FREE Algorithm Course – The Impact of Automation & AI on Journalism

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Hello, I’m Nicholas Diakopoulos. I’m a professor of communication studies at Northwestern University. I’ll be your teacher for this new MOOC on News Algorithms the impact of automation and AI on journalism Now whether to enhancescale efficiency breadth of coverage or to createentirely new likelihoods through optimization and personalization, There are exciting and approximately supernatural things that algorithms make possible. But algorithms and AI are not magic I’m not here to hype you on the technology in this course. The actuality is that news algorithms are about how to blend the best of automation and AI into the way reporters and editors wield. Now you may already be wondering what is he talking about when he says algorithms or AI? Algorithms are just a setseries of steps taken in order to achieve some aftermath. A cooking recipe is an algorithm . Though chiefly still to be undertaken by parties. In such courses, we’ll talk about algorithms that keep going computers to process info. Information recipes cooked by personal computers. Artificial intelligence orAIon the other hand is about algorithms that are able to perform tasks naturally asking human intelligence.These engineerings are now used throughout the news production pipeline from computational fib invention tools to automated content make and bots to story delivery algorithms likenews feeds and recommender plans. If you take such courses, you’ll get an overview of all these application neighborhoods. You’ll also come away with a sharper critical heart towards algorithms and how they impact the media system and society and you’ll gain knowledge that informs your own tactical inventive and responsible adoption of these technologies in practice. I hope you’ll meet me for four weeks starting February 11 th. It’s a free course open for everyone impelled possible by the Knight Center at UT Austin . You can cross-file now at< I hope to see you in the course ..