Beating disabilities to pioneer grassroots journalism : Jo Ju-hyun at TEDxDaejeon

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I feel uncomfortable being applauded by you guys. When I came here I nearly “ve lost my” nerves. I can see so many foreigners and countless parties returned iPhones and are doing something with it.( Laughter) I am still consuming a Motorola from 2004. Earlier talkers have mentioned globalisation and social networks, but I would like to talk … about a somewhat suffering storey about OKChun near Daejeon. This very hansom charming boy is me. The slide was made when I was 8 years old. The reasonableness I present this depict is that my mother was so wise. Sitting on my left in black is the superintendent of my dormitory. When I was 8 years old I was left at rehab all alone. The Rehab center was kind of like a Internment camp. I learned how to do my own laundry and cook by my soul at that senility. I also learnt many challenges now because of the good judgment of my mother I had to stay there.Because of the very best judgement of my mother I had to stay there. Perhaps I don’t really look like the kind of person who overcame any limits and really, I never thought that I was unfortunate because I don’t have legs. Really a but painful sometimes. I think that this deterrent was not an issue I had to overcome but a kind of endless chain of calamities which drawn me here. So far, I’m talking about my poor legs but my form status are therefore not immense. I was born with a hereditary abnormality so I lack some parts like my gall bladder and they can not be replaced. I can still live like a ordinary being but my infection is a pain.Anyway, “theres not” real tie-in with my legs, and this history so lets move on. Chungcheongbukdo OkChun is located nearby Daejeon. Let me establish OKChun. As you guys know the Seoul world cup stadium has a capacity of around 64,000 but OKChun has a capacity of only 52,000 5 3,000, even with a neighbourhood Governor I used to work at the local information article. The drawing on the left is OKChun’s firs word paper issue from about 21 years ago. 21 year ago I said, I am going to make a newspaper. Many beings was just telling me I was crazy but the Hankyorah and Hong Sung was founded in the same year with the 88 Olympic Games. OkChun was issued the next year in 1989. At that time, It was difficult for the neighbourhood newspaper to watch goverment admistration and listen to citizen’s expressions without missing digit. On the liberty is a recent covering and now OKChun has more than 20,000 mansions. OKChun has at least 22,000 houses of which 5000 newspapers are read We “ve got another” 1500 who read on the Internet. Basically, every fourth category has a newspaper. Since 2000 the OK Chun newspaper has become more well known. In 2000 the regional selfgovernment was beginning to exaggerate the consequences of the local press. Neighbourhood press is also known as roots press. They are running in cities of less than 100 thousand people. That kind of city publicizes newspapers announced neighbourhood information newspapers. In big cities like Daejeon there is a local paper we call the Area News paper. Since 2000 the local paper was well known in the whole country and the home page has been very helpful for us. On the left side is our first homepage from June 30 in 1996. At that time we utilized Kornet for searching the homepage and were connected by telephone dial up. It took a long time to transmit a thumbnail picture. As I remember, in 2000 I passed a briefing in front of reporter and the working day I was indicated that while searching on the Internet we could find articles with a kind of search. After I innovated this aspect I received a standing ovation from my audience. This as approximately 10 years ago, a long time. Many parties subsidized making a local press culture gala and AntiChosun activity while I wanted to introduce this chap, Oh han hung. Oh han hung was the representative of OK Chun newspaper. He has now left. This is the election sheet which was ran in an election report. I was so happy to meet him. He and I were on the same wavelength and we lived together and shared one garden-variety and two residences in the same lot. I still think of it as a really strange situation. Actually, the election report was something I turn in my blog. There was no poster and I dropped in to see how he is going yesterday. My candidate stopped in the street. I was also in the place and cried out for buying peanuts or fish. I did not know if he was campaigning hard-bitten or not but he used to say,’ I enjoyed the election to lead the revolution .’ Oh Han Hung is the kind of person who will is everything when reaching his objective so I see Cho Sun paper, I am not going to talk to you .'( Laughter)( Applause) It was just for recreation but it spread to the whole country and substantiated OK Chun. 36 areas in the country had a same situation. Hong Sung and Nam Hae including many other neighbourhoods reported their activity. Professor Hwang Chul Min at Sae Jong University was determining cinemas and he selected all the situations on the homepage and made a film demo the above-mentioned issues. Anyway, I was one of the main personas in that movie. Countless beings joine actions and we made a really great campaign. We descended the anti name anyway. We started hoping to make a funny revolution. The left picture is our PR on wall street. Nobody facilitated us. Each being squander their own money. The liberty slide is the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation who establish environmentally friendly rice called OkChun Flower Rice. People make a group purchase integrating the whole country. We arranged for campaign monies and missiles and parties had immense amusing. Maybe this meeting was only possible for a small city like OK Chun before.I said, network in English which means we know each other very well. Even the councillor Gun was in the Anti Chosun network and too the Korean Veterans Association. By the space, the spooky perspective of the Anti Chosun was that we did not know who was our enemy and who was with us.( Laughter) I think we did not know and that’s why we had so much fun. When this kind of power comes together, while we got more ability, there were countless cause why OK Chun had the Anti Chosun campaign.There was one specific reason. Swarajist Chong Dong Ho (, 8M 4D, 1892~ 9M, 11 D, 1954) was born in the Chung San Meun one of the purposes of OK Chun in Chung Cheong Buk Do. He published an independent newspaper as a provincial government paper. was born in the Chung San Meun one of the purposes of OK Chun in Chung Cheong Buk Do. It boosted the independent psyches of populations and cured follow and anti Japanese sensibility for 6 years by working with Ahn Chang Ho Lee Gquang So. The middle person here is a prominent poet Jung Ji who wrote Homesick. He was born in Ha Gwe Li in OkChun in 1946. He wrote Kyung Hang Newspaper and harshly blamed the Han Min Party as the proJapanese group and had actively worked for a purge expedition of the deserters. He too left numerous critical rhetorical writings. In Korea we do not really respect the press. Since they gained influence they have been used for political roles. Nonetheless, Song Gun Ho was different. Song gun ho(): 1926 2 001 was also was born in Okchun and had numerous names like the father of shelled reporter and the intelligence of people. He has left his brand on the history of the Korean press.All three of them were born in Okchun. As based on this historical background and tenant press, Okchun newspaper collaborated in 2003 to make a Media culture gala. The Media ethnic celebration is now almost done as a gala for tenants, and the reporters in the entire country, and grassroots newspapers. They all get together and accommodated an exhibition and discuss the future. New writers abode and discover about the value of press, and the culture gala had many other voluntary services. Today I will not talk about many other narratives However, I wielded at the OKChun newspaper and AntiChosun and the media culture gala with happiness.Even though I live with the label of disability and that will never vary. I used to tell my lad, even though you might be hungry and tired, be delightful and be passionate with your work. Thank you.( Applause ).