The Hilarious Irony of DmC and DMC5 Journalism

Posted in Home Furnishings, Local journalism, Uncategorized on September 30th, 2019 by Mason Fletcher

you know what’s one of the greatest ironies in the history of mankind cast your minds back to the time leading up to the release of de mercy Devil May Cry there were a ton of articles written by so-called journalists decrying the DMC fanbase for hate in the new direction portraying the fans as whiny entitled crybabies who couldn’t deal with the fact that Dante’s hair was a different color later they blamed fans for the reboot no one actually asked for underperforming because they believed fans of a franchise are obligated to support the product no matter what asinine decisions are made with that products development and worse that they themselves have the right to dictate how someone else spends their hard-earned money the presumptuous self aggrandizing tossed pots now move forward to e3 2018 Capcom announced a new entry in the series Devil May Cry 5 as this was not Dima see to those same so-called journalists began writing yet more hit pieces lambasted of the classic games blaming them for the reboot not continuing replaced instead by the old series the version of this franchise I loved is now being discontinued in favor of a different take that I don’t like of course lacking even the most basic level of self-awareness a human is capable of they fail to realize that the way they feel now is exactly how fans of the original series felt when the reboot was announced the only difference is that the original series as the franchise’s original incarnation has more of a right to exist and its fans more right to complain about the shift than respectively the reboot and the high-minded journalists that hate media that challenges them either mechanically or culturally I mean honestly who wrote this brain-dead narcissistic tripe Leslie Jones you [Music]

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