point out thatwhen researchers considered the over 20,000 subjects that the weight loss used to be best about1/10th of a pound extra for Targ eaters.Thats no longer very much maybe no longer worth these facet effects. When a learn studies something as colossal,you mainly assume that which means its quite gonna subject, but this isnt alwaysthe case, considering that significant manner something special in records than in everyday English. And Science journalists can misuse this confusionby not citing how large of an influence used to be discovered. Thanks thought Bubble! We dont have time to read all the academicarticles on even one matter that affects us. Take what will get known as text neck– acondition that entails sore neck muscular tissues from watching down at your cellphone and laptopall the time. A Google student seek for tutorial articlesabout text Neck returns over one hundred eighty outcome and thats best since 2013. Theres no means that you just might read all ofthose with out exacerbating your already sore neck. So we want people like scientific journalistswho can distill all these articles into digestible–and engaging–pieces for us to consume. Its helpful to be skeptical however we shouldkeep studying about science. When reading a science story its importantto word a couple things: who wrote it, who published it, who did the science, and whofunded the science.If a piece of writing that tells you that drinkingDiet Coke is excellent to your tooth and is on the Coke internet site, your suspicion should beraised more so than if it was published through Scientific American. You must also consider who funded and completedthe research the article is centered on. In case you read a piece of writing that claims a rarefruit juice will cut back your blood stress and stave of cancer and you see that studywas funded via the juice company. Be suspicious. No longer each study funded by way of a corporation is inherentlyflawed. Science cost money, it may be expensive, and whilst there are sources of funding from governments and other neutral corporations, the truth is that in general thepeople who’re inclined to pay to have the research done are the firms who have avested curiosity within the outcome.Oftentimes to get the study executed, researchersneed to partner with these group. Privately funded study may also be accomplished good. A different factor to look forward to in science andhealth journalism is whether or not the claims made in the headline sincerely fit the claimsmade in the story. You dont see many reviews with headlineslike Ketchup will have mild relationship with weight reap in men over 40cause whosgoing to read that? It possibly correct, but its simply notas flashy as Is Ketchup making you fat!? There are a quantity of factors we get thissplashy headlines.Media outlets from Buzzfeed to Goop to the historical-guard newspapers are allfighting for audience at the moment–probably no longer exactly the same viewers however viewers. And that competitors makes the tremendous-sexyheadline, quite, relatively attractive. Sensational gets clicks. Content creators are below strain to findand write whats gonna get shared. The language of correlation is unsure and,as such, less catchy.Youll additionally spot plenty of causation problemsin science and wellbeing reporting. While you see a piece of writing that claims that doingyoga therapies melanoma you must determine to see whether or not it was once an experimental gain knowledge of or whetherthe declare is situated on correlation on a survey between doing yoga and not having cancer. Handiest experimental stories with randomizeddesigns and control companies have a shot at showing evidence of causation. On the grounds that in my view, i can think of rather a lot ofconfounding reasons for yoga and cancer be trained. Nowon to one other approach science can get mischaracterized.There are experiences performed on mice and rats thatget reported as in the event that they had been stories on humans. And whilst quite a few clinical and wellbeing relatedstudies get their start in mouse units a number of the treatments that work in mice dontend up being victorious of their human counterparts. Similarly, you are going to see clickbait-y headlinesthat say Hydrogen Peroxide kills cancer! And lists all the methods that you may now incorporateH2O2 into your every day existence. However what the title doesnt let you know is thatthese were in vitro studies, which means that theyre finished on actual melanoma cells but in a petri dish. In a very simplified experience– the cells weregrown through themselves in a dish and the substance of curiosity used to be put into the dish and it killedthe cancer cells.But in a dish plenty of matters we consume everydaywill kill cancer cells like coffee, or alcohol. However they even working in tandem arent goingto remedy melanoma. Anyway these inaccurate hydrogen peroxidekills cancer headlines get shared round online and individuals give you alternativetherapies that contain ingesting Hydrogen Peroxide which will also be relatively, fairly detrimental. Like lifeless harmful. Science reviews can make for exceptional journalism. And they may be able to provide you with anything clever tosay at your subsequent dinner celebration. But any time you hear a cable talk show hostsays the phrase scientists have discovered… Or a brand new learn suggests you shouldalways simply seem up that be trained to be definite. As a minimum before you start spreading it round. And if the results of a learn will rationale youto make any changes in your lifestyles or your familys life you must particularly return and examine thescience. Irrespective of how legit the source, itsalways important to be conscious of those problems, whether you see it in Buzzfeed or the Economist.Articles ordinarily gloss over all kinds of details. The sort of manipulate crew that used to be used, or whether or not the be trained was done in mice or monkeys, allof which is able to make a significant difference in how strongly that you would be able to take the claims of the gain knowledge of. And the better the existence exchange you might be thinkingabout making, the extra intensive your search for information must be. Including a square or two of darkish chocolate to your food plan is not going to be a significant deal. Trying to therapy cancer with excessive doses of vitamin k just for the reason that some be trained located it kills cancer cells in a dish that’s. So this doesnt mean all the science youread` about on Reddit or watch on your favourite YouTube channel is flawed. It just implies that you ought to use statisticalthinking to investigate which claims are cheap and which arent.With a view to support us do not forget one of the vital rules of thumb we mentioned today, our writer Chelsea got here up with a limerick: And so with out extra ado. Crash publications FIRST normal limerick. When a study experiences correlationsOr has mice as its predominant populace The outcome it declaresMay not be relatively reasonable So watch out about generalizations all right, lets see you do better. Thanks for observing. I will see you next time..

