First Things First: Why I Study Journalism | UConn

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the first podcast that actually got meinterested in podcasting and journalism in general was reply all reply all is a webbased podcast in which they dive into really weird narrations on the Internet and that really got me interested in journalism because I thought they’re doing all this really good reporting and these good interviews and this good researchin order to do those narratives you have to have a good journalism backgroundyou have to be able to interviewyou have to be able to research you have to be able to do all these things so when I got to UConn and I learnt there was journalism program I thoughtthis is something that I really want to I want to be that person who makes a narrative audio tale.

City of News – How to become a Journalist in Brussels | Wie wird man Journalist in Brüssel | Part 2

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Politics is one way or the other practically my regulation reviews; I have already got some earlier expertise in it and thus I expect from the holiday to find out whether or not politics is quite some thing for me, probably additionally in phrases of the eu Union. Every day there’s constantly exceptional information and understanding, no longer simplest from Europe, but from in all places the arena. I’m wavering between public members of the family relations and journalism and i am hoping that the expertise in Brussels goes to support me make my mind up. My identify is Antonio Leon. I used to be a journalist before I came to the opposite facet of communique 19 pupils from Hamburg and Iserlohn are participating in the excursion. Some aspire to grow to be political journalists, others wish to get into PR. I am within the press room and there are journalists from 24 one of a kind nations…Any person who becomes a journalist here has various colleagues. A whole of just about 1200 media representatives are permanently authorised to the european institutions. About 270 of them are from print media corresponding to day-to-day newspapers; 400 work here for more than a few tv and radio stations. There are also journalists from solely online media, news businesses and authorized construction businesses. This is more than in Washington D.C. The eu has the most important press workforce on this planet. Maybe Cavit will soon be part of it.It appears very intriguing! Most effective excited about the 24 languages spoken. I are not able to suppose that 24 languages are really spoken here, but it could be a fab factor to experience that reside. Are living is our key phrase. Furthermore to the click rooms, the fee’s Press Centre also has its own television studios. We are on our method. Excellent morning from the tv studios of the eu fee, i’m the head of the information Desk. Fred D’Hondt is Head of the commission’s information desk. He’s in control of the technical infrastructure that’s on hand to all journalists involved in European politics. The commission’s tv studios can be utilized gratis by way of journalists. That is an present which is open to all media houses international. The one situation is that they must report on eu issues. That you can additionally work for Russian, American, African or chinese tv. We make no big difference. What I in finding intriguing about the television studio is that you should utilize it without cost What I to find fascinating concerning the tv studio is that you can use it without spending a dime and that there are also radio studios that you need to use and also you handiest ought to pay for the satellite sign.So that’s relatively nice! I would want whatever a little more everlasting. You come right here as soon as every week to work on some thing after which its finished, in order that would not be for me. I need my everlasting workplace the place i can have my possess cup of espresso and say: that’s mine! It could not be like that right here. Euronews produces the raw Politics format for linear tv and online. This is presently being all set right here. And we’re here are living. Its a mini internship. Here in Brussels there are many extra possibilities for scholars. For instance, the danger to get an internship. They are able to do an internship at the institutions, at the media workplaces based in Bruxelles or they are able to do internships again dwelling in Germany after which file about ecu issues. So you dont relatively have to be in Bruxelles or Strasbourg to make european journalism. You are able to do it anyplace you wish to have. And many times coming right here for four days or five days can change your perspective concerning the european and that is fairly foremost. No longer at all times, but it may well happen. So there are a lot of possibilities. And there are also plenty of work-mates who already work here and we can definitetely be trained from them.The infrastructure is in place, and even if political reporting directly from Brussels just isn’t something for every body, European themes are nonetheless a recurring theme in neighborhood editorial offices. So Europe is perpetually principal for journalists. However what’s it like? What does a journalist must understand? Isn’t the entire constitution of power right here incredibly complicated? We can discover..

Michael Casey | Real journalism is more important than ever

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I think journalism is more important now than ever. This work is one of integrity, this is a calling that is more important than the bottom line and that there’s a real value for society and people who are dedicated to that exercise in and of itself. There can’t be anything more important. I’m Michael Casey. I’m an adviser to MIT media lab’s Digital Currency Initiative and I’m a graduate of Curtin’s media and journalism school. It was travel that made me realise that I really should try and do what I always wanted to do, which was to write and to do journalism and to shape it in the context of this travel experience. But it really wasn’t until I came to Curtin and succeeded that I felt validated, that I felt that I could do this. I think the essence of journalism is storytelling, and essentially that’s the art form. You’re trying to capture people’s imagination. I really saw the things that I was interested in as being untold stories. Stories that needed to be, that I felt needed to be, told and I wanted to be able to tell that story because they inspired me.I started at the West Australian and then found my way to Indonesia where I was hired by AFX Asia then I moved to New York and ultimately wrote for Dow Jones Newswires and the Wall Street Journal. Eventually ended up as a global economics columnist for the Wall Street Journal. A lot of TV for the BBC, for MSNBC and CNBC, I’ve been an anchor for live TV WSJ Live and also wrote for things like Foreign Affairs and Foreign Policy. The most satisfying thing is to be able to write in a form that has inspired people to try to make a difference in the world in ways that I care about so that’s been incredibly rewarding, yes.

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