Journalism Major Tom George’s Report for WUSA9

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tomorrow the University of Maryland will be holding its 14 th annual Maryland day it is a celebration of everything turp pertained and it’s family friendly and it’s got 400 interactive exhibits workshops even live conducts 9news now is teaming up with the university for the large-scale daylight we gave young people at the school the opportunity to do their own news story and they research their topic make their own shooting writing and editing tonight one of the entries we received the student reporter is 21 year old Tom George from Columbia Maryland and the topic is farm breweries bradham frying his family this isn’t your typical farm going back and forth I weigh the pros and cons and well I’m more of a beer party than I am a wine person regardles so I decided to go with beer with regional wineries previously popular in Frederick County fry is set to open one of maryland’s first-ever farm breweries little shoots coming up here and he’s doing it all from scratch picking the best hops and seeding them in rows where they can grow more than 20 paws high-pitched I gotta say some of the older guys are definitely rolling their eyes about this even my own my own brother and I’m hoping to prove him rolling over the next ten years my friend Riley also was down the street he said that I he’s really the one the only beings on the street isn’t ripening eyes for in a little bit left out it’s a big journey from the jackpots to the hop studies straight to the Red Solo Cup this here is a pale ale and it’s pretty good thanks to a statement just passed by the Maryland General Assembly that now awaits the governor’s signature fries Brewing Company can open for everyone this summer the sponsor of the bill was Harford County senator Barry Glassman as long as they use Maryland grown agricultural products and crafting the viewers so it is a whole new market for Maryland farmers a market fry is trying to tap into soon this barn will be a craft beer store this dairy shed will house the brewing equipment for now though it’s a lot of hard work we’ve been burst our backs you know it’s a lot of fun but at the same time there’s nothing genuinely to show for divulging your purses I’m George for 9 story now Wow Tom huge job and there are four other student story stories you can check out just go to our website WS a9 com look under our regional information region meantime those people will dread for our jobs and if you want to check out Maryland day just stop by the College Park campus between 10 am-4 p.m.tomorrow there are events there for just about everybody including a carnival for the boys and journeys inside the wind tunnel after that stuff by night all to meet the Nine News Now team I’ll be there Leslie topper Howard aundrea even more well let you try your hand at being in TV meteorologists and i can tell you not much to that pretty darn easy.