Sara M. Watson: Artificial Intelligence & Smart Journalism

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The largest problem AI has is that even the engineers can’t quite provide an explanation for precise outcomes or designated choices that go through an artificially wise approach in lots of circumstances I suppose engineers were talking about how they only can not articulate how the output got here out they can try to style of reverse engineer it or model the type of common sense tree however in lots of cases you are speakme about layers and layers and layers of processing that happens with a purpose to get to something like picture recognition or tagging or variety of classification by means of these difficult machines so I nonetheless suppose this form of crux of our societal question about what AI is and what it could be fairly surfaces around seeking to realize it if we’ve mentioned AI more commonly as a method of modeling human ideas we have now almost confined ourselves to our creativeness of what a computer is competent of and so if we attempt to have an understanding of the best way you already know a laptop is taking part in chess or go or successful jeopardy you already know we’re not rather completely figuring out the way it can be processing considering we’re trying to fully grasp it the best way we think men and women who’re writing about this don’t know how else to put in writing about it however that also the story is that you understand either scientists are telling or the PR that PR organizations that are across the customers and or the technology firms which are pushing these experiences you know are limited in kind of the inventive raining that they are utilizing and so i am truly particularly enthusiastic about pondering through different methods or other method of storytelling so now not simply specializing in the kind of grand narrative about like where AI goes and it is this kind of man versus computer state of affairs wherein you know the machines take over and man loses however as a substitute specializing in different methods of storytelling so i’m rather all in favour of talking about you know persona development or first-individual narratives to try to recognize how an AI thinks right like what would that appear like to write down a story that tries to give an explanation for in the voice of an AI what it’s wish to be an AI I feel that’s something that even engineer battle with in trying to realise and provide an explanation for how their own technological know-how works considering we’re speaking about methods which can be sincerely very elaborate multi phases resolution making trees that are just in lots of cases beyond style of approach of rationalization even civic engineers themselves so I consider there is various different methods we are able to use storytelling to try to either get at anything that’s quite hard to give an explanation for or to imagine one other intelligence that isn’t almost creating an intelligence that’s like guys but as a substitute an intelligence that is distinctive from man I continuously return to the query of what are these technology organizations optimizing for and in most cases a platform like fb the foremost question or the major style of driver they’ve is to get you to spend more time on facebook and if that’s the metric that’s you already know leading towards detailed behaviors it’s now not about first-class serving the person is about giving extra content material so that it will keep you on that web site longer and so I start to ask this question about any technology and that i believe it can be the kind of excellent question about science which is what are we optimizing for and i consider if we are able to answer that query we are able to get to an awfully substitution conversation with either the science corporation the coverage makers the customers about what their interests are and so I’ve clearly kind of been pushing that’s like my underlying significant-picture question for truly any technology that we’re speaking about so within the case of you understand the the newsfeed being whether or not it’s queued in one course or yet another I think customers haven’t had the possibility to specific any intentions or desires about how the feed is optimized so as the person i don’t get to claim good I preserve seeing all these movies of cats i’d truly like my feeds to be rather more politicized due to the fact an election is taking place and that i need to see a mixture of this and that I search his image matters like a relatively concrete strategy to that is to give users manage over what the feed filters in the direction of and the potential to alter that any given week or any given day just by having style of either proxy you recognize 0.33 parties that can check like say that I just want AP related Press to be accountable for anything information shows up in my newsfeed but fb this hasn’t opened that as a possibility and i will be able to i will foresee a variant of fb that makes it possible for you know a couple of extraordinary approaches of curating the feed but for now no person is asking for that and facebook rather isn’t all for exposing that or form of opening up that black that Pandora’s box of possibilities right like they’re simply inquisitive about optimizing towards one factor and that is what fb has determined is its ideal motive for being I look to locations just like the Brooklyn climb center for web and Society for that due to the fact they’re relatively interested in striking policymakers and technologists and users and activists and journalists all collectively within the equal room and i suppose what I’ve discovered from striking in the market for the final couple years is that those conversations may also be uncomfortable and they may be able to absolutely you realize get heated now and then but I think getting collectively around the equal table and being in the identical area and having the talk to one another face-to-face simply alterations the tenor of the dialog rather a lot in a technique that’s you understand there may be at least an interest in having a shared conversation as a substitute of it being a type of combative interface and you know I suppose additionally conferences like like this one is more often than not where that form of dialog can happen while you recognize that you could put a text you realize CEO on the stage and be interviewed by means of a person who’s you recognize speaking on the policy facet of matters there is a detailed kind of critic of technological know-how that tends closer to you already know simply deconstructing what’s going on or pointing at something and announcing this is a neoliberal drawback where Silicon Valley is solely determining what you understand the typical is you understand pointing at whatever as being capitalistic or whatever like that and i am particularly excited by looking to you realize these these evaluations are primary and interesting however they as a rule shut down conversations and i’m relatively all for having a dialog that brings extra folks collectively to the humans to share vocabulary and share the type of framing of the trouble and a lot of that signifies that you have got to style of watch out about the language that you’re using watch out concerning the framing that you are utilising and in addition concerning the questions that you are asking and proposing but quite the intention is to try to get persons to type of labor in the direction of some thing productive and constructive so i’m also really eager about putting forth not only the style of deconstruction or the description of the obstacle but particularly spending time on what the knowledge answer is or how one can you know have a coverage intervention or a design change or some thing alongside those lines that truely starts to discover what’s possible or what might be or might probably what must be as an alternative than simply kind of describing the hindrance as drawback you

