RTS – Television Journalism Awards 2011/2012 – Home Current Affairs-

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this was an outstandingly strong study of really wellmade impactful current liaisons movies but given that it broke one of “the worlds largest” narratives the year which even now evidences few mansions of waning from public sentiment and which others had shied away from running the winner by an overwhelming boundary is showing the other side of Jimmy Savile here to collect the accolade Mark Williams Thomas there’s the gardener Alexander God Thank You RTS it’s a difficult war to accept because I care I wasn’t here I please I wasn’t here because I’d adoration Jimmy Savile to have felt the full force of his beasts and felt the criminal justice system that said five gals granted their strong their ideology their trust not just in me but in ITV to tell their story and that’s what we did we pay them the time through the media through the ability of the media to tell their story and I’m grateful for them allowing me and trusting me to do that but I couldn’t have done it alone and while we did have a very small team I have to say that the person that enabled this story to be told and told in a way that the balance was there it was wasn’t startling is anyway we just simply told the story his Leslie gardener who I could not have done the programme without in addition to that it’s worth thanking those other people who were crucial to the program a programme designed that we stopped unusually very quiet we hindered awfully extremely secretive for the obvious rationalizations that are now in the public domain and that is the assistant producer Rebecca haga who was fantastic as well but the two people who I imagine enabled this program to be made was an its Gardner and Ian Squires could without those two parties this program would not have been commissioned in addition to providing that the cameraman Nigel fairburn who was brilliant because of the route that he dealt with everybody in the program and a personal thank to my partner who has abode me being away not just in making this program but in other programs and it’s probably reasonably pretty sick of hearing the name Savile which continues over and over again and the bequest is is that now we’re in a position which is why i do accept parties feel confident to come forward we’ve seen that we’ve seen the programs now that have come out talking about other people so i accept this ward not just on behalf of those five women who gave us their accounts allowed us to tell their story but actually to everybody who suffered at the paws of Jimmy Savile it’s a great pity he isn’t here he didn’t die in jail but that is the way and that is the power of the media so every single person now works in journalism that is the power of media and that what we can do and I do believe there was a shift change there was a power imbalance that has been changed and I accept this award on behalf of every martyr of Jimmy Savile thank