Glenn Greenwald: The Internet, Democracy, New Media Revolution & Citizen Journalism (2/3)

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For a long time there has been this thought that the internet was going to revolutionize journalism and politics and simply social interplay and that hasn’t totally occurred since revolutions like that do not occur swiftly but I believe one of the matters you might be seeing is that the promise of the internet is establishing to be fulfilled for politics and definitely for journalism as well and that’s the cause I believe these disorders are so primary the web particularly does have the capacity to be this really radical force for democratization and liberalisation however that may best happen if it remains free if you should use the internet with out being monitored and surveilled and controlled and that’s exactly the reason that there may be this kind of effort underway to try and manage the internet and to try and convert it from this device of democratization right into a instrument of manipulate and also you saw you already know with the Arab Spring the very first thing that the tyrants who have been endangered did was they started to check out and gather as a lot surveillance technological know-how as they would due to the fact they knew two matters they knew that the internet can be this highly powerful drive that may let men and women prepare in opposition to them but they also knew that if they would manage it it could aid them safeguard their own vigour this is the battle that prompted Edward Snowden to come back ahead and and i think that has brought about the world to be so keen on these revelations is the precisely that the energy of the internet and you absolutely see so many alterations just in journalism on my own you already know I failed to writing about politics or doing journalism except about 10 years ago and even ten years in the past for those who desired to arrive a giant audience with journalism you generally had to go and work for some significant media corporation for the brand new York times or NBC news or some gigantic German newspaper or German tv outlet right here and now simply ten years later no longer handiest do not you ought to try this it certainly can limit your affect when you go and work for a kind of large institutions there are men and women who just on Twitter on my own have 100 thousand or 200,000 or 300,000 followers who in no way have labored for a biggest journalistic outlet of their lives and so it’s entirely diversified the forms of voices that get heard the varieties of expertise that we get how we suppose about political problems you realize I feel the nice example was once six months ago when there was an Israeli assault on Gaza and people style of assaults have happened so many times in the past they usually in general get talked about in an awfully distinctive type of means and this time it bought pointed out much in a different way there used to be a lot more emphasis on the number of civilians who had been being killed the style of indiscriminate nature of the attacks and the cause for that used to be that as an alternative of getting our know-how from Western newshounds who were in Jerusalem and even some in Gaza who needed to channel their reporting by means of Western editors we have been getting our understanding from humans who are living in Gaza just usual persons who had cell telephones and Twitter accounts or fb or Instagram accounts and would add video of hospitals being exploded or their neighborhoods being destroyed and it made it unimaginable to ignore it made it unattainable for Western media retailers to now not quilt that given that it was once being covered in different places and it quite changed the best way numerous the sector perceived of that conflict and i feel you’re because over and again and again and that’s a quite powerful weapon and that is the rationale for me this obstacle of privacy and surveillance is so most important is since the web is this incredibly useful instrument and the question is towards what finish will it’s put will it’s put towards the top it used to be always promised to be which was once accelerated freedom and strengthening of democracy or will it’s put towards strengthening factions which are already in vigor and that i have no idea what the reply to that’s but I suppose that is the combat that’s being waged there used to be one character who was once willing to danger everything in order to look after the privacy rights of German residents and German political leaders and they benefited greatly from that and then to observe the very equal individuals who have benefited a lot from the sacrifice of Edward Snowden particularly German politicians be unwilling to risk something to be able to do for him what he did for them you