Nikki: Kingston University Magazine Journalism MA graduate

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I’m in the last two films but more in that in the last film but I was it I was a snatcher I had a one “were having” one course we had an hour of training with this you know french guy who would kind of well he mostly you know showed us how to waver one it’s a cruel hard make like you know you have to work hard and then delete from a ba to the ma was placid I know it’s there and you’re alarmed about it in the first week you’re told you know this is the hours you’re going to need to commit to get this right it was like you arrived in the door and we were off the honours like that the remainder of the year the ordinary week is made up of you know law shorthand in the first semester I did shorthand and and of course you know you do your your teaches and your seminars but then of course outside of that you’re producing a newspaper or a store we are genuinely launched speak so we had a whole research protest when we had to you know go out and speak to the students and it was you know quite a tough thing come through here with a honour it’s changed a lot we launched it as an a as an 84 mag and it’s now gone down to the handbag size but it’s looking good I’m proud that it’s still proceeding Kingston’s very very varied it’s very personal you can pretty much you know knock on a doorway anytime I speculate I even you know text or called a couple of my professors in moments of panic over that during the year you know without doubt I wouldn’t be working as a columnist now without it you are well aware I graduated into a very difficult working climate like most people probably are now you know but I had the tools that I needed to work and it was just a matter of coming IBM system and I make I honestly it sounds like home you certainly paid me to say this but I candidly whenever I talk about kingston him and this cause I cherished every minute and it was just the best choice I formed in terms of you know getting into journeying