Top journalists join #FreeAJStaff campaign

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Suppose an international the place reality isdistorted imagine being kept in the dark aboutmajor world event think being silenced when talking outcould store your life I have no idea the place to go you do not knowwhat to get any meals you just imagine the world wherejournalists i’m not free to report the data.

Michael Casey | Real journalism is more important than ever

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I think journalism is more important now than ever. This work is one of integrity, this is a calling that is more important than the bottom line and that there’s a real value for society and people who are dedicated to that exercise in and of itself. There can’t be anything more important. I’m Michael Casey. I’m an adviser to MIT media lab’s Digital Currency Initiative and I’m a graduate of Curtin’s media and journalism school. It was travel that made me realise that I really should try and do what I always wanted to do, which was to write and to do journalism and to shape it in the context of this travel experience. But it really wasn’t until I came to Curtin and succeeded that I felt validated, that I felt that I could do this. I think the essence of journalism is storytelling, and essentially that’s the art form. You’re trying to capture people’s imagination. I really saw the things that I was interested in as being untold stories. Stories that needed to be, that I felt needed to be, told and I wanted to be able to tell that story because they inspired me.I started at the West Australian and then found my way to Indonesia where I was hired by AFX Asia then I moved to New York and ultimately wrote for Dow Jones Newswires and the Wall Street Journal. Eventually ended up as a global economics columnist for the Wall Street Journal. A lot of TV for the BBC, for MSNBC and CNBC, I’ve been an anchor for live TV WSJ Live and also wrote for things like Foreign Affairs and Foreign Policy. The most satisfying thing is to be able to write in a form that has inspired people to try to make a difference in the world in ways that I care about so that’s been incredibly rewarding, yes.

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Sabrina Faramarzi | MA Arts and Lifestyle Journalism

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Hi I’m Sabrina Faramazi. I’m on the MAArt and Lifestyle Journalism and my final project was about secular congregationsand how a new wave of secular congregations are mimicking the postChristian memory, when more and more people are identifying as non-religious.So my project is a long-form narrative piece of journalism. It’s basically a kindof reportage of how I’ve spent the last six months attending these secularcongregations. Lifestyle journalism isn’t about listicles,it’s about telling real stories, about real people and real things happenacross the world that might not necessarily sit in the current newsnarrative. The benefit of doing it here at an art school is that it’s not justjournalism about the arts but, it’s journalism as an artistic practice inits own right.Rethinking the entire, format the entirenarrative, the entire way presenting a story. .

