How Nellie Bly Transformed Journalism Forever (feat. Laura Dern) – Drunk History

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– good day, i’m GONNA tell YOUABOUT NELLIE BLY, a very good JOURNALISTFROM THE Eighties WHO DID AN EXPOSE ON THE WORLDOF mental illness. NELLIE BLY was A VERYSTRONG-MINDED lady. SHE will get A LOAD OF A COLUMNFROM A local PITTSBURG PAPER, AND it’s super SEXIST. THE ARTICLE was LIKE, CHICKSGOT to remain within the KITCHEN. Women obtained TO–WHY EVEN BOTHERBEING informed when you simply got TO GET MARRIEDAND HAVE infants? And she was LIKE,[bleep] THIS man. Girls ARE BETTERTHAN BEING within the KITCHEN, BEING other halves,AND stitching [bleep]. I am super smart, and i am GONNASHOW YOU i am tremendous smart just TO show THAT, LIKE, ladies ARE incredible. SO NELLIE–[laughs] SO NELLIE BLY WENTTO NY city, and he or she KNOCKED ON EVERYNEWSPAPER DOOR in the city, AND WHO ANSWERED THE DOORBUT JOSEPH PULITZER HIMSELF. AND he’s LIKE, listen,i do not TAKE YOU severely. But i have AN challenge. I want YOU TO PRETENDTO BE loopy AND GET dedicated TO THE INSANE ASYLUMIN NY city, BLACKWELL’S ISLAND. NELLIE BLY mentioned,okay, i’m going to DO IT.AND HE was LIKE, WHAT? And she or he used to be LIKE, i’ll GOINTO THE INSANE ASYLUM and provides YOUA relatively excellent report. [dog barks]proper? Proper-right? [bleep] THAT dog. [laughs]- [laughs] – OH, GOD, SOME men and women HAVEA LOT OF [bleep] LABS and so they’RE great. THIS thing’S a bit OF [bleep]. ALL correct, SO NELLIE BLY, SHENEVER saw A loopy person before, SO SHE WENT IN entrance OF A MIRRORAND MADE humorous FACES, LIKE, [grunts].SEE THIS FACE?THE FACE? [blows raspberries] SHE HAD NO IDEAWHAT loopy men and women SAY. SHE used to be LIKE, k,this is HOW i am GONNA BE loopy. NAH! SHE GOES TO THIS BO–THIS BOARDING residence. Listen, EVERYBO–each–hear, EVERYBO–each LADYAT THIS BOARDING condo WITH ME. I’m crazy, okay? [dog barks] – WHAT?- [barks] – WHAT?OH, you are crazy. – [barks]- NELLIE, you are crazy. You’re loopy. Yes, you’re crazy. The top MISTRESS IS LIKE,ship HER TO THE INSANE ASYLUM. AND NELLIE BLY was LIKE, sure. This is WORKING. This is super WORKING FOR ME.I’m super completely satisfied. And she or he FINDS HERSELFON BLACKWELL’S ISLAND. UM…[blows raspberries] i’m under the influence of alcohol AS [bleep]. WHOO! SO SHE was EXAMINED by means of A healthcare professional.LIKE, HOW TALL IS SHE? AND THE NURSE can be LIKE,COME AND look AT HOW TALL THIS NELLIE IS.AND health practitioner WOULD SAY, LIKE, WHAT ARE YOU DOINGAFTER WE MEASURE NELLIE BLY? AFTER THE NURSE AND DOCTORFLIRTED FOR, LIKE, A 1/2-HOUR, THE surgeon’S LIKE,OH, MY GOD. THIS NELLIE BLY,SHE IS A loopy, loopy person THAT needs TO BE here endlessly. AND NELLIE BLY was LIKE, sure! I am SO blissful.I’m this sort of good JOURNALIST. SHE started to look HOW [bleep]THE stipulations have been. THE NURSES WOULD simply BEATTHE [bleep] OUT OF humans. KNOCK THEM in their EARS. [blows raspberries] HITTING THEM LIKE loopy. LIKE, YOU women ARE ALL crazy,and you SUCK. AND NELLIE BLY was once LIKE,AW, [bleep]. THAT AIN’T COOL.I’m GONNA WRITE THAT DOWN. THESE ladies ARE GONNA GETA word FROM ME. SHE SEES perfectly SANE WOMENWHO simply do not speak ENGLISH. THE medical professionals were LIKE,we do not communicate GERMAN. You’re crazy.[blows raspberries] YOU GO TO THE ASYLUM FOR lifestyles. AND THERE used to be a lady, SHE was LIKE, I JUSTGOT somewhat OVERWHELMED. I am not crazy. They usually had been LIKE,THIS woman IS IN–SO INSANE. There’s NOTHING we are able to DO BUTKEEP HER LOCKED UP AT THIS IN-SYLUM perpetually.THE INSANE ASYLUM was HORRIBLE. And then there may be THE–THE BATHS. THE NURSES WOULD just SCRUBTHE [bleep] OUT OF THEM, AND NELLIE BLY would be LIKE,THIS sort OF HURTS a bit BIT. SHE was LIKE, YOU BE QUIETOR i will–i will–i’ll MAKE YOU want YOU NEVERSAID something TO ME. I’ll SCRUB YOU SO tough. – WOW. – I acquired AT LEASTTWO BATHING fits. Should WE PUT THEM ONAND GET within the bath? – relatively? – YOU do not have THE BALLSTO GET in the tub WITH ME WITH a bathing go well with, DO YOU? – [laughs] AH. Seem TO THE CEILING, DEREK. Seem AT–OH, it is SO MUCHMORE great TO POUR WATER OVER YOUR HEADS THAN MY SON. HE MAKES any such FUSS. That is this sort of satisfaction. NELLIE BLY HADTO TAKE BATHS WITH, LIKE, THE dirt OF 45OTHER women ON HER, AND IT was once FREEZING cold. SHE HAD THIS HORRIBLE TEN DAYS IN AN INSANE ASYLUM.And then JOSEPH PULITZER’S LIKE, "hi there, wager WHAT, DUMMIES. LIKE, THIS loopy WAVE GIRLWAS MY candy REPORTER, and he or she, UM– and she or he– SHE WASN’T INSANE. And they have been LIKE, OH, NO! WE’RE exposed! And she or he WROTE AN ARTICLETHAT exposed every person. All of the sudden MONEYWAS FLOWING LIKE crazy TO intellectual health associations. SHE converted THE WORLDOF mental wellness. NELLIE BLY used to be one of the FIRSTGREAT AMERICAN FEMINISTS THAT stated, hear,silly Eighties GUYS WITH colossal MOUSTACHES CONNECTEDTO THEIR stupid SIDEBURNS, females ARE really COOL. That is in actual fact the way it WENTEXCEPT less KISSING. – [laughs] OH, NO.OH, NO, NO, NO..