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[MUSIC PLAYING] I just consider it’sreally pleasant considering the fact that you get to look whata information day would truely be like in the real world. And all of us get indifferent roles, so we get the threat to be aneditor and a page dressmaker. And yeah, you essentially just getto see what it will be like. [INDISTINCT CHATTER] [MUSIC PLAYING] have been jailed fora minimal of 33 years for murdering his sixteen-year-oldstepsister, Becky Watts.His 21-year-oldgirlfriend, Shauna Hoare, has been sentenced to 17years for manslaughter. Detective superintendent– i like Newsday because I likethe teamwork side of it, where you get to worktogether with all of– 30 neighbors, really,on your course. It is rather fingers-on. You get to use goodequipment as good. And yeah, something that peoplelook for in the industry. [MUSIC PLAYING] Mark, can you justredo it, please? Just right afternoon, I’mMark Schaefer. [LAUGHTER] excellent morning. [MUSIC PLAYING] You get to make use of the camerasand to get to movie. It is very technical. It can be very realistic. And it’s enjoyable. [MUSIC PLAYING].