Sabrina Faramarzi | MA Arts and Lifestyle Journalism

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Hi I’m Sabrina Faramazi. I’m on the MAArt and Lifestyle Journalism and my final project was about secular congregationsand how a new wave of secular congregations are mimicking the postChristian memory, when more and more people are identifying as non-religious.So my project is a long-form narrative piece of journalism. It’s basically a kindof reportage of how I’ve spent the last six months attending these secularcongregations. Lifestyle journalism isn’t about listicles,it’s about telling real stories, about real people and real things happenacross the world that might not necessarily sit in the current newsnarrative. The benefit of doing it here at an art school is that it’s not justjournalism about the arts but, it’s journalism as an artistic practice inits own right.Rethinking the entire, format the entirenarrative, the entire way presenting a story. .