Should Journalism Be Objective? Serial: Part 2 | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios

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here’s an idea cereal shows us how journalism might not be objective but maybe that’s okay last time on idea channel we talked about objectivity the law and the people who practice it this I think is what cereal and even sometimes The Good Wife show us that though the law might have some objective moral basis it is still very much open to interpretation so objective sure but maybe only to a point objective but complexly so and maybe that’s something cereal shows us at the end of this video we’ll see what you had to say about last week’s video a video which you don’t need to watch in order to understand this one but it probably wouldn’t hurt especially if you don’t know much about the podcast cereal because today we’re gonna ask about the other side of cereals set up not the detectives council experts or suspect but its host journalist of Sarah Koenig and her team were they or was Sarah too involved in odd noms case does the cereal have some uh upheld responsibility to be disinterested did they transgress some set of journalistic ethics this has been a big criticism of caning from the start to at the beginning of the show is vocally Pro odd none at this point I’m gonna say flat-out that I don’t buy the motive for this murder at least not how the state explained it I just don’t see it as the show progresses her skepticism regarding the potentially lifelong inmates innocence herbs and flows but overall cereal never fully departs from a narrative that seems to be searching for ye bit of evidence to exonerate odd non of his conviction of his girlfriend Haman Lee’s murder in 1999 Kanaka said that this wasn’t her intention that she was aware she might potentially uncover something useful but that the goal of serial was never explicitly to free aDNA criticisms have continued regardless even after the finale the way Sarah treated Jay the fact that she didn’t speak with Kevin Urich the prosecutor in odd nons case a thing which she and the cereal team have responded to publicly and other various and sundry actions or inactions that raised the question of whether caning and her producers were really letting all the facts speak for themselves in other words being objective I’m not sure they were I’m also not sure that that’s problem but before we talk about why let’s talk for a second about journalistic objectivity in many Western countries but particularly in the United States objectivity is the cornerstone principle of journalism in a paper for journalism studies Quan Ramon Munoz Torres paraphrases David mindish who even suggests that without the concept of objectivity American journalism cannot be understood at all so let’s make sure we understand objectivity we covered the high-level concepts last week when we were talking about the law objectivity is a framework for existence and knowledge free from the knowers own biases and both of these are still very much at play in journalism as well but the concept of journalistic objectivity tends to add one more dimension that of balance often our understanding of journalistic objectivity assumes an almost ethical directive it’s viewed as unfair or deceptive if reporting doesn’t give equal time to all sides of a story or debate this expectation is so pervasive that even idea Channel is often chided for not showing both sides of the story luckily we’re not the news or aiming to be objective even a little I can say one side of an argument like it’s the truth and to move on with a totally clear conscience relatedly as immune Yas Torres points out this is all ostensibly in a service of the truth the goal of journalism is to provide insight and accountability where citizens laws and politics cannot or do not and so it goes that the pursuit of that insight or accountability should be neutral impartial fair balanced but what if the other side of a story is considered marginal at best or dangerous at worst the BBC for instance recently decided to stop giving equal airtime to those denying the effects of climate change it’s also arguable that objectivity is something of a goose that journalists are encouraged to chase as Glenn Greenwald puts it in no place to hide every news article is the product of all sorts of highly subjective cultural nationalistic and political assumptions here on ID channel I’ve said something similar in different terms that media always reflects the conditions of its production or to look at this another way our sense of journalistic objectivity is one built by applying some romantic even vaguely scientific concept of rational empiricism to reporting the news unfortunately in journalism and even in a science a perfectly objective basis is untenable there’s no foundation for gathering the facts which does not rely in some way on the subjective judgments of human beings none at all sorry but okay now we are briskly headed down a path towards the unconcluded semantic argument beginning with the question but what is truth anyway man glenn greenwald’s again can provide a pertinent detour the relevant distinction he writes is not between journalists who have opinions and those who have none a category which does not exist it’s between journalists who candidly reveal their opinions and those who conceal them pretending they have none Media critic and NYU journalism professor Jay Rosen has rendered this same sentiment much more succinctly transparency he said is the new objectivity for the longest time objectivity reigned supreme over journalistic practice but it’s throne is crumbling studies in the US and Europe have shown that practitioners see objectivity as an ideal to strive for but that there is just as much of a sense that it is an impossible ideal this I think is an industry-wide almost neurosis that cereal wears on its sleeve there are many things that you can say cereal did less than perfectly but I think to its credit I never felt like Sarah Koenig or her producers were any more or less sure or unsure about the story than they clearly expressed to hear a canings description of the process of digging through courts documents and evidence tracking people down talking to experts developing leads and testing them against the materials at her disposal alongside her various convictions beliefs skepticism and intentions I catch glimpses of a journalistic process which I think lets the facts and the reporter speak at the same time of course transparency is not a binary value but a scalar one cereals transparent knob might not have been cranked all the way to 11 but their efforts felt significant and honest but I don’t know maybe I’m just being naive maybe journalism does have some impossible objective ideal but its base aims fairness accountability investigation communication are no less inherently subjective meaning objective journalism like plastic glasses a small crowd or things that are pretty ugly can exist but only in the spite of what it first appears to be what do you guys think can and should journalism be objective were Sara and her team objective let us know in the comments and it would be objectively nice of you if you were to subscribe it is objectively very snowy in New York City right now let’s eat you guys had to say about objectivity cereal and the law as tends to be the case on idea Channel when there is a some cataclysmic weather event like there is in New York City right now you get to see the inside of my apartment a little bit more so that’s why you are not looking at the record wall or the idea channel set because I am stuck at home anyways it’s not gonna stop us from responding to comments but before we do office hours is the thing that we figured out February 7th at the IBM Pavilion in Midtown in Manhattan I’m gonna hang out for a couple hours there’s no set plan just come hang out chat with me talk with other idea channel viewers just have fun we’ll hang out come for 10 minutes come for a couple hours okay on to comments Erik viewless makes the really great point that whether or not the law is based on objective moral truths what we’re talking about here is what objectively happened and it shouldn’t factor in that people are biased in some way when they’re trying to figure out just what happened and that there is some objective truth to that and that might be true but I think you know you see especially in a serial that there’s no way to get to that objective truth without passing through the conduit of very subjective biased confused forgetful people and yeah I mean that’s right that is the whole tension here and the conversation that follows this comment is so good I highly recommend checking it out links to this comment and all the in the Yakuza who talks about michel foucault and the idea of objectivity as it is sort of imposed or or developed by institutions and and also sort of offers advice of the question of you know it might be more worthwhile to ask whether or not the idea of objectivity is important or worthwhile or good and this made me think of a passage that I have underlined in the Michele Foucault reader that because I’m home I could just pull off of my bookshelf and read it says the power of the norm as in normality appears through the disciplines right so these are the disciplines of these institutions is this the new law of modern society let us say rather that since the 18th century it has joined other powers the law the word and the text tradition imposing new delimitations on them and then a little bit further down says like surveillance and with it normalization becomes one of the great instruments of power at the end of the Classical Age and this is basically all about how the normalization of culture and behavior through the existence of institutions is effectively law which i think is a very important and great content ranking for this country ernest petty talks about how one of the things that you could say is attractive about the law is its sense of objectivity that there is this sense that it is not different for different people and that that could provide a sort of sense of justice or a a basis for justice but that there are certain situations where it becomes clear that maybe the law is different for different people and that and that those events and situations are incredibly important because they might inspire us in us an interest or a a sense that we can and should try to change the way things are and that maybe cereal factors into that in some way and I would say yes and yeah I agree Laurel teal brings up the idea of the social contract which I definitely should have mentioned by name it’s the idea that there is sort of a contract between all people in a society to behave in a certain way and talks about how that is maybe both expressive of and kind of upholding of the ideas that contribute to the existence of law but that also another thing worth considering is that our ideas about how these things should be objective probably say just as much about our culture and society as what happens when we attempt that objectivity as as the results that we get from it and finally and relatedly Sarah Wayne talks about how it is maybe the reaching for objectivity that is the most important thing that as of the idea of what it means to be human what it means to be a human around other humans changes and progresses and we uncover more understanding about it our idea of what is right what is objectively right will necessarily change and that this idea of objectivity in law is sort of like utopia that you know it it’s a nice idea to reach for you’re probably you’re never gonna get there but maybe it doesn’t hurt to try fair this week’s episode was brought to you by the hard work of objectively the best editing team in New York City we have a facebook an IRC and a subreddit links in the doobly Doo and the tweet of the week comes from TJ von P who let me know that cereal is not an NPR show which I should have known as someone who works in public media this is very embarrassing for me I will I will do penance ten Hail Therese and one hour later you [